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Layout Changes (misc)


Because Kojote told me to, I’ve changed the appearing of these systems in the following way:

Arcarde –> Arcade
Master System II –> Master System
Playstation II –> Playstation 2

See ya!

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Interview Corner fixed! (misc)

I recently realized that the “Interview Corner” is still not integrated into the usual PDroms layout style. This shouldn’t be anymore :)

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New Files (GBA/NES/PS2) (misc)

Gameboy Advance
BFiso by The Black Frog
Cyrill the Barbarian by Kuba
Evil Bobs Jumble Solver by The Black Frog
HAM Tutorial Hearts v2.7 by Aaron Rogers
HAM Tutorial Hearts v3.2 by Aaron Rogers
Mosaic Test by Jenswa
Pong by The Black Frog
Rally by The Black Frog
RiPsGo 2 r1 by The Black Frog

Nintendo 8-Bit
The Matrix v0.06 by Wojciech Andralojc
The Masmix v0.06 by Wojciech Andralojc
Siudyms Homepage Promotion Demo by Siudym

Playstation 2
Blend by adresd
Evolution by NoRecess
PS2 Flight by Gabriel DelaRosa
Terrain by wiRe

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New Files (GBA/NES) (misc)

Gameboy Advance
Blod-Runner v1.1 by Opus
Corazones Hearts by Ruben Alonso
GBA Hearts by Stephen Stair
GDE Hearts by Arrow
HAM Tutorial Hearts by Aaron Rogers
Hearts by Matthew Gummo
Hearts Cafe by Mathieu
I Heart You by Team Dadako
Jashin by Costis and BigRed
PimpRaycaster v0.8 by Leigh
Uranus 2 by ZoneGN
Yoshitakas Hearts by Yoshi Taka

NES 8-Bit
Bill World v0.1 by Abonetochew
Blocks Demo by Abonetochew
Chess v0.0 by Matrixz

I passed my english exam :))) so here is the promised update! Have fun…

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Last Reminder: 5 US Dollar Discount at GameGizmo.com !!! (misc)

You might remember the post saying that you can get 5$ discount on each order you place at my sponsor GameGizmo! The offer is still valid to the 31st October!

All you need is this voucher code: 101121222

I’m sure you’ll find some interesting items at GameGizmo’s :) They offer a nice variety of consoles and addons. Just have a look.


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File Update (GBA/Arcarde/GP32) (misc)

Gameboy Advance
Bombjack (unfinished) by Dennis Munsie
Clac Q One (No Sound Version) by Etage97
Coin Adventure by John Ward
Colors (04 Jan 02) by Dennis Munsie
Header by Dennis Munsie
Joytest by Dennis Munsie
The Son of Grooveboy by Scania 9 Entertainment

Neo No Panepon (Beta 7th July 2002 MAMEFIX) by Blastar

Rotozoomer by Mr Spiv

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More news and files! (misc)

First the new additions:

Gameboy Advance
Star-Shot v2 by Opus
Blod-Runner by Opus
Street Racing GBA by Krzysk
SplamSID v1.1 by Pete Dabbs
Happy Thanksgiving by CONATiON

Neo Geo Pocket Color
Maze v1.05 by Jeff Siebold

Nintendo 8-BIT (NES)
Sack Of Flour v1b by CMU NESdev Team
Sack Of Flour v1c by CMU NESdev Team

New routines for pdroms by Pancid (see previous post)!

  • This is the last update for the next days. During the weekend I’ll be on a .ch demoparty called “Geek Camp 2002”. I hope we’ll see some console demos there :) In case you want to check the Geek Camp page, pleasehere.
  • A reminder… For all people interested in chatting about freeware roms and legal console development, you are welcome to join EFNET #pdroms :)
  • ***ANOTHER REMINDER*** At my sponsor GameGizmo.com (see banner on the top) you can get still 5$ discount on each order you place with this VOUCHER code: 101121222 :) The offer is still valid the whole month.
  • That’s it… I wish you all a nice weekend.


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    Page update! (misc)

    Heya! After a kind of summer break, I’ve added some features to the site again… However, here we go:

  • As you may have noticed, you don’t have to use your calculator anymore to know how much roms we’re hosting… it’s much easier now, just look under the system list ;)
  • The roms list shows a maximum of 50 roms per site now, because with more than a few hundred roms per system, loading the site took pretty long with a 56k modem.
  • Ok, that’s it so far! If you should notice any bugs in the new routines, please e-mail me at “pancid at pdroms dot de”.



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    No news :( (misc)

    I’m still alive but there are no useable news these days. Seems homebrewn scene is on a kind of break.

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    GameGizmo News! 5$ discount… (misc)

    Just got a small talk with someone at GameGizmo. As you know it’s my sponsor for the past 2 months. Today I was able to get a special thing for YOU :) On every order you do, you’ll get 5$ discount! The only thing you’ve to do is, that you enter a VOUCHER code. But let’s explain in a hurry what you have to do to get a discount in case you order.

    Just go to GameGizmo.com and add your desired item to the shopping cart, then in the bottom of the shopping cart it has a section where it says VOUCHER and then an entry box. Simply put the voucher code into this box, click the recalculate button and you will see a $5.00 discount on the order price. Now simply go to checkout, very easy to complete and SAVE! The number will be active for the whole month “October”. Anything missing? :) Okay well… here is the VOUCHER code: 101121222


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