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myPlayer v1.090 (PPC Application)

A stand-alone, light-weight application that accesses the BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, Hulu, Five On Demand and MSN Video services directly – eliminating the requirement for a (flash-enabled) mobile browser. Works with any QVGA, VGA or WVGA device running Windows Mobile Professional (Pocket PC) 6.0 or higher


* Media player configuration now mandatory
* “Downloads” media type added to the configuration list
* Fixed iPlayer logos for QVGA devices
* Improved BBC Live TV / Radio thumbnails
* Various other minor updates

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JMLPanex v2.30 (PPC Application)

JMLPanex program (JML Panel Execute) allows multiple hotspots on a plugin (-> Association picture/program). JMLPanex is a Titanium plugin!


– dim=RxC (ROWSxCOLS), ex : dim=4×1, dim=2×4 ….. with a single restriction : MAX of 26 positions.
– required for next JMLTodayv5.6

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FacebookIM (FIM) v2.3.5.6 (PPC Application)

FacebookIM or short FIM is a facebook chat client for Windows Mobile.


* No changelog yet


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Easy Expenses v0.95.1 (PPC Application)

Easy Expenses is mainly focussed on logging expenses. It is meant to be simple and easy to use. Easy Expenses is not designed as a complete finance management program and never will be. If you want to use Easy Expenses for this purpose, you have to export the data and process it in a program like Microsoft Excel.


Added my own date-picker to purge dialog (the WM6.5 date picker is not shown correctly in the program)
Bug fixes (totals this month, date picker, options layout

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SpoonTorch v1.17 (PPC Application)

Does your phone or PDA not have an external light on it? Do you want to use your phone’s screen as a light? This app lets you quickly create a white screen to use as a torch.


v1.17 06/12/09 – Tap screen closes app – no toggling

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NaviComputer v0.8 (PPC Application)

NaviComputer is a GPS mapping and offroad navigation / tracking software designed for Windows Mobile devices.

What makes NaviComputer outstanding is the ability to view maps offline, so there is no need for internet connection or dataplan when you are on a trip.

Maps can be easily downloaded from various online map sources like OpenStreetMap either with the bundled PC software “NaviMapper” or directly with NaviComputer on the mobile device. Maps are saved as single, easy to handle and space-saving files.


– New: Show total download progress
– New: Show estimated file size
– Fix: Some minor stability issues
– New: Online Mode
– New: nmap download in NaviComputer (without NaviMapper)
– New: Improved touch scrolling in gpx file list
– New: Show an arrow instead of the cross on the map when heading data is available
– New: Help File
– Fix: GPX Time Node format compatible to ISO 8691
– Fix: Fixed Crash when trying to import unsupported gpx files
– Fix: Some minor stability issues

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SetVolume v0.8 (PPC Application)

SetVolume is a finger friendly volume changer.


* added support for smartphones

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MailHandler v0.72 (PPC Application)

camro updated his application MailHandler, based upon ImapPusher.


+ mail handling for getting emails via standard mail programm (poutlook) in defined time scheduling
+ multiple mail profiles
+ checking email via “Imap Idle” and via “Polling”
+ imap(143) and imaps(993) ssl
+ Polling in free defined time interval
+ Multiple Time Scheduling for mailhandling with options for:
+> switching on/off diff. connection things (RADIO, GPRS WLAN, BLUETOOTH)
+> email checking (using imapidle or polling)
+> multiple time plans for every mail profile with using diff checking interval (polling or imapidle)
+> multiple time plans for “external commands” executing incl. recycling


-> support now IP-Addresses also in server field (only for normal iamp, for imaps(ssl) it is important to deal with treal dns name.
-> rewritten of the logic of comm manager + activating option “Strict also for [Auto] connections.
-> debugging options made more logical textes + values for mail handling

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PowerRadio v2.0.9.0 (PPC Application)

Power Radio is a FM player with RDS decoding, at least on HTC HD.

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mySpot v0.55b (PPC Application)

The mySpot application provides access to the Spotify service on the Windows Mobile platform.

Works with any QVGA, VGA or WVGA device running Windows Mobile Professional (Pocket PC) 6.0 or higher.


Fix bug which prevented some tracks from playing

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