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Jet-Paco (06-01-2015) (NES Game)

Jet-Paco is a brand new NES game by Mojon Twins.

Paco Rebollez is an astronaut in charge of finding and gathering energonia crystals, a material used to power spaceships. To aid him in his hard job, he has a special suit equipped with a small thermonuclear cell in the buttocks zone which exhales an invisible gas which Paco uses to rise and fly around.

Paco‘s company has detected an old abandoned ship containing as much as 20 crystals. Paco could retire if he could gather such a number of crystals, so he decides to ignore the perils he might find inside the ship and begins the search!

[Full GamePlay] Jet-Paco by Mojon Twins (Homebrew) [Nes/Famicom]
Watch this video on YouTube.


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The New 8-bit Heroes (NES misc)

Joe Granato is currently raising money via Kickstarter to get “The New 8-bit Heroes” alive. It will be a brand new NES game and while he is already at it, there will be a short documentary movie of it as well. The campaign is running for about another three weeks, so maybe you would like to support it.

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Young Oscar San (29-07-2014) (NES Game)

Oscar Richard from Mexico comes up with a work in progress of his new NES Game Young Oscar San.

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Sliding Blaster (17-06-2014) (NES Game)

In Sliding Blaster by NovaSquirrel you need to collect ammunition, slide around and shoot the enemies. Master the art of sliding and shooting with an arcade feel and unique controls.

Release notes:

I have about 6 levels now, out of a planned 10 so there’s more to try out in this build. In addition to that, I finally transcribed the music I composed into the format Tepples’ music engine takes, so there’s music that’s actually different from DABG’s now. I think it might be too difficult currently but I’m not sure.

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ShortNes (NES Demo)

ShortNes is a NES demo by BroCode, released at Edison 2014.

ShortNes by BroCode
Watch this video on YouTube.

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The Invasion (NES Game)

In The Invasion by Sly Dog Studios you must stop the space aliens from reaching your weapon, which you are in control of. If they do, your game is over! To fend them all off successfully, max out the score. Use the ‘A’ button to fire, and the D-Pad to move left or right. Get your marksmanship on!

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Flappy Block v2 (NES Game)

Sly Dog Studios decided to jump on the bandwagon and created a Flappy Bird style game for the NES named Flappy Block. It is infinitely easier than the original, but it does what it is meant to do… waste time!

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Ambushed (NES Game)

Ambushed is a tiny shooting game for NES by Sly Dog Studios. You’re walking down the street and suddenly, from a couple of attached buildings that are across the street, you are ambushed by multiple gunmen… luckily you’re packin’ some heat! Use the D-Pad to move the player’s scope around, and ‘A’ to fire. Score 99 (then +1) and you win the game. That’s a lot of baddies for one area! However, if a single bullet reaches you on the other side of the street, you’re a goner. Shoot them before they get to you!

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1k2p (NES Game)

Sly Dog Games made up the very basic version of Pong, named 1k2p. It’s a two player only game.

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Meteor Guard (NES Game)

Meteor Guard by Sly Dog Studios is a small space shooter in which you must destroy as many meteors as you can. Once nine of them have passed you, the game ends. Tap left or right on the D-pad to move in the corresponding direction, and when you are vertically lined up with the meteor you would like to destroy, press the B button to fire.

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