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Commander Koon v1.0 (Dingoo misc Port)

Commander Koon is an enhanced interpreter for the Commander Keen 1-3 Series. It is based on the original CloneKeen engine.

Although there was a port of CloneKeen for Dingux, developer Alekmaul has released this native Dingoo version of it.

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Gianas Return (WIP) (Dingoo Linux Game)

Slaanesh has great news for all who were waiting for a Dingoo port of “Giana’s Return”.


All SDL problems sorted, fully working, 60FPS with music, Giana’s Return soon to bounce all over your Dingoo A320.


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DMenu v0.6 (Dingoo Linux Application misc)

DMenu is a menu system for Dingoo Linux which resembles the default Dingoo menu.


– Various bug fixes
– Added ability to use global resources in themes. If you prefix a path in a theme with ‘global:’ it will pick up the file from the resources path. This allows for the sharing of fonts, sounds, images, etc. Hopefully this will reduce the overall disk footprint of the menu. Not sure, but the menu may also run better if multiple code points are using the same resource on disk instead of copies of the same resource. An example from default.cfg: Font = “global:FreeSans.ttf”
– Ensuring the menu will work when filesystem is read only. Performance will degrade in some cases, but the menu should function in the same way it has before. Just maybe a little bit slower.
– Memory Leak resolved in colorpicker
– Show/Take snapshot of menu on exit/load. This allows for the menu to show something while it is setting up.
– Theme Selection now uses the image selection tool. The theme selector will look for a ‘theme.png’ in the root of all valid theme folders (themes where theme.cfg exists). If a theme preview is not found, it will use the ‘notfound.png’ in the resources folder.
– UI enhancements to the main menu. We now apply alpha blending to the menu items based on their distance from the active item. If the submenu is open, then another layer of blending is applied to the horizontal menu, as well as the submenu’s parent. The goal with this was to help indicate which parts of the menu are active, and which aren’t.
– Set foundation for UI animations
– Replaced sound OSD format of icon and percantage to just an icon. The icon now shows the level of sound visually in lieu of a percentage
– UI will now autodim after a period of N seconds. The default for N is 5, but is configurable in the dmenu.ini file under they key DimmerDelay. The value for DimmerDelay is an integer which represents seconds. If DimmerDelay is set to 0, then the dimming will not occur.
– Enabled themes to define padding between icon and text, when the text is right of the icon. This does not apply to the horizontal items, but the vertical menu items. The key to set in the theme.cfg is ItemTextPadLeft and the value is an integer which represents the left padding of the text, in pixels.

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CloneKeen (WIP) (Dingoo misc Port)

CloneKeen is an enhanced interpreter for the Commander Keen 1-3 Series. It is based on the original CloneKeen engine.

Although there is a port of CloneKeen for Dingux, developer Alekmaul is working on a native Dingoo version of it. The work on this release is almost finalized a release should follow the next few days.

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C-Dogs SDL (09-12-2009) (Dingoo Linux Game Port)

This is a port of C-Dogs SDL v0.04 ( ) for Dingoo A320.

C-Dogs is the sequel to Cyberdogs, and is also an old DOS arcade shoot-em-up which allows players to work co-operatively during missions, and against each other in “dogfight” death-match mode.

Known Issues / TODO List:

– This version only can be played by 1 player;
– Need to translate PC keys names to Dingoo buttons names;
– Setting resolution greater than 320 X 240 will crash the system;
– Setting video scale factor greater than 1 will crash the system;
– Shutting down Dingux improperly (not using poweroff command) will
corrupt the savedata and display segmentation fault when exit the game.
Deleting directory /local/home/.cdogs will correct this;
– The game is not at fullspeed yet.,0,0,0,30,228

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MAME4ALL Dingoo v1.2 (Arcade emu for Dingoo Linux)

Slaanesh has updated his port of MAME4ALL.


– Added A320 screen brightness option to frontend.
– Fixed bug with games containing multiple FM sound systems. Was allocating two identical FM tables and segmentation faulting when on exit (trying to free the same table of memory twice). This stops some games crashing on exit.
– More speed and smaller executable. Perhaps some of the larger games may run now?

News source:!/

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Java on Dingux (25-11-2009) (Dingoo Linux misc)

rookie1 from has updated his port of the SUN PHONEME CDC + MIDPATH to Dingux. This should enable Dingux users to play Java games, but a few requirements should be matching.

This release increases compatibility!

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Biniax 2 v1.0

Biniax 2 is the successor of Biniax – innovative game, recognized for it’s unique gameplay. While Biniax is pure game mechanics, Biniax-2 has three game modes (two singleplayer and one multiplayer), hall of fame, dynamic music and nice cartoon look.

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Biniax v1.0

Biniax is an original and unique arcade logic game. It requires just a minute to learn the rules and you will get hours of gameplay.

How to play Biniax :
The gaming field is a 5×7 grid filled partially with pairs of elements. Every pair consists of two different elements combined of four possible.

You control the box with an element inside. You can move around the field on empty spaces. You can also remove pairs of elements, if you have the same element as the one of the pair. When you remove the pair your element becomes the other one element of the pair and the score is increased;

The gaming field scrolls down slowly (increasing the speed with your progress) and your goal is to stay as long as possible on the field. Remember, that if you can not take the pair in front of you, the scrolling will move your block down!

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Mushroom Roulette v1.1 (Beta)

Mushroom Roulette is a game all about collecting mushrooms!

Red Mushroom – Gives you 50 Score and 10 Health.
Pink Mushroom – Gives you 150 Score takes 40 Health.
Grey Mushroom – Makes all movable boxes unmovable.
Purple Mushroom – Allows you to destroy one box.
Butterfly – Takes sixth of your Score and a third of your health.

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