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Button TesterWii v0.81 (Wii Application)

Button TesterWii is an application allowing you to test the functionality of buttons on various Wii input devices. The program itself is in German only.

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SaveGame Manager GX (R105) (Wii Application)

SaveGame Manager GX by dj_skual allows you to extract/install SaveGames and Miis from/to your Wii; data.bin files not supported. It allows savegames to be copied from the Wii to an SD card, including savegames that cannot normally be copied from the system menu. It is a modification of the Savegame Manager from Waninkoko. Unlike Savegame Manager, Savegame Manager GX has a wii-like user interface.


Improved HomebrewList creation speed up
Improved CheckSave fonction speed up
Fixed ThemeReload code dump
Completely reworked fileops file (now using DirList)

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Gravitii v0.5 (Wii Game)

Gravitii is a puzzle game with a simple objective. All you have to do is shoot the ball at the target. The only problem is there are planets in the way. You must use the gravitii of the planets to curve your ball and hit the target, but be careful because every planet’s gravity level is different.

Gravitii v0.1
Watch this video on YouTube.

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Cubicle Shooter v0.1 (Wii Game)

Cubicle Shooter is a first person shooter with a focus on highly destructible environments. It is very incomplete and is really just a tech demo right now.

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Project Panic

Project Panic is a Jump’n’Shoot game where you need to protect your planet against an alien invasion

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Project Panic v1.01 (Wii Game)

Project Panic is a Jump’n’Shoot game where you need to protect your planet against an alien invasion. This version has decreased difficulty and couple of bugfixes.

Watch this video on YouTube.

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Toy Wars v0.6.1 (Wii Game)

Toy Wars by davidgf is a game inspired in Toy Commander from Dreamcast. The game consists on missions which take place in a house, like the original. At the moment only a few missions are available, but the house is almost complete.

Toy Wars Wii (Nintendomax & GBAtemp version)
Watch this video on YouTube.

Release notes:

Fixed some bugs and updated the splash-screen. I fixed a bug with the controls, one button was wrong (the vehicle change I presume).
Can anyone test it please? Now you can change the button mapping for the wiimote/nunchuck. Also changed the files location.

Note that now everything is located at apps/toywars instead of root folder. Note also that in order to change the button mapping you have to edit the config file (located at sd:/apps/toywars/) and modify the button numbers.

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Newo Puzzle v1.2 (Wii Game)

Newo Puzzle by Owen is a 3D Columns game for Wii. This version adds fixes for the touch screen and a zoom option.

Newo Puzzle v1.01a
Watch this video on YouTube.

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PadSend (Revision 3) (misc)

PadSend lets you use Gamecube pads connected to a Wii, or a DS, as a PC gamepad. PPJoy must be installed. Just run the server on your computer (requires .NET framework 2.0) and run the client on your Wii or DS. It will only work right now if your DS or Wii has an IP address that starts with 192.168.1.*

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Mr. Sitwell in Turbo WC Magical Adventure v1.2 (Wii Game)

Mr. Sitwell was your everyday middle-aged office-working guy, he had an uneventful and kinda boring life, until the day he discovered his toilet was enchanted… Move by pointing to the screen, shot with A button and use bombs (once adquired) with B button. There is also an unlockable aiming function performed twisting the wiimote.


-Much better looking title and menu screen.
-Improved intro.
-Mr. Sitwell has voice now.
-Improved visibility of enemy bullets.
-Live 0 now counts as a live, as opposed to before, when 0 lives meant game over.
-Toned down a bit the excesive wii mote rumble on third boss battle.
-Hit points of some enemies tweaked.
-A lot of minor bug/glitch fixes.

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