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cleanRAM v1.6 (PPC Application)

This is an amazing utility which helps you to clean up the wasted RAM memory without having to restart the device and eventually saves a lot of time.

Release notes:

Version 1.6.0 – voice command and mail service stopped when using close all applicaitons feature fixed + ok button doesn’t save the lists issue fixed + add debug status for schedule feature + backup doesn’t save language value + cleanRAM is now more applications supported + fixed bugs reported by the users community + some small changes in the ui + new strings for language file added + languages files added to cab file (last update: 16.07.09)


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Extendir v1.03 (PPC misc)

Extendir is a file system filter driver that significantly increases the performance of your phone, in specific situations even up to 12 times as fast and faster.


Fix for some specific wm6.5 builds


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iPhoneToday v1.0b (PPC Application)

iPhoneToday aims to be an iPhone Today style interface for Pocket PC’s.


– Multiples screens (With animates transactions)
– Notification on icons for calls, sms, etc
– Is a Today (No problems when we push the home button, no problems with incoming calls, …)
– Compatibility with others todays (By example: Date Today and iPhoneToday after), today height configurable
– QVGA, VGA, WVGA… (The user define the icon size and height screen)
– UI for Icons managings
– UI for configuration
– Very low memory


– Added Config UI for more importants parameters (Start/Settings/Today -> iPhoneToday -> Options)
– Created a cab for each Resolution
– Changed some icons (THANKS to bluemetalaxe!!!!!)
– Fixed special characters!! (i believe…)
– Fixed problem with landscape if you have black background (i believe…)
– Other small changes…


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Speeed Reader v0.8 (PPC Application)

Speeed Reader is a Google Reader Client for Windows Mobile Professional devices. It allows native access and interaction to your Google Reader subscriptions. Google Reader is a great RSS feed aggregator that can organize all your RSS feeds in an intuitive manner. Using Speeed Reader, you can now view them on your Windows Mobile device, natively.


Share articles using your Twitter account
Broadcast articles using the Google Reader Broadcast function
Open articles in your default browser (recommended for Windows Mobile 6.5 users)
Now view list of articles by page – this allows you to set the ‘Download Size’ higher than before – also you can download older articles for any given subscription
Mark all of your articles as read, you can also just mark a tag, subscription, or article as read as well
Settings are now stored in SpeeedReader.ini in the application program directory. Makes it easy to use the same settings across different devices
Redesigned settings UI
Additional performance enhancements, bug fixes, code simplification, and additional settings have been added


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e-Natives Showcase v1.0.1b (PPC Application)

e-Natives Showcase is Free Finger Friendly and Resource Friendly Task Manager With Professional Skinning and Easy to Use.


– Fix OK Button in Office Mobile


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e-Natives Showcase v1.0.1 (PPC Application)

e-Natives Showcase is Free Finger Friendly and Resource Friendly Task Manager With Professional Skinning and Easy to Use.


– Fix OK Button, add OK Button On X Enhancement
– DesProc has been removed (unused)
– Add Start/Stop X Enhancment on Settings
– Add Support Square and Landscape Screen on Settings
– Fix Scrolling in Showcase Task Switcher
– Fix Push Draw in Showcase Task Switcher
– Improved performance when single tapping X button
– Change Home Icon resource. ( Home Icon & Showcase Button Icon is different now ).
– ADD Color Skinning Support in Registry


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Touch The Music v0.2 (PPC Game)

Touch The Music – Guitar Hero for Windows Mobile

You can tap the fret buttons on the lower part of the screen or you can use LEFT UP RIGHT hardware keys to play. If you want to quit the level/game, just press the RED (end call) key. Please note that with the hardware buttons you won’t be able to net those multitouch points. A singletouch easier mode is planned for future versions.


Multitouch working.
New menu system, with placeholder graphics.
New level (incomplete).
New resolutions.


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GAlarm Plugin v0.02 (PPC Application)

This project is simply a CHome/Titanium plugin which displays your next galarm event. It is not affiliated with GAlarm or its developers in any way. It is a stopgap solution until GAlarm builds proper support in.


– Added G-Profile support
– Added pages for each alarm and profile
– Other improvements all over
– More reliable code


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Microfi Nitrogen v1.1 (PPC Application)

Microfi Nitrogen is a native Windows Mobile application (unmanaged code) that allows you to play MP3 songs stored on your Pocket PC device.

It features a file browser, full skin support, “Shuffle” and “Repeat” modes, a 10-band equalizer with preset support, a built-in sleep mode and a command to blank screen to prevent energy waste while playing music. Nitrogen uses the MAD decoder, which is opensource. As the official releases of MAD for Pocket PC seem to be discontinued, Nitrogen uses the libraries from an opensource player (GSPlayer).

Nitrogen was build due to the lack of finger-friendly players for Pocket PC (you have to use stylus even for simple tasks). It features large buttons and you can browse among your playlist by drawing circles on the screen (tapping in the appropriate space). In future releases the program will be expected to have other extensions support and more features, but such things are still being tested to ensure stability and efficiency.

Key features:

:: Full MP3/OGG/AAC/MP4/M4A/3GP/WAV/WMA playback;
:: Customizable interface with skin support;
:: 10-band equalizer with 8 presets (MP3 only);
:: Large and easy-to-use buttons;
:: Media browser with playlist editor;
:: Large menus to perform tasks with the fingers;
:: Kinetic scrolling;
:: Smart shuffle and repeat modes;
:: Adjustable sleep timer;
:: Amazingly fast to load and to play;
:: Blank screen command to save energy;
:: Native C++ code: no need for .NET framework;
:: Extremely lightweight;
:: File association support;
:: Album art support;
:: Opensource;
:: Multilanguage support;


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cleanRAM v1.5.7 (Beta) (PPC Application)

This is an amazing utility which helps you to clean up the wasted RAM memory without having to restart the device and eventually saves a lot of time.


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