Buggy Troll Minigolf v2018.07.30 (Game Boy Game)

Buggy Troll Minigolf is a Minigolf game by danim. Use DPAD up/down to move the crosshair. Press A button to prepare the shoot. Press A again to shoot with the power indicated by the power bar. Try to put the ball in the hole.

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Basket Case Boy v2018.07.29 (Game Boy Game)

Basket Case Boy is a simple Game Boy game by David Erosa. Get the ball into the basket!

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Deck Bouncer v2018.07.29 (Game Boy Game)

Deck Bouncer is a Game Boy game by Fronze where you need to get to the end using only the cards you have available.

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Shield Bouncer v2018.07.29 (Game Boy Game)

Shield Bouncer is a Game Boy game by Zalo. Goal is to use a shield and hit the ball with it, so the ball bounces to the goal.

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Boun-Ma-Ze v2018.07.30 (Game Boy Game)

Boun-Ma-Ze is a fresh Game Boy game by deebrol. Reach the end of the labyrinth and don’t stop bouncing or you can’t move anymore. Avoid enemies by jumping higher and higher. Remember: bounce, bounce, bounce!

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Axebound v2018.07.29 (Game Boy Game)

Axebound is an unfinished Game Boy game by Maikel Ortega about throwing axes. The game is powered by ZGB and GBDK.

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Upwell v2018.07.29 (Game Boy Game)

Upwell is a Game Boy game by Tatos, inspired by Moppin’s Downwell. D-pad: movement, Button A: Jump/Shoot!

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Dungeon Ball v2018.07.30 (Game Boy Game)

Dungeon Ball is a brand new Game Boy game made by sergeoo. Push the ball right or left to take it to the goal in every level. This game is still in development.

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Flap Happy v2018.07.31 (WIP) (NES Game)

Ryan Carson has progress news on Flap Happy.


Fading in and out, yay!

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The Retro League Podcast – Episode 446 – Chasing the Popular Trends

The Retro League Podcast features discussion about the latest retro gaming news, re-releases, community developments and reviews of our favorite games.

This week:

This week we’re making our controllers wireless and researching a Super Famicom game with a generic title. We wonder if kids these days are so impressionable that they would rush out and buy luxury cars just because they saw one in Mario Kart. We remember Suncoast stores and the Rock is looking back on his younger self in this episode of the Retro League.

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