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DOP-Mii v14.4 (Wii Application)

Install IOS’, System Menu and Channels all with the same familiar interface and without the option of patching or the forced need to have a patched IOS to use the program.


Fixed a bug caused by libogc 1.8.5 causing network initialization to crash for some users (thank you yellowstar for your support)
Fixed a bug causing USB drives to not be mounted properly not allowing USB users to take advantage of DOP-Mii’s config file
Added an additional path where the DOP-Mii config file may be loaded from ( /apps/DOP-Mii/DOP-Mii.cfg )

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Engine02 v10.11.16(Wii misc)

Engine02 is a script-driven, multiplatform 2D game engine with builds for DOS, Windows, Linux, Intel/PPC MacOS, PSP, and Wii. Complete documentation for creating games is included with PC and Mac builds, and is also available on the website.

Games created or hosted by the author and his team are directly downloadable from inside the program. Updates for the program, or any installed game, can also be downloaded from the same interface when they become available.

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Desert Bus v1.00 (Wii Game)

In 1995 Penn & Teller produced a video game for the Sega CD called Smoke and Mirrors but the publisher went bankrupt before it could be released. One of the mini-games was called “Desert Bus”, which has been faithfully reproduced here for the Wii.

The aim of Desert Bus is to drive from Tucson, Arizona to Las Vegas, Nevada. The full trip is 360 miles long, which must be completed without stopping. The bus can only reach 45 miles an hour and pulls to the right ever so slightly. The only things you’re likely to see while on the road (besides the desert floras) are a few scattered bus stops, which you can stop at and open the door of the bus. Note that you probably won’t find anyone waiting (it’s the desert after all). Driving off with the door open is not allowed as it would be a safety violation.

If the bus engine overheats due to running off the road or remaining stationary for too long, a tow truck will be dispatched to collect you. When it arrives it will tow you back to the last starting point, and the game ends.

If you do happen to make it all the way to Las Vegas, you get 1 point. Then you get 12 seconds to decide if you want to attempt the return journey back to Tucson. If you don’t push 2 within the 12 second countdown the game will end.

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JzintvWii v1.0.1 (Intellivions emu for Wii)

jzintvWii is the Wii port of Joe Zbiciak’s ‘jzintv’ Intellivision emulator.


Recompiled with latest devkitpro and sdl, now usb-keyboard is enabled again. Thanx to GPer.
Modified wiibrew link, now the right link is reported.
Fixed wrong sort of romslist, now sort is purely alphabetical without considering roms date.
Sources integrated with J.Z. sources in

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WiiVNC v1.2.2 (Wii Application)

Paul Wagener updated his VNC Viewer for the Nintendo Wii.


Spanish translation fixes

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PieChart v0.7 (Wii Game)

PieChart is a mish-mash of several Pac Man gameplay styles and themes.


Huge ghost AI revision. They can no longer reverse direction at will; they also can switch between evasive and wandering modes
Animated title screen
Multiple level support
17 new levels! This should keep people occupied until I add more soon
Maze size reduced to allow for HUD options
fixed/added hiscore saving. score.bin MUST exist and it can’t be empty or you’ll get a stack error.
Fixed animation speeds

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PieChart v0.5

PieChart is a remake of PacMan.

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PieChart v0.5 (Wii Game)

PieChart is a remake of PacMan.

Thanks to for the news.,61428

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The Castles of Dr. Creep (07-11-2010) (Wii Game misc)

Castles of Dr. Creep is a 1984 Commodore 64 game written by Ed Hobbs and published by Broderbund Software.

This project is an open source rewrite, allowing you to play the game using an image (D64) of the original disk. Additionally, a Castle Builder has been added allowing the player to modify existing castles, or build new ones from scratch.

Presently it can compile and play on both Windows, Nintendo Wii, and Linux (Ubuntu specifically has been tested).


Fix sprite collision bug, Fix another object collision issue
Fix the game speed, making it run at the original PAL speed.
Adds the ability to edit text in Builder

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Yabause Wii UO (r2604) (Beta 17) (Saturn emu for Wii)

Yabause Wii is a Sega Saturn emulator for Wii and is the first of its kind as emulating the complex processes of the Sega Saturn is much harder then it looks and now even harder to run it on the limited hardware of the Wii.


compile with devkitPPC r22 (performance up)
adjust smpc peripheral timing parameter (some games work), and add setting menu of the parameter
fix crash bug in menu
some minor fixes and changes

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