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Bolt Thrower v0.59 (Wii Game)

Bolt Thrower is currently single player Space Shoot ‘Em Up. It is still work in progress!


* Added radar pings to enemy spore satellites – It was hard to spot them and complete the first mission!
* Added a startup “Loading…” message

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Bolt Thrower v0.58 (Wii Game)

Bolt Thrower is currently single player Space Shoot ‘Em Up. It is still work in progress!


* Added more front menus
* Added In game music
* Added scrap pick-ups after enemy is destroyed
* Added some missions – mission 6 will never end!
* Added Base defences (gun turrets) on later levels
* Added rendezvous & collect terraforming satellites
* Added base’s terraforming shield
* Added enemy fleet attack formations
* Added some more 3D objects
* Added skull at death

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DOSBox Wii v1.6 (DOS emu for Wii)

DOSBox Wii is a port of DOSBox to the Wii using SDL Wii. It also features a Home menu powered by libwiigui. The port is based on DOSBox v0.74.


* Updated to latest DOSBox SVN
* Updated to latest libogc and devkitPPC

Thanks to for the news.

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LifemiiWii v1.01 (Wii misc)

LifemiiWii is a 3D version of the Conway Game of life, designed by the Britain mathematic John Horton Conway.

Juego de la vida virtual LifemiiWii

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Yabause Wii UO (r2649) (Beta 18) (Saturn emu for Wii)

Yabause Wii is a Sega Saturn emulator for Wii and is the first of its kind as emulating the complex processes of the Sega Saturn is much harder then it looks and now even harder to run it on the limited hardware of the Wii.


base on the original yabause r2649 (cmake branches)
compile with devkitPPC r23 and recent libogc except r4078 audio.c
use scsp2.c instead of scsp.c (some games works, but, sound quality seems to be lower)
fix clip bug of vdp1 in vidsoft.c
some minor fixes and changes

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VectrexWii v0.3 (Vectrex emu for Wii)

VectrexWii is a Wii port of Vecx, a Vectrex emulator written by Valavan Manohararajah. ROMs must be placed within a folder named vec at the root of either SD or USB. The file extension must be .vec.

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WiiTris v0.4 (Wii Game)

WiiTris is a Tetris style game for Wii by wilco2009. Play WiiTriis with your friends using your own Miis on your console. WiiTriis allows up to four players simultaneously with two game modes. If you are someone who like to compete, try the battle mode and send all your completed lines to your opponents. To play use the Wiimote horizontally, using the cross buttons to move the pieces and drop them and buttons 1 and 2 to rotate the pieces clockwise or counterclockwise. In battle mode you can choose the opponent to send you the lines you complete. Get to keep your score in the top five and see your Mii proud in the gallery of fame.

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The Untitled Project v0.3 (Wii Techdemo)

The Untitled Project by ThatOtherPerson is a technical demo for Wii and Windows.

Further information:

Here is a small update to The Untitled Project. Now you can actually collect the rotating squares and the game will keep track of how many you have found and save when you get one. Elevators will now stop if you are in the way instead of just crushing you and pushing you past the floor or ceiling of the building. Darkness/fog has been added. There have been a number of mostly unnoticeable changes to the geometry of the world (some for gameplay reasons and some to lower the polygon count). The game now uses the standard Wii cursor graphic and has a home/pause menu.

The PC version has some things that are still missing from the Wii version. Most noticeably it has a minimap. The game world is larger and the islands shape is randomized (it is consistently square on Wii). The PC version also has several in game controls assigned to the number keys that exist only for testing purposes.

Against my better judgement (this never works out well) I have decided to try and involve other people in making the game. Specifically I’m looking for someone to set the texture coordinates for the models used in the environment. Go here if you are interested in helping.

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Wiirtual Boy v0.1 (VB emu for Wii)

Wiirtual Boy is a Wii port of the Mednafen Virtual Boy module/emulator.

Wiirtual Boy (Pre-pre-release)


* Improved sound quality
* Left and right sound channels are now correct
* Several minor bug fixes
* Minor performance improvements

By with 0 comments v2.3 (C64 emu for Wii) is a networked port of the Frodo C64 emulator.


Added usb fat support
Added wiimote rumble support

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