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Indivisible (27-08-2017) (NES Game)

Join Ajna as she battles through forgotten temples in search of her tapir, Roti! Indivisible is an actual NES ROM demaking the Indivisible Prototype by Lab Zero Games. This is a fan game. It is not sponsored by 505 Games or Lab Zero Games.

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Wizard of Wor (02-02-2018) (NES Game)

Thom works on an unofficial port of Wizard of Wor for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

Release notes:

Wizard of Wor WIP: Worrior and monster collision detection fully implemented (both worriors and monsters able to shoot and kill each other, with appropriate points rewarded.) There still is at least one lingering bug with the laser code. But for now, I need to optimize all the bounding box checking code to gain back much needed cycles as the game slows down when everybody is on screen and shooting. Can’t have that. Computer is playing blue.

And now, I need to take a break from new features, to drastically optimize the bounds checking code, as I am doing lots of multiplies and divides all over the code for ostensibly similar or same values. (at least I think), I need to do the calculations once, and just use them per frame, and that should free up more than enough cycles to finish the game play implementation.

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Gruniożerca 2 (WIP) (NES Game)

Gruniożerca 2 is a puzzle-platformer for the NES developed by Łukasz Kur & M_Tee between November 2017 and January of 2018.

In it, you control Grunio, pet and guinea pig mascot of, on a quest to find his owner, gaming personality Dark Archon, who has gotten lost in the depths of their overly complex cellar.

Luckily, Grunio’s chew toys have been strewn all throughout the house, the cellar being no exception. So, help this piggie place blocks, swing squeaky hammers, push stools, press switches, collect keys, devour carrots, leap, climb, teeter, and tumble his way through 24 dark, dingy, and drab basement doors.

A digital release of the game will be released in the next few days, coinciding with the deadline for the NesDev Competition.

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Untitled Isometric Survival Horror v0.41 (WIP) (NES Game)

Orab Games are heavily working on their project Untitled Isometric Survival Horror for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

Untitled Isometric Survival Horror V041

Current notes:

In v.041, I have added a lot of features. What you can’t see is that I have compressed all of my backgrounds with RLE. I have also added some simple background collisions to all rooms that you can navigate to. I have a lot of the first floor built with my early screen graphics, however, the hallways need some more programming, as you will be able to tell in the video. As of now, you must pass through a hallway twice before going to the next as this is how the Index Table is laid out in the code. I hope to have a remedy for that soon.

The room changing routine is mostly working, I still have some work to do on those, mainly placing doors. As of now, only the Right Exit works properly and only the Upper Right exit in Hallways.

Some other features added include:
-Fade out routine
-2 options for controls, Standard and Diagonal. Standard is Up,Down,Left,Right on the Dpad while your character moves in a diagonal. Diagonal controls means are you have to push Up-Left on the Dpad to move UpLeft on the screen.
-Cleaned up my palette code so that I can change colors more efficiently.
-Made a beta title screen for a place holder.

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Miedow (Cheril’s Nightmares) v1.0 (NES Game)

Bad dreams are sometimes part of storylines. Same goes with Miedow (Cheril’s Nightmares) by The Mojon Twins.

After walking into the shrine, Cheril falls asleep. In her dreams, a voice commands her to find her daughters. You can push some blocks around, as well as statues. Move statues to pedestals to proceed. Find keys to open locks. Shoot orbs to
light them!

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The Sword of Ianna v0.3b Alpha (NES Game)

The Sword of Ianna is a video game by the Spanish group Retroworks. Diskover is currently trying to redo the game for the Nintendo Entertainment System / Famicom and shows really great steps forward.

In a time and a world dominated by the shadows, the goddess IANNA chose a warrior, who defeated the evil that threatened these lands. Now that fear is reborn, IT IS YOUR TIME!

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Creeping It Reel (Commercial) (NES misc)

This time, the biggest hits are in the soundtrack, not the ring! You’ve ducked and bobbed in Creepy Brawlers, now get ready to bob your head to the classic monster boxing game’s spooky beats! Creeping it Reel features the sinister, thumping music from Mitch Foster and Danimal Cannon, and the killer moves of Halloween’s dance floor hero himself, DANCING PUMPKIN MAN!


* NES 8 Bit Music Video
* Candy Drop Pachinko
* Dancing Pumpkin Man!
* Official Creepy Brawlers OST
* 2 all new tracks from Mitch Foster and Danimal Cannon!

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Justice Duel (Commercial) (NES Game)

Out now for the Nintendo Entertainment System, Justice Duel is a video game in which AI versions of past presidents face-off against one another whilst jousting atop genetically engineered eagles. Don’t throw away your shot- saddle up your eagle and prepare to duel!

This isn’t your Founding Father’s bird jousting game- you’ve gotta watch out for bear traps, firecrackers bursting in midair and land mines disguised as eagle eggs. Less than 1% of NES games allow more than two players at a time- Justice Duel supports up to four simultaneously!

Justice Duel NES Trailer - Mega Cat Studios Video Game

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Creepy Brawlers (Limited Edition) (Commercial) (NES Game)

Mega Cat Studios currently offers a limited edition of Creepy Brawlers for the Nintendo Entertainment System/Famicom. This Limited Edition comes with not only the box and manual, but also an amazing custom cartridge featuring some slick and spooky art! Quantities are very limited.

After a spectral hand pulls you out of your seat and into the silver screen, you become the underdog in an underworld championship. Lace-up your gloves and get ready to duck, bob, and weave as you punch-out a marathon of movie monsters, including the wolfman, backwoods psycho, and a very slick vampire. Dodge special attacks and time your counters perfectly, because a KO means losing the round…and your soul.

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City Trouble (Commercial) (NES Game)

City Trouble for the NES by Den Kat Games, published by Mega Cat Studios. The game currently sells at $44.99.

You are Amy and your mission leads you to the rooftops high above the town’s not so pleasant districts. So, take your trusty taser and electrocute all evil scumbags that stand in your way. Show those muscle-headed Goons and them jumpy Paradudes who’s boss. Use your agility to pass over deep and dangerous gaps and outrun that pesky helicopter. It’s a tough job, but not all is dire: There’s your best friend Rachel waiting in the middle of the action to provide you some useful items to help you on your way. You’ll need it since it’s only a matter of time until bad girl Scarlett bothers you again or you’ll have to face another one of the Jumbos. Do you have the guts and the skills to rid the City of the Jackal Gang in this fast-paced arcade action game?

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