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Tower Defense 1990 (Commercial) (NES Game)

Tower Defense 1990 is a new commercial NES / Famicom game by Retro Wonder Workers. It’s a castle defense game. Defend the peasants in your castle from hoards of approaching enemies. Build towers which shoot projectiles. Collect coins and gems, and upgrade the towers for even more firepower. Lose all your peasants and it’s game over!

Although the game seems still in development, a person on Twitter claimed to recieved his professional copy of the game. So it can’t take too much time to be ready available for everyone.

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Bootee (Announcement) (NES Game)

Bootee is a brandnew Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) / Famicom game by The Mojon Twins! Watch the date: 15th May 2018!

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Speedrun: Lizard for NES (NES misc)

Garrison made a speedrum of the recent commercially released NES game Lizard. You can watch the video here.

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2018 NES HBPC Game 5: Assimilate (NES misc)

Try your skills in the NES Homebrew Player’s Competition. This month, we are playing Assimilate! Come join the fun as this game is a free download!

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Nebs & Debs v2018.05.04 (WIP) (NES Game)

Chris Cacciatore is still working on his NES platform game Nebs & Debs.


Trying out a new Nebs ‘n Debs power-up today that causes constant uncontrollable dashing. #nesdev #gamedev

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Interview with Brad Smith of Lizard NES (NES misc)

2 Dudes and a NES interviewed Brad Smith of Lizard NES fame.

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Making NES games with NESmaker – Tutorial for patched versions 3.1.1 – 3.1.3 (misc)

NESmaker allows users to create cartridge based, hardware playable NES games in an intuitive, faux object oriented environment without ever having to write a single line of code.

NESmaker Beta - Tutorial for patched versions 3.1.1 - 3.1.3


This tutorial is for the NESmaker beta patch, versions 3.1.1, 3.1.2, and 3.1.3. Check your version number! It also likely requires knowledge of the original 3.1.0 beta tutorials.

Shooting at monsters! Monsters shooting at you! Boss barriers! Screen triggers! A swath of fixed bugs in the engine, and a handful of fixed features of the tool!

This is a super quick run down of new things. It is meant to by synthesized with your knowledge of the first run of beta tutorials, with a quick refresher of necessary steps, if creating from scratch.

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Mega Man 2 (Commercial) (30th Anniversary Classic Cartridge) (NES Game)

iam8bit are about to release a PAL Mega Man 2 30th Anniversary Classic Cartridge for the Nintendo Entertainment System. The release is limited to 8.500 pieces. There is only one thing to say: Capcom + iam8bit, shut up and take my 100US$!

Mega Man - 30th Anniversary Classic Cartridges

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Video: NES Programming #25 – Status Bars And Proper Scrolling (NES misc)

Michael Chiaramonte shows us once again how to do some NES Programming.

NES Programming #25 - Status bars and proper scrolling


In this episode we took a page from The Guardian Legend and got a proper status bar working (although there’s no actual data there right now). From there, we started working on how to load rows from the map data as the level scrolled and ran into an issue when I incorrectly thought we had to divide by 8 instead of 32. Oops! Makes a big difference as it turned out. We also covered how some basic 16-bit operations work on an 8-bit processor like the 6502. Thanks for watching! See you next time.

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2 Dudes and a NES (NES misc)

2 Dudes and a NES are creating a regular Nintendo NES retrogaming podcast! Most content is accessable for Patreon supporters only, but you still find great content which is free.

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