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Tower to the Truth (NES Game)

Tower to the Truth is a NES game by MrValdez. Decide if you want to evolve or get along with your other race. As you become “better” than your fellows, you’ll climb a tower that suddenly appear as you gain self-awareness. Start your journey as a rock and reach your fate. Why did this tower appeared? What mystery could be revealed at the top?

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Hunt or Run (NES Game)

Hunt or Run by Adrian Laubisch is a 2D platformer arena multiplayer-only NES prototype. The idea behind it is that each player has a role that flip between them over time and time again. The players must concentrate on “What do we do now? Hunt or Run?”, because if not, they can get themselves killed quickly! Basically two players must kill each other by hitting he/she with a ball. But there is only one ball available! And you only can touch the ball on your turn, otherwise you are dead!

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Browny Blaster (25-10-2015) (NES Game)

Browny Blaster is a NES game by Vectrex2809. Bronies all over the world went mad because of the cancellation of “My Little Pony – Friendship is Magic”, and it’s up to you to stop them.

Browny Blaster (NES)

[Brony Blaster] - Another update
Watch this video on YouTube.

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Jack O’ Lantern (NES Techdemo)

Jack O’ Lantern is a simple techdemo for NES by RG59. The program shows a pumpkin in random colours and plays music. It might be a bit late for Halloween now and these news should have been published a week ago, but better late than never.

Jack O' Latern (NES)

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Palettician (02-11-2015) (NES Application)

Palettician by RG59 is an app that you can run on emulators and real hardware. You can configure all 25 colors while displaying them in real time. This will be useful for artists and designers.

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KrzysioPlayer (NES misc)

KrzysioPlayer is a hardware NSF player based on real 6502 from Famiclone (UA6527P). The use case is simple: record your favourite NSF files onto SD/MMC cart, insert it into device’s slot, choose the one you want to play with user-friendly interface (buttons & LCD) and listen to the REAL HARDWARE nsf music. The device is capable of playing up to 128 kB NSF Files.

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Wonderland Dizzy (24-10-2015) (NES Game)

A short video explaining how Wonderland Dizzy was rediscovered 22 years after being written. And how it was able to be released for free to everyone on 24th October 2015. The game can be played online here.

Wonderland Dizzy Rediscovered October 2015 by The Oliver Twins
Watch this video on YouTube.

And here is the game trailer:

Wonderland Dizzy Trailer - NES - By The Oliver Twins
Watch this video on YouTube.

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The Wizard v1.00 (NES Game)

In The Wizard by Retroage you take over the role of Timothy, a young wizard, going on a journey to avenge his master and save his friend.

Known bugs:

– Final boss not finished yet – game can’t be ended
– “spiderman” – yeah, we know, sometimes hero can stick to walls
– slowdown with too many objects on the screen
– minor problems with samples

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Jet-Paco (NES Game)

We usually limit ourselves to free homebrew games, but will make an exception for the guys and girls from The Mojon Twins today. Jet-Paco is about to get a physical release. All information about the crowd-funding is in Spanish language so I’ve to pass here… but maybe you can squeeze out some more information using Google translator or similar.

¡Fase Bonus y 1985 Alternativo te necesitan!
Watch this video on YouTube.

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Overclock Demo (15-03-2015) (NES Techdemo)

Damian Yerrick aka tepples provides us with an “Overclock Demo“. How far can you push your NES system? Be aware that it might cause a damage, especially if you use it far too long or in an unappropriated way.

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