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Dingoo A320 Firmware v1.22 (Dingoo OS)

For all of those who own a Dingoo, it might be of interest that FW version 1.22 is out!,0,0,0,42,265

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EDuke32 (Release 2) (Dingoo Linux Game Port)

zear updated his EDuke32 for Dingoo.

EDuke32 is a port of the classic 3D Realms game Duke Nukem 3D (or Duke3D for short) to Windows, Linux and OSX. EDuke32 adds many new convenient features and modernizations for casual players and many editing features and scripting extensions for mod authors.,0,0,0,30,138

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PV2x (Release 1) (Dingoo Linux Application)

PV2x is a picture slideshow viewer.,0,0,0,8,264

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Animated Boot Screens Toolkit (Dingoo misc)

Using these tools one can created animated bootscreens for their Dingoo.,0,0,0,23,263

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Menu Switching Scripts Example (Dingoo Linux misc)

“Menu Switching Scripts Example” for switching between DMenu and GMenu2x and vice versa, usefull for local pack creators.,0,0,0,23,262

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GMenu2X (31-01-2010) (Dingoo Linux Application)

GMenu2X is an alternative frontend initially available for the GP2x and GP2x Wiz handheld. It features direct links to applications and games, built-in free space monitor of SD-Cards, built-in overclocker. All of this with a nice & clean look ‘n’ feel and easily customizable.

Release notes:

This is a port of gmenu2x it has all the features of the original menu working. I fixed 2 small bugs in the original code (dealing with new links that didn’t show correctly). I also added battery reading and a LCD Backlight setting, made the volume changing work and a few other things.

the menu needs to be placed in /boot/local/gmenu2x (and no other place, the zip already contains the gmenu2x folder so just extract to /boot/local).

You’ll also have to edit the /boot/local/sbin/main script if you want this to be your default menu !,0,0,0,116,260

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SDLPal (R1) (Dingoo Linux Game)

SDLPal is an SDL-based reimplemention of the classic Chinese-language RPG “The Legend of Sword and Fairy”.,0,0,0,26,258

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Fast Stable Menu (FSM) v0.1 (Dingoo Linux Application misc)

Fast Stable Menu (FSM) is a a basic menu for Dingux using a filebrowser type interface.,0,0,0,116,257

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Dingux-Chess v1.1.1 (Dingoo Linux Game Port)

Dingux Chess uses the GNU Chess version 5.07 for the Artificial Intelligence.


– Add skin selector feature (see README)
– Add chess piece skins from NinJato
– Bug fix (memory corruption)

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Yeti3D (Release 1) (Dingoo Linux Game Port)

Zear has released a port of Yeti3D for the Dingoo.


This is a dynamically linked port of yeti3d to the Dingoo Linux. Source included.

Installation: Simply copy the yeti3d directory somewhere on your filesystem and run the executable.,0,0,0,30,252

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