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SDLRoids (Release 1)

SDLRoids is essentially an Asteroids clone, but with a few extra features, and some nice game physics. It’s based on xhyperoids, an UNIX port of an old Windows game called Hyperoids.

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Spout (Release 1)

Spout is an abstract shooter.

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TCGS Car (Release 1)

TCGS Car is a simple dodge’em all car game.

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Super Transball 2 (Release 3)

“Super Transball 2” is the sequel of “Transball” and “Transball 2”, inspired by Thrust type games.

In each level of Transball the goal is to find the sphere, capture it and carry it to the upper part of the level. The main problem is the gravity, which gets you towards the ground floor. But there are also many other obstacles such as canons, tanks, doors, etc.

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Winter Jumper v0.1

Winter Jumper is a winter themed “The Great Giana Sisters” game.

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Super Methane Brothers v1.4.7

Super Methane Brothers is a conversion of the Commodore Amiga game “Super Methane Brothers”.

Trap baddies in a gas cloud. Suck into your gas gun. Throw against a wall to destroy them.

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Dave Gnukem v1.0

Dave Gnukem is a 2D scrolling platform shooter. It is inspired by and similar to Duke Nukem 1.

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SNES9x SDL v1.39 (24-11-2009) (SNES emu for Dingoo Linux)

SNES9x SDL for Dingux has been updated. Please follow the link below, which is also the source, for the download link.!/

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Java on Dingux (Dingoo Linux misc)

rookie1 from has ported the SUN PHONEME CDC + MIDPATH to Dingux. This should enable Dingux users to play Java games, but a few requirements should be matching.

Quote from difuno:

Original post here:

Grab it from the link in the original post (provided you have no problem with the Chinese language) or here:

Translation of the original post here.

This is the SUN PHONEME CDC + MIDPATH that I ported to Dingux. Extract it to LOCAL folder. The compatibility of English games seems to be better than Chinese. It is suggested to download and play JAVA games of NokiaE 6X or E7 or above, due to the 320 X 240 screen resolution of A320.

It you want to get it on DMENU, edit menu_game.cfg and add in:
Icon = “res/games/arkanoid.png”
Name = ” MIDPATH”
Executable = “./”
WorkDir = “/usr/local/midpath/bin”

Note: I used the icon of arkanoid here, you may change it to whatever favorite icon of yours.

Copy your JAVA games to LOCAL/MIDPATH/MIDLETS/, all JAR and JAD files will be listed in MIDPATH, you will need to use “Install MIDlet…” option to generate JAD files for games do not come with a JAR file.

Key mapping (A320 VS Cellphone):

B = 5

You can modify the key mapping in local/midpath/configuration/com/sun/midp/configuration/configuration.cfg (scroll down to the bottom of the configuration file and you will find it).

Some remarks:

1. In this version, you will need to exit the games by using the exit menu of their own (exiting games from program menu is not yet there). In case the system freezes, use START + SELECT + POWER (reset shortcut of Dingux) to reset your device.

2. No sound support yet. (if you are asked to enable sound at game start, please choose no)

3. It is suggested to play games of 320 x 240 resolutions (vertical screens).
You can find configuration.cfg file under local/midpath/configuration/com/sun/midp/configuration, this is the configuration file for MIDPATH. You may choose to rename configuration.cfg.240×320 (vertical) or configuration.cfg.320×240 (horizontal) in the same folder to configuration.cfg to replace the original configuration file.

Key mapping for vertical screen (A320 VS Cellphone)

PORTED BY rookie1 at

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Dingux Integrale v1.0 (Dingoo Linux misc)

Dingux Integrale is a massive “one pack” solution to obtain almost all Dingux releases at once, partially with pre-config. There are games, apps and of course emulators.

Thanks to for the news.

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