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100 Boxes Puzzle GBA (21-10-2009)

The premise is simple – try to clear all 100 boxes in the field!

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100 Boxes Puzzle (GBA Game)

The premise is simple – try to clear all 100 boxes in the field!


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Holy Hell v1.5 (Beta) (GBA Game)

Holy Hell is a puzzle game with shmup elements. The goal of the game is to reach the end of every level trying to chain more blocks of the same color together.

You guide a little ship powered with four different colored weapons. Every weapon can destroy only blocks of its same color, so you must switch between them to blow up everything…

Brown blocks cannot be destroyed and must be dodged…


– 3 characters/ship disposable with different speed
– 40 levels
– new graphics background and objects
– simply animated intro between levels
– improved animations
– no more slowdown in almost any part of the game

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Drunken Coders Coding Competition – 5th Annual Wintery Game Coding Competition – Reminder (GBA misc) announced their 5th Annual Wintery Game Coding Competition a while ago. Entries can be submitted till March 19, 2010.


Create a Nintendo DS or GBA game with a winter or holiday theme. Be it Wack-a-Santa or nuclear snowball fights with diminutive elves we want to see your wintery creations. Now accepting Wii and Gamecube entries (judged by the same criteria but awarded prizes from a seperate prize pool).

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Pixelh8 Music Tech Pro Performer v1.0 (GBA misc)

Pixelh8 Music Tech Pro Performer Synthesizer is software that runs on an unmodified Game Boy Advance or Nintendo DS, enabling you to be able to control the on board sound, turning the GBA/DS into a real time instrument. Based on the original Game Boy Music Tech V1.0, Pro Performer offers hundreds more options and possible sounds.

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Pocket Commander v1.0.2 (GBA Game)

Pocket Commander was inspired by the groundbreaking game ‘Modem Wars’ by Dan Bunten (1988).

Your goal is to win. Knock out your opponent’s commander, which is the brains of the operation. No brains, no operation. A commander is knocked out when its energy level goes to zero as a result of enemy attack. You’ll use your robots and your commander’s weapons to accomplish this.

This GBA version has been coded by John Reder.

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Pocket Raider 2 v1.0.0 (GBA Game)

This is the second episode of Pocket Raider, where the weapons and action are BIGGER! Pocket Raider was inspired by Will Wright’s Raid on Bungeling Bay (1984). This game has 9+ levels, each 88+ screens in size.

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Pocket Raider v1.0.3 (GBA Game)

Pocket Raider was inspired by Will Wright’s ‘Raid on Bungling Bay’ (1984). This game has 9+ levels, each 88+ screens in size. You fly an Airship whose mission is to bomb all enemy Gun Turrets, Speed Boats, Tanks and Buildings to complete each mission progressing through the enemies backbone of bases, factories and finally their command center.

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devkitARM (Release 27) (GBA misc)

devkitARM is a toolchain for DS, GBA and GP32.

Release notes:

The final build of devkitARM release 27 and associated libraries were uploaded to SF recently. These are now available through the windows installer. For the download links for other platforms see the getting started section of the wiki.

For problems, comments and support please use the forums and not the post comments.

devkitARM release 27:
Update binutils to 2.20
Update gcc to 4.4.2
Update to gdb 7.0
filesystem IO now defaults to unbuffered meaning that the full length requested on read/write is passed to the devoptab pseudo device drivers.
ds crt0 will now detect an 8meg debug system and adjust memory accordingly
ds mpu setup has been moved to libnds for easier maintenance
ndstool can now read ELF files directly without intermediate binary stage

libnds 1.4.0
Bugfixes in fifo layer
The deprecated IPC struct has now been removed
added memCached & memUncached functions to convert pointers between those regions
memory rearrangement to support 8meg setup
guruMeditationDump function exposed for user code
set correct palette on guruMeditationDump
DS mpu setup moved from ds crt0 for ease of maintenance

dswifi 0.3.11
use memUncached function for uncached memory.

libfat 1.0.6
Implement read ahead cache
Fix issues with short aliases
Fix timestamps
Set access and modify times on directory creation
correct problems with overallocation of clusters.

default arm7 0.5.8
recompiled and linked against new libraries.

libfilesystem 0.9.4
recompiled with new headers

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GoldenEye Advance (26-11-2009) (GBA Game)

CrazyLapinou is working on “GoldenEye Advance”, it’s a remake of the Nintendo 64 game GoldenEye.

Release notes:

Warning: This is a development version. The first level is not finished yet and not all functions are not yet implemented

26/11/2009 – Development version:
– Start of first level
– Control character
– Menu with backup management

– Cinematic start
– Management of Arms
– Management of enemies
– Management objectives
– Surely many others …

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