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Dark Light Battles SDL2x (GP2x Game)

Dark Light Battles was an entry for the 2005 Speedhack competition on It’s written by Richard Phipps. This is that game, but rewritten to use SDL and run on a GP2X. Source and binaries (WinXP and GP2X F100) included

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Customize v1.21 (iPhone Application)

Customize is a suite of customization tools for the iPhone. Changes: Added many “beta” functions to official release. Also added Vibration customizations. Keep those suggestions coming on the Issues page. It’s how I decided on what to work on next!

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Captaine Flam DS WIP v0.0 (NDS Game)

cid2mizard, known for his Super Mario space shooter “Super Mario Galaxies” has picked up a new fan-topic. Now he goes after “Captaine Flam” who is known as “Captain Future” in the english and germany TV community

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Nullriver updated their essential iPhone installer software

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Animation Demo (GBA Techdemo)

Kyoufu Kawa released another small technical demo for the Gameboy Advance. Release notes: The kind of multi-part sprites like in the old Sonic games where a single character of non-hardware-native size is built up from several smaller sprites. This displays a robot dude built up from varying amounts of loose parts. I have the groundwork for a sprite assembly [&hellip

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Quick Flasher v1 (PSP Application)

Quick Flasher is a simple application for Fat and Slims PSPs with custom firmware 3.71 m33. This application gives you the possibility of keeping 5 themes in your memory stick and flash them wherever you want simply and confortably. Remember that this software touches files in flash0, USE IT UNDER YOUR

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Time Baby v10 (PSP Application)

Art has released a new version of his time clock application “Time Baby”. This release adds a moonrise / moonset time calculator mode

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GP2xpectrum v1.5 (Spectrum emu for GP2x)

Metalbrain updated GP2xpectrum, a Spectrum emulator for the GP2x. Release notes: What’s new: – Fixed Sound emulation. Speaker & AY sounds OK now. New DSP Code. More accurated and there are fewer buffer underruns. – Added stereo sound for the speaker & AY. – Added sound mode selector: No sound, Mono, Stereo Beeper, Stereo AY, Stereo ALL. – Added sound [&hellip

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PSP Firmware v3.80 M33-5 (PSP misc)

Master Dark_Alex has updated his PSP firmware. Release notes: – Fixed custom CPU clock not working in games – CPU clock has never (in any SE/OE/M33) be set at all in games that restarted using sceKernelLoadExec to use a subgame or reload themselves, after said restart happened (e.g. Castlevania). Fixed. – Added setting to recovery to hide PIC0.PNG and PIC1.PNG [&hellip

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Truckers Revenge (A2600 Game)

Trucker’s Revenge by Allison Macedo, Lucas McDonald, David Montarella. Release notes: A game similar to Frogger, but with a twist. There are two players, one being the frog and one being the truck. Other trucks not controlled by anyone restart the frog when they hit it. The goal for the frog is to get to the other side of the [&hellip

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