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ShortNes (NES Demo)

ShortNes is a NES demo by BroCode, released at Edison 2014.

ShortNes by BroCode
Watch this video on YouTube.

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The Invasion (NES Game)

In The Invasion by Sly Dog Studios you must stop the space aliens from reaching your weapon, which you are in control of. If they do, your game is over! To fend them all off successfully, max out the score. Use the ‘A’ button to fire, and the D-Pad to move left or right. Get your marksmanship on!

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Flappy Block v2 (NES Game)

Sly Dog Studios decided to jump on the bandwagon and created a Flappy Bird style game for the NES named Flappy Block. It is infinitely easier than the original, but it does what it is meant to do… waste time!

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Ambushed (NES Game)

Ambushed is a tiny shooting game for NES by Sly Dog Studios. You’re walking down the street and suddenly, from a couple of attached buildings that are across the street, you are ambushed by multiple gunmen… luckily you’re packin’ some heat! Use the D-Pad to move the player’s scope around, and ‘A’ to fire. Score 99 (then +1) and you win the game. That’s a lot of baddies for one area! However, if a single bullet reaches you on the other side of the street, you’re a goner. Shoot them before they get to you!

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1k2p (NES Game)

Sly Dog Games made up the very basic version of Pong, named 1k2p. It’s a two player only game.

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Meteor Guard (NES Game)

Meteor Guard by Sly Dog Studios is a small space shooter in which you must destroy as many meteors as you can. Once nine of them have passed you, the game ends. Tap left or right on the D-pad to move in the corresponding direction, and when you are vertically lined up with the meteor you would like to destroy, press the B button to fire.

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For Points (NES Game)

Why did the chicken cross the road? For Points, of course! Get the chicken across the road to get some points. Don’t get hit by a car though. Chickens are pretty defenseless against cars. One hit and it’s game over. Game created by Sly Dog Studios.

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NES adaption of the game 2048 by tsone.

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2048 (Revision 3) (NES Game)

tsone brings us the logic/puzzle game 2048 onto the Famicom.

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SFX Editor

SFX Editor is a sound application tool by NovaSquirrel. Test out your own sound effects using real hardware adjusting volume and frequency.

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