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Holy Hell v2.2 (Final) (GBA Game)

Holy Hell is a puzzle game with shmup elements. The goal of the game is to reach the end of every level trying to chain more blocks of the same color together.

You guide a little ship powered with four different colored weapons. Every weapon can destroy only blocks of its same color, so you must switch between them to blow up everything…

Brown blocks cannot be destroyed and must be dodged…

Release notes:

Hi guys there’s online the FINAL version of HOLY HELL GBA. It probably still contain some bugs but i think it’s time to stop with this project. Thanks a lot to all gbadev community for helping me in these years.

Thanks to for the news.

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Shake Your Lawnmower (GBA Demo)

Kindergarden 2011 is over. This demoparty held in Haga, Norway, is a yearly meeting of demosceners for productivity but also fun. Shake Your Lawnmower by Darklite is possibly a perfect example of how to combine both elements.

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Rick Dangerous II (WIP 1) (GBA Game)

Alekmaul just released a Nintendo DS remake of Rick Dangerous II and already works on a Gameboy Advance version. The game code is based on Foxy‘s Rick Dangerous II disassembly from the commercial Atari ST version, but also features enhancements to it. Gameboy Lovers, Alekmaul is back! :)

Thanks to Alekmaul himself for the information.

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Tic-Tac-Toe GBA v0.1 (GBA Game)

danmcgoo released his Gameboy Advance homebrew Tic-Tac-Toe to the public last summer, but it has remained undiscovered for a while.

Thanks to for finding this little game.

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PocketNES (05-10-2011) (NES emu for GBA)

After more than two years Dwedit updated PocketNES, a NES emulator for Gameboy Advance.


Seamless sound, no more crackling on square wave channels.
Correct frequency sweeps and triangle wave volume.
Completely automatic speedhacks that just work, so there’s no menu for them anymore.
FAST. Turn off VSYNC and watch the games zoom.
Many parts are are more accurate than before.
Working Savestates
Fixed many bugs

Thanks to and for the news.

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Powder (Build 116) (Game)

POWDER is a roguelike game, which is not a port of an existing roguelike. It is built around replayability and long term ergonomics, not short term learning. Author of this piece of software is Jeff Lait.


* MSVC Express Edition 2008 project files and instructions added, created by Andreas Bohm.
* Tower shields are large. (Claudio)
* “You cannot hide from I!” is now “You cannot hide from Me!” (B. Perry)
* Looking at a square will also describe any smoke there.
* The dig spell now has the side effect of spraying the excavated rock shards, damaging those around you.
* Create Pit spell is now 10 MP rather than 15.
* Blizzards fill the air with sleet and snow, not sleet and slow. Though the latter does describe their special effect nicely.
* New spell: Sandstorm
* If a god decides to flamestrike you, you now get a few turns warning to prepare yourself.
* Monsters properly check safety of squares before stepping on them.
* If trapped inside a wall without Phase or Breathess, you will suffocate. (Strange Child, Julian Agloro)
* Helmets should be sorted together now. (Aapo)
* Empty bottles will be filled by down pour now. (Aapo)
* Entomb has a better message when blocked. (Aapo)
* Rocks are created when rocks fall on your head. (Aapo)
* Spells you can’t cast have (!) after them in the zap list (Aapo)
* Saving when out of disk space should no longer corrupt your last save game. (Aapo)
* Tossing an item hand to hand no longer takes a turn. (Aapo)
* Spears, knives, and daggers no longer let you equip stacks. (Aapo)
* You are only prompted to throw one spear of a stack. (Aapo)
* The animate forest spell now has its own icon.

While the highscore is kept, save games are never preserved between versions. Please wait until your current character dies before upgrading.

Thanks to and and for the news!

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Lost Marbles (GBA misc)

Lost Marbles by Vantage is a 4k huge (or we rather say tiny) binary for Gameboy Advance generating a procedural graphic / picture on the fly.

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Resurrection (GBA Demo)

Resurrection is a demo for Gameboy Advance by Relapse. The demo has been released at Solskogen 2011 and ranked 4th in the combined demo competition.

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DMVGM v3 (GBA Application)

DMVGM allows you to listen to SEGA Master System / Game Gear music on the Gameboy Advance!

Thanks to mic, the author himself, for the news hint.

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Drunken Coders Winter Game Programming Competition 2010 (GBA misc)

Create a Nintendo DS or GBA game with a winter or holiday theme. Be it Wack-a-Santa or nuclear snowball fights with diminutive elves we want to see your wintery creations.


* Original content (Satire will be considered fair use).
* All entries must run on hardware, the hardware being one of:
o Nintendo DS
o Nintendo Gameboy Advance
o Nintendo Wii or Gamecube (seperately judged!)
* Multiple entries are encouraged but only one prize will be awarded to any individual / group.
* You are of course welcome to work in teams and split your prize how you see fit.
* No emulators, media players, or straight ports of old games please (e.g. porting quake to DS will not get you many points but porting quake, designing your own winter level and letting me walk around as Santa Claus and blast reindeer would be cool).
* Judging will be at the biased discretion of the participating judges but originality and entertainment will be the main focus (and technical splendor of course). Make me laugh and I will forgive your coder “art”.
* Entries will be awarded points and the scores averaged between all participating judges. These points will be assigned based on the following judging criteria: Competition Judging Matrix
* Submissions will be accepted at anytime and can be resubmitted and updated as necessary until the deadline

Deadline is March 21th 2011 (which ever time zone you prefer, as long as it is still March 21th somewhere in the world)!

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