Gianas Return WIP (GP32 game)

The release of the game”Giana’s Return”for GP32 will not happen before January 2004. The developer team is busy with real-life stuff.

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Megahawks Music Disk (PS2 musicdisk)

The first ever musicdisc for the Playstation 2 is out! Thanks to psonic IRCNET #ukscene for the news!

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SIEmu-GP32 v1.03 (8080a simulator for GP32)

SIEmu-GP32 is a new 8080a simulation using SDL for Space Invaders and potentially any other 8080a based games. It runs at full speed and also has sound but the bass is a little weak on the GP32 speakers. [Complete post shameless stolen fromGP32emu]

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Wind-ups v0.99 (GP32 GUI)

Karthur has updated his graphical userinterface called wind-ups, to use with the gp32. here are the changes:

-Fixed fxe loading problem-Fixed menu problem when pressing B Button on some places of desktop-R goes to the last item in file browser (L to the first)-erased””in filename-key repeat in file browser-copy, paste, rename, delete options in filebrowser (press select to open)-Only 2 typeset when renaming a file -Check filename when renaming it-Open and Save function in kEditor; when pressing Select, a menu is open whith the following options: New, Load, Save, Exit-Remember last folder where a document was opened/saved in kEditor

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PDRoms Coding Competition I – Submissions avaliable

The submissions for the PDRoms Coding Competition #1 are avaliable!!! Download them and have a view on the submitted stuff. The voting script will be avaliable before the weekend, I hope. There is some tweaking and fixing needed.Avaliable for download are 2 GBC Games, 3 GP32 Demos, 1 GP32 Game, 11 GBA Games&2 GBA Demos, which makes a total of 19 submissions. Thanks to everyone who contributed something to the competition.

To get to the download page please have a look at the left menue and go to”PDRoms Coding Compos”

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Darts v0.3 GP32 (GP32 game)

Guyfawkes updated his Dart game once more, this one should be the final. You can get the file from GP32emu.

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Goomba v1.6 (GB emulator for GBA)

Goomba is a Gameboy Classic emulator for the Gameboy Advance. In case you do not have a GB-Bridge and own a flashcard this might saveyou a little money. Here are the release notes for this version:

V1.6 – 2003-11-02 (FluBBa)Fixed savestates in more games.Fixed reseting of LCDCY reg when changing games.

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PDRoms Coding Competition – Deadline

The deadline for the PDRoms Coding Competition isGMT +1 23:59 2nd November 2003. As the deadline has not been promoted that good I will also accept entries from your TIMEZONE but the 2nd November and 23:59 stays same!!! – Kojote

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YahtzeeGP v0.2

I just released a bugfix update to my homegrown game Yahtzee. Here is whats changed:

    – fixed bug where if ‘Fives’ score was not filled in the game would still end if all the rest of the scoresheet was filled in- added a short delay when you roll the dice (in addition of it not rolling until you release the START button) as some people rolled twice by accident- fixed infinite yahtzee score bug. you could keep selecting yahtzee on the scoresheet for additional points on 2nd+ yahtzee.- removed dice roll SFX as it was causing problems after a few games, not sure why

You can download the release fromGP32Emu. Please leave any feedback, bugreports etc on the forum posthere. Thanks to Shotaway&Neomorpheus for giving feedback on the previous release.BTW: I just need to make one change to Darts and I will release a new version of that either later today or tomorrow.

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Splatform (A2600 game)

Thomas Jentzsch, allready famous for homebrewn Atari 2600 games like Thrust and Jammed, released anther game. This time it’s a simple platform jumping game. You can get more details plus download at AtariAge.

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