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FLaG Demoparty (misc)

Yepp, you don’t need glasses :) The Topic is”FLaG Demoparty”! Why that, you may ask? I’ll visit this demoparty from 12th to 14th July 2002 in Budapest / Hungary.

Because of this, I can not update the page, and can not reply to any e-mails! I’ll be back from hungary on Wednesday morning! I hope you people out there have good days during this time! For further information about this demoparty please check the link below…


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Problem fixed & Update! (misc)

I’ve been very lucky since Pancid was online and had the time to fix the problem! Thanks man! The Additions are:

Gameboy Advance Additions
Berzerk Legends Gameplay Demo 08-Jul-2002 by BigRedPimp
Xmas Crazy Shift by Luigi Fumero
Moshpit v3.00 by Shen Mansell

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New problem … :( (misc)

Well another problem appeared. I just uploded some new stuff, but the problem is, that it wasn’t working well. If there was no screenshot attached it placed a link anyway, which showed up an empty page then. Until this problem isn’t fixed, I can’t update anymore…

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Small Update… (misc)

I recieved a small e-mail yesterday from a guy called Al Pope. He told me, that he created a small hardcore/punk slideshow for GBA. Unfortunatley I do not add Slideshows anymore, because they are easy to create since there are 2 tools out for that :) If you want to have the slideshow anyway to complete your PD rom collection, please check out the link below (have a look on the update of the 15th June, to find the rom faster)… http://www.bulletproofpopemobile.com/

Beside this small note I also added three GP32 Games, here we go…

GP32 Additions
gpTorus 06.07.2002 by Oedalpha
Tetris for GP32 v0.1 by ?
Yet Another Sokoban Clone dr3 by CMOTD

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Update problems… (misc)

My host changed a few settings and upgraded a few programs to the latest version. The problem is that some update scripts do not work in they way, they did before. Until these problems are fixed I can’t promise you any new additions. I just sent an e-mail to Pancid, who has done all the php scripts for pdroms, and he will hopefully fix the problems soon.

I hope you can understand my point. If everything works in the way it should, be sure to see a larger update :)


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New Demos for PS2 and GBA! (misc)

The 3rd Third Creation competition (PS2 Coding) is over! Five entries were released, and also added to pdroms :) The 4th competition has been announced, and it’s deadline has been set to August the 1st at 24:00 GMT.

Playstation 2 Additions
1FX by SkeetBeginning by Zero-X
Boredom by Tyranid
Cube Mastah by Jules
Plasma Dreams by adresd

Gameboy Advance Additions
Berzerk Legends AI Demo by BigRedPimp
Berzerk Legends Early Gameplay Demo August 2001 by BigRedPimp
Berzerk Legends Random Level Demo by BigRedPimp
Berzerk Legends Scoring Demo by BigRedPimp
GBA Demo 1 by Cerini Pablo
GBA Mu Torere v1.06 by Paolo Borzini

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Bannerspace to rent! (misc)

Hello everyone!

If you are seriously interested in getting the current bannerspace of the Lik-Sang and Ebay banner, please make me an offer and get in contact with me under the e-mail adress “webmaster at pdroms dot de”. Specially I’m looking for advertisers who are willing to pay for the server.


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New stuff for YOU :o) (misc)

This is the last update for this week, since I’ll visit someone. The problem is that I do not have any internet access there. But I’m sure you are more keen on the following files, instead of reading stupid stuff. Here we go…

Gameboy Advance Additions
Etage97 1st Demo by Etage97
Incredible Ultra Tracks by Etage97
Puissance 4 v1.0 by Etage97

GP 32 Additions
GPDice v0.1 by RinoLone32 by Bee32
GPJewel v0.815 by Valken Lee

Playstation II Addition
PS2 Invaders v1.6 by InPulSe Team

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More new stuff… (misc)

Well new day, new stuff… here we go:

Gameboy Advance Additions
Gelly Monster (Early Alpha) by Qude
Matt Demo 3 Mono by Matt
Matt Demo 3 Stereo by Matt
PocketNES v8 by loopy
Pong Fighter v1.2 by Guyfawkes

GP32 Additions
Wind-ups v0.2 by Karthur

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EFNET #pdroms (misc)

A side note :) Don’t forget to visit us on EFNET #pdroms! Please keep in mind that we only have development or freeware rom talk. Hope to see you there!


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