Blood Demo (GBA Techemo)

Diabolik sent his new demo called “Blood Demo” to The binary and source (c) is avaliable too.

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Various & Help request! (misc)

I played around with the cascade style sheets (.css’). Maybe the one or other recognized it through the last hour. Everything should be back to normal… well not all 🙂

* By mistake I overwrote an important file. On the left side you can see “Arcarde”, “Master System 2” and “Playstation II” (beside others). This should be “Arcade”, “Master System” and “Playstation 2”. I can’t figure out how to fix it now, so I’ve to wait for Pancid’s help which might take approx 14 hours from now on.
* Instead of the latest 8 news, you’ll should recognize the latest 10 now. (That’s the only advantage for now 🙂

I plan to offer a newsletter again (on a weekly base). If anyone knows a good newsletter script (GPL/Freeware only) please let me know about it. My e-mail is “kojote1980 at yahoo dot com”.

That’s it for today… have a good night all


[Update 00:35 CET] The file is fixed. All systems should be named correct again!

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New Uploads (GBA misc)

Gameboy Advance
Cyclone Release 1 by Quirky
Fill It Up (Updated Version) by Matthew Gummo
PTC v1.0 by Oscar BraindeaD
Thrust Advance v1.03 by Matthew R Partridge

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Pogo Shell v1.11 (GBA Application)

PogoShell is a frontend that lets you handle files in a convinient manner on your GBA flashcard. It might be not everyones case, but it’s really a nice piece of work. Get more details and the download on it’s official homepage.

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Break (Atari Lynx Game)

Eric Ruck developes a new Atari Lynx game called “Break”. More details can be read following the link below. [No download avaliable yet]

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Masterlator GP v0.01b (Master System emu for GP32)

CHN ported his own Master System emulator “Masterlator” to the GP32. It is quite slow and doesn’t output sound yet, but it works smoothly and it even has a file requester. Get the download from CHN’s page. Thanks for CHN himself for the news.

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YAPE (Plus4 emu for GP32)

CHN ported YAPE (Plus4 emulator) to the GP32. Source and binary are avaliable! Get the download from his page. Thanks to CHN himself for the news.

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Server problem on monday (25/11/2002) (misc)

Just a short sidenote that there might be a server problem on monday between 10.30 am and 01.00 pm. My hosting company is going to upgrade hardware. – Regards Kojote

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PTC v1.0 (GBA Game)

Oscar BraindeaD let me know that he released a new GBA puzzle game called PTC. Current version is 1.0 and contains 128 levels. The game can be downloaded from his homepage.

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GaPlaam32 v0.1 (GP32 Game)

GaPlaam32 is an adaptation of Bomberman coded by Edhel. Penguins have replaced robots, and the war takes place on ice, but it should have the spirit of the original Bomberman.

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