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devkitARM (Release 27) (GP32 misc)

devkitARM is a toolchain for DS, GBA and GP32.

Release notes:

The final build of devkitARM release 27 and associated libraries were uploaded to SF recently. These are now available through the windows installer. For the download links for other platforms see the getting started section of the wiki.

For problems, comments and support please use the forums and not the post comments.

devkitARM release 27:
Update binutils to 2.20
Update gcc to 4.4.2
Update to gdb 7.0
filesystem IO now defaults to unbuffered meaning that the full length requested on read/write is passed to the devoptab pseudo device drivers.
ds crt0 will now detect an 8meg debug system and adjust memory accordingly
ds mpu setup has been moved to libnds for easier maintenance
ndstool can now read ELF files directly without intermediate binary stage

libnds 1.4.0
Bugfixes in fifo layer
The deprecated IPC struct has now been removed
added memCached & memUncached functions to convert pointers between those regions
memory rearrangement to support 8meg setup
guruMeditationDump function exposed for user code
set correct palette on guruMeditationDump
DS mpu setup moved from ds crt0 for ease of maintenance

dswifi 0.3.11
use memUncached function for uncached memory.

libfat 1.0.6
Implement read ahead cache
Fix issues with short aliases
Fix timestamps
Set access and modify times on directory creation
correct problems with overallocation of clusters.

default arm7 0.5.8
recompiled and linked against new libraries.

libfilesystem 0.9.4
recompiled with new headers

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GP32 – In Development (GP32 misc)

Slaanesh has mentioned at DCemu that he is still working on two GP32 projects.


GP32? Yes I know it’s been quiet but I’ve been beavering away and there will be some a new release of MAME4ALL and a BRAND NEW emulator coming soon! 🙂

Quite good news for a pretty much death starving handheld. Lets hope that few more developers can be convinced to get their GP32 consoles out of their dusty cupboard.


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gpSpout v1.2 (GP32 Game Port)

Slaneesh has obviously updated no_skill’s port of gpSpout. It should play smoother than before and also improves highscore saving, as it saves only once now, once you exit the game – your memory card will get less hammered that way.

‘Spout’ is a small, abstract shooting game from Japanese developer kuni. It plays somewhat like Finnish cavefliers, except you have to erode your surroundings with your ship’s exhuast.,0,0,0,30,314

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GPH opens After Sales Center in Germany (GP32 misc)

Tony Han, Overseas Sale Manager at GamePark Holdings, has let everyone know via ( ), that their German AS Center is open now.


Dear GPH Users,

GPH has now opened their After Sales Centre in Germany. Please feel free to talk to them if you experience any problems with our products.

The best way to log a call with them is to use the following procedure:

1) Contact your distributor AND the AS centre giving both of them full details of your problem.

2) The distributor will also send a message to the AS Centre and the AS Centre will get back to you with information on what to do next, such as sending a faulty product back to them.

3) If there is any cost to the repairs such as items that are out of the one year warranty, the AS Team will inform you.

4) Once the problem has been resolved, the product will be sent back to you.


Thank you and Best Regards

Tony Han
Overseas Sale Manager

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MAME4ALL GP32 v1.00 (Arcade emu for GP32)

Slaanesh released a new version of Mame for the GP32 based on MAME4ALL.

Release notes:

MAME4ALL GP32 v1.0
Yes, it’s for the Gamepark GP32.

It’s been a long time coming, the finally version 1.0 of MAME4ALL GP32.

With all the development I’ve been doing for the A320 Dingoo, I wanted to step back for a moment at get this out the door.

Many people will consider the GP32 dead – and for all intents and purposes it probably it is. I would say that most users have ditched it in favour of a GP2X, A320 Dingoo or even a PSP. I still have my GP32 and I can’t bear to relegate it to storage. For me, it’s what really piqued my interest in the handheld emulation scene – though I arrived on the GP32 scene way before it started in 2001.

Anyway, here it is.

There’s a few changes from the Beta – most notably are the controls:

– Joystick: Up, Down, Left, Right of 1P.
– Buttons A,B,L,R,SELECT,START: Buttons A,B,C,D,E,F.
– Button SELECT+R: Insert credits
– Button SELECT+L: 1P Start
– Button START+B: Pause
– Button START+R: FPS display
– Button START+L: Profiler display
– Buttons L+R+SELECT: Exit to selection menu to select another game.
– Buttons START+SELECT: MAME menu.

Overall it’s faster, much more stable and supports a few more games. Most things work – including the ability to take PNG snapshots of games (though they will need to be rotated/flipped due to the GP32’s non-standard video memory arrangement).

Download from the GP32 file archive (,26,2,0,5,1070 ).

The link may take up to 48 hours to update. Make sure you are not downloading the beta version again!

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MODPlay Library v0.66 (Source Code) (GP32 misc)

MODPlay is a statically linked library for playing music in tracked music sequencer formats. The library nowadays supports MOD, S3M and XM formats.

Quote from CHN:

The MODPlay library was used in many GP32 projects, and even today, it is still part of many independent games and of the libogc library which in turn is part of devkitpro. In the meantime, I have rewritten MODPlay. It supports the MOD, S3M and XM formats now and is expandable.

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Ten GP32 Games You May Have Missed (GP32 misc)

Nova wrote an article about 10 GP32 games you may have missed, but which were underrated in the community.

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Gianas Return Trailer (GP32 misc)

The Giana’s Return Team has posted the final and last video of their soon coming “The Great Giana Sisters” sequel. It’s a two minute trailer video and really increases mood for more. The first release is planed for the GP2x console. GP32 might be a matter of CPU power. Wiz and Pandora versions are almost certain, along with other systems.

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devkitARM (Release 25) (GP32 misc)

devkitARM release 25 updates newlib to 1.17.0, gcc to 4.3.3 and adds some minor fixes to the included tools.

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devkitARM (Release 24) (GP32 misc)

devkitARM is a complete toolchain to allow development on various systems, such as for DS, GBA and GP32.

Full release notes here:

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