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SNES9x SDL v1.39 (18-11-2009) (SNES emu for Dingoo Linux)

SNES9x SDL for Dingux has been updated. Please follow the link below, which is also the source, for the download link.

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DMenu v0.51 (Dingoo Linux Application misc)

DMenu is a menu system for Dingoo Linux which resembles the default Dingoo menu.


This version fixes a bug on the startup script that says: “not found”

Thanks to for the news.

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FCEUX320 v0.1 (NES emu for Dingoo Linux)

FCEUX is a cross platform, NTSC and PAL Famicom/NES emulator that is an evolution of the original FCE Ultra emulator. Over time FCE Ultra had separated into many separate branches.

the_gama gave the source a go and now we have it compiled and ready to use for Dingux.


Hi, this is a port of FCEUX for Dingux.
I was working on the NESEMU port but i found about fceux and decided to give
it a try since it was a more mature emulator.

You can download it here.

If you don’t know how to install an app for dmenu, you can read the INSTALL file or search
in the forums for a more complete tutorial.

This is what i have done so far:


– Based on fceux version 2.1.2
– Great compatibility
– Builtin nsf player
– FDS support
NOTE: You must put a copy of your fds bios (disksys.rom)
in the /local/home/.fceux folder.
– Fullscreen support
– Zipped roms


Dingoo Nes
Pad Pad
Y TurboB
X TurboA
Select Select
Start Start

L Shoulder Change FDS disk
R Shoulder Insert/Eject FDS disk
Select + Up Increase cpu rate
Select + Down Decrease cpu rate
Select + Start Exit emulator
Select + L Shoulder Save State
Select + R Shoulder Load State


– FDS save states are not working.
– Small gameplay lag.

Not supported

– Movie record/playback
– Frameskip
– Screen filters
– Hight quality sound
– New ppu core (It is just too heavy )
– Custom palettes (Not really tested)
– Nes apu volume settings.


– Create gui for rom browsing and configuration
– Add support for custom palette
– Fix fds save states.

Well see ya!

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Gianas Return Dingux Porting News II (Dingoo Linux misc)

The Giana’s Return Team posted progress about the recent Dingux port attempt.


Slaanesh and Thor tried to hunt down the “segment fault” on Dingux. Unfortunatly it seems to be a SDL only problem and not a problem of the Giana’s Return source code. Our hands are tied for now 🙁

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MPlayer (14-11-2009) (Dingoo Linux Application)

vimrc has updated MPlayer for Dingoo Linux.


Serious Bugs fixed:
1. Fix the freezed problem when playing *.rmvb files. (Should be better than the official one)
2. Fix the chopping sound when playing *.wma and *.wmv files. (Still better than the offical one, much more smooth at least)

Inappropriate config file (/home/.mplayer/config) will deteriorate the performance. In fact Mplayer works well without the config file. So if you met several problems, just remove the config file and try it again. The side effect is: Maybe it will cause the sync problem, but feel free to modify the config file or overclock the cpu to mitigate it yourself.

Now the Mplayer for Dingux should be usable enough . It can handle *.mkv, *.ogg, *. rmvb file well. However, the patched version doesn’t support the H264 format, so if you want to play them, use this one (based on 20090903 version, rmvb supported. Unfortunately it still has the freezed probelm when playing rmvb files. But it provides better performance such as smooth forward/backward when playing other formats. I will try to patch this version if I have time, it will take for a while because this version’s codes changed a lot compared with the previous one. 🙂

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Dingux-Mancala v1.1.2 (Dingoo Linux Game)

Mancala is a board game familly, originated in East Africa. The word “Mancala” came from arabic word “naqalah” that means literaly “To move”.

Dingux-Mancala is the “Awari” variant, and even if the rule of this game is simple, the complexity can be compared to a chess game.

The AI is based on the source code of H. Huseby & G.T. Lines, for their implementation of the classical Minimax algorithm.


** UPDATE ** In previous version, AI was buggy, here is a fixed version (v1.1.2)

Thanks to for the news.

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Wizznic (Release 1) (Dingoo Linux Game)

Wizznic is an implementation of the arcade-classic Puzznic, written for the GP2x Wiz, Dingoo, Linux and Windows.,0,0,0,25,215

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DMenu v0.5 (Dingoo Linux Application misc)

DMenu is a menu system for Dingoo Linux which resembles the default Dingoo menu.


– Fixed a lot of SegFault bugs
– Change the mechanism that the next application is called
– Rename dmenu binaly to “dmenu.bin”
– Added a dmenu start up script named “dmenu”
– Added “SelectorDir” setting for menuitem and submenuitem
– Added new key binds in filelist ( L key – page up / R key – page down )
– Added “built in Wallpaper Selector with thumbnails”
– Added “built in Color Selector”
– Added ColorBar graphics for “built in Color Selector”
– Moved and Renamed the dmenu resource folder “/usr/local/home/.dmenu” to “/usr/local/dmenu/resources”
– Moved “dmenu.ini” from “/usr/local/dmenu/resouces/” to “/usr/local/dmenu/”
– Moved Background/ VolDisp/ BrightDisp setting from each “theme.cfg” to “dmenu.ini”
– Merged “main.cfg and fontcolor.ini” to “dmenu.ini”
– Remove the fontcolor setting scripts and folder
– Remove fontcolor.ini


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Inkl Player v0.4

Inkl Player is a media player that supports media library and synchronized lyrics.

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Inkl Player v0.4 (Dingoo Linux Application)

Inkl Player is a media player that supports media library and synchronized lyrics.


* MP3 album art support
* FLAC support
* Media library added

* Works on Dingoo A320
* Works on Windows
* Works on Windows Mobile

* Automatic update added
* Improved reactivity
* Downloads synchronized lyrics automatically
* Settings menu added
* Supports skins for list pages
* Automatic power-off added
* Fixed some bugs on synchronized lyrics
* Display turned off when hold is set
* CPU speed lowered to 100MHz to save power when display turned off (Wiz only)
* Various bug fixes

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