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2xBand WIP (06-08-2008) (GP2x Application)

Sam B. is working on a virtual instrument for GP2x called 2xBand. Full work in progress information can be found by following the link below.

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Defend Your Colony v1.1 (GP2x Game)

An updated version of “Defend Your Colony” for GP2x and Windows has been released.

Release notes:

A new version has been launched. After fixing several bugs this update focuses on a better control function beneath the F100. If you don´t use or have a touchscreen you can control important dialogues in the game also via the standard keys of your GP2X.

News Source:

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2xZDoom Selector (05-08-2008) (GP2x Application)

These scripts by bman were designed to give any user access to run 2xZdoom without the need to manipulate any command line parameters.

Release notes:

Put the main iwad files into the ./wad directory. Put the pwad files (and any associated content i.e. wadname.deh) into the respective subdirectory.

Run Zdoom_selector.gpe.

Select your desired run level (original, new iwad, pwad/dehack) with A/Y, select your wad (none.wad is included for original games because selector needs an input file) and hit Ztart. It may take several seconds to start.

To warp to a particular level you can include wadname.warp with the selected map level (see zdoom.txt from 2xZdoom). This is actually required for heretic and some doom pwads.You can locate warp level data in text that accompanies a modified wad.,0,0,0,20,2659

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Monaco GP2x v1.0.0 (GP2x Game)

Monaco GP2x is a simple 2D racing game for GP2x.

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Filer2x v1.2 (GP2x Application)

Filer2x is a FileManager / Launcher, which can copy, move, delete, rename, etc. files. Associations of filetypes with external programs is possible.,0,0,0,7,2625

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Ommpc2x v0.3.3 (GP2x Application)

One More Music Player Client is a music player by Coder_TimT.


Definitely time for another update, so here is ommpc2x 0.3.3. Changes are as follows…

1. Updated SDL version with Senor Quacks touchscreen improvements. Should provide better touchscreen performance.
2. Fixed an occasional crash when switching songs with a scrolling title.
3. Keyrepeat was at least broken in my code, so I fixed it…not sure if the last release had issues or not.
4. Correctly clear “Updating Databse” text once update is complete.
5. Fixed drawing of overaly elements in scroll area that was causing them to blink.
6. Increased max ff/rw speed and shortened the time it takes to increase speed.
7. Added keyboards directory so that different keyboard images can be created and specified.
8. Made highlighted key more visible in default keyboard.
9. Fixed aliased “Playlists” text.
10. Fixed overlapping text when selecting “Unknown” when no songs are in database.
11. Added some command processing to keyboard code. ‘X’ now cancels out of keyboard mode, ‘Y’ is backspace, and “Start/Home” work as enter.
12. Since I was shown up by gmu with the queueing request(thanks alot wejp… ), I decided to implement something similar although not exactly as originally requested. You can now hold ‘Y’ on a song in the Playlist to immediately “queue” it to play next, aka move it to be next in the playlist. The currently playing song and queued items have a slightly different background color to set them apart from other items in the playlist. Queuing multiple items works as expected with each subsequent item being added to the end of the list. This feature is also available in the Song browser by also holding ‘Y’. Holding ‘Y’ while on a queued song, removes it from the queue list and appends it to the end of the playlist.
13. Pretty icons to distinguish Files and Folders in the Song Browser. If you don’t like them set “drawIcons=0” in the config file.

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Termula2x v0.3.0 (GP2x Application)

Termula2x is a full terminal application, including the vi text editor, USB keyboard and GP2X F-200 touchscreen support, along wiht a customizable interface.

Release notes:

This release has a new transparent and floating on-screen keyboard. As a request you can now disable the background image by commenting out the background entry in your configuration file.

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Daydream (GP2x Demo)

Daydream by Hedelmae is a demo for GP2x and Windows released at Assembly 2008.

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2xWargus (Beta 1.3) (GP2x Port misc)

Adventus released a new beta of his Wargus port for GP2x. Wargus is a Warcraft 2 Engine Re-Implementation.


– Beta Testers have been experiencing some saving inconsistancies, so far i have been unable to track down the problem. From my experience it seems to only screw up when you haven’t built any buildings beyond what is initially on the map. So, for now, make sure you’ve built a building before you attempt to save.
– Loading the campaign screen with the scrolling text can take a little while, maybe 30 sec, so don’t assume its crashed.
– If the screen begins flickering (and it bothers you) goto preferences and move the game speed slider down. It seems to be related to attempting to updating the
screen too fast for the graphics system to keep up with.
– There are some inconsistancies with the objectives and what the actually need to finish a map. Usually when this occurs you just need to kill all the enemy units.,0,0,0,20,2658

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2xZDoom v1.1 (Beta) (GP2x Game Port)

Adventus ported ZDoom to GP2x, ZDoom is an enhanced port of the official DOOM source code.


– I have implemented an SDL sound renderer. So sound and music should be supported in all games.
– There are some strange graphical glitches (a few flickering walls, nasty menu text, etc). However it is very playable in its current state. I will look to improve this.
– So far I’ve tested the Strife, Doom 1, Hexen & Heretic demos. Its up to you guys to test the rest. I suspect some of the more complicated mods might not be playable.
– Don’t forget to read 2xZdoom220.txt and go to the “customize controls” menu to set the controls for each game.,0,0,0,20,2657

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