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New Sponsor –!

Most of you noticed that GameGizmo went out of bussiness two days ago. Now I was able to get a new sponsor. In fact the new sponsor’s name is””and they are going to support us for a while.I placed an order at a while back before they were our sponsor, and I can recommend them highly. I got my [&hellip

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Makebook v4.5 (GBA application)

GameBoy Book Reader allows you to make a text file into a book which you can read on the GameBoy or GameBoy Advance. You need to program the .GB or .GBA file produced onto a suitable FLASH memory cartridge. Makebook V4.5 has been a long time in the making. Adding a MIDI file-playing capability has involved a steep learning curve. [&hellip

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Connect 4 (GP32 game)

Clem released a really neat”Connect 4″game. It supports 3D graphics including different angles to view the board. About the gameConnect-4 was first marketed by MB in the late 70s. MB later became a part of Hasbro. There is no reference to Connect-4 on, so I assume it’s out-of-production in the US now. In Europe however it is still being [&hellip

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New Sponsor needed!

As the one or other noticed GameGizmo went out of bussiness yesterday. If anyone is interested in the bannerplace (only serious offers please) feel free to write me as soon as possible. Please do not offer things like”free samples”or”x% on each sale”since it does not pay the server plus domain. – Kojote

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Gameboy AdvanceBarbarian WIP 2 by Mike HawkinsBible v1.0 by DragaronB-L-A by VantageBouncing Ball by JenswaCalculator Advance by Kyle KienapfelCopper Bars by KujaDangerous Xmas (Fixed Version) by Spoutnick TeamDrSMS v1.02 by ReesyGBA3DS v0.9 by TorlusGBAC Sprite System Demo by Sean ReidGBAVoxel v0.1 by Carsten DachsbacherGem by JenswaHergs Solitaire v0.8.1 by Harold TolerHoffset by NitchIts Mode Seven by KujaLabyrinth by Rob BlandingOils [&hellip

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Hi everyone!Just want to know if anyone of you ordered at my sponsor GameGizmo and if you were satisfied with the way a possible order from your side has been handeld.Any FEEDBACK is highly appreciated, if good or bad! Just tell the truth. Noone will censor your words whatever… but please be truthfull and don’t use bad words! You can [&hellip

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Puzzle Gems v1.1 (NGPC game)

Thor updated”Puzzle Gems”a puzzle game for NGPC. Get the download from his page.

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Goat Park (GP32 demo)

Mithris has released a neat GP32 demo at Breakpoint 2003, a demoparty in germany which was held this easter-weekend. He ranked #2 (out of 5). Get the binary from his page. This demo is worth watching!

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Atari 2600 Emulator for GP32 News

Text taken from GP32emu: I got a new beta of the Atari 2600 emulator to check out and write a little update here about the progress. The author has been working with the other Atari 2600 emulator author for the GP32 and have been fixing bugs, making improvements etc. This version of the emulator I was given is very good, [&hellip

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GProar Alpha 5 (Dragon emulator for GP32)

Ciaran Anscomb did an update of his Dragon emulator for the GP32. Details and download on his page.

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