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Hungry Monsters v1.0 (Game Boy Game)

Hungry Monsters is a Game Boy Game by Raúl Vaquero. Collect fruits and burgers, while avoiding falling weights which let you die. Naturally the fruits and burgers will give you points. Survive as long as possible

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Espeto Blast (Game Boy Game)

Espeto Blast by sergeeo is a game for Game Boy / Game Boy Color made using ZGB for #ZGBJAM2 in just 48 hours. Collect the falling sardines if you don’t want to die. Avoid falling into the water. Shoot your Espetos to the pipes in the sides of the screen to proceed to the next stage!

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Hungry Birds (Game Boy Game)

Hungry Birds by oshf was made in 48 Hours for the #ZGBJAM2 game jam. Mother bird has appeared with a bevy of delicious worms for her three chicks. Unfortunately, she has also collected not so delicious rocks. Help the hungry chicks devour worms while avoiding eating rocks

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KaijuFeeder (Game Boy Game)

KaijuFeeder by Zalo is a game for Game Boy / Game Boy Color made using ZGB for #ZGBJAM2. Search the chicken on the map, pick it with the claw and find the Kaiju to feed him. The source code is available on GitHub!

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ZGBJAM #2 (Game Boy misc)

Welcome to the ZGBJAM #2 coding competition. From the 26th to 28th of July, we will get together to make new awesome Game Boy games using ZGB! What is ZGB? It’s a free open source little engine (plus a set of utilities) which allows you to create any kind of game for the Nintendo Game Boy® and Game Boy Color®

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Phantom Gear (Genesis Game) (Kickstarter)

Phantom Gear by Mega Cat Studios is a brand new Sega Mega Drive / Sega Genesis game currently funding via Kickstarter. It very much reminds on Sonic, but with some solid shooting action. € 17.473 of € 22.423 are already collected. Phantom Gear TrailerWatch this video on YouTube. Gear up in your battle armor and take on the sinister Ocular

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PDRoms Server Donation – Juli 2019 (misc)

Need a good feeling? Keep the servers running and donate a few spare cents! Thanks in advance. PayPal: shahzad (dot) sahaib (at) web (dot) (TLD Germany) IBAN/BIC: on request Thanks & Regards Kojote & Team

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Help request: WordPress Theme overhaul

Are you a coder? Are you into WordPress? Why not helping out on making PDRoms better? Please get in touch with us! PS: We are non profit and just for fun – to serve the homebrew community

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Misplaced v2019.05.25 (Genesis Game)

Misplaced is a meditative puzzle game for the Sega Mega Drive / Sega Genesis by RetroSouls. There is an English but also an Russian build. Please consider a donation to the team. Misplaced Teaser Sega MegaDrive\Genesis gameWatch this video on YouTube. About: My name is Hara… Every day I start in the same way, I wake up on a small

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Arcade Racing Legend (WIP) (Commercial) (Dreamcast Game)

JoshProd are hardly sleeping and came up with a beta test of their 3D racing game “Arcade Racing Legend” for the Sega Dreamcast. A Kickstarter should appear sometime soon. Arcade Racing Legend Beta test Sega Dreamcast 3d RaceWatch this video on YouTube

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