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Easy Expenses v0.95 (PPC Application)

Easy Expenses is mainly focussed on logging expenses. It is meant to be simple and easy to use. Easy Expenses is not designed as a complete finance management program and never will be. If you want to use Easy Expenses for this purpose, you have to export the data and process it in a program like Microsoft Excel.


Added currency exchange rates (manual rate entry).
Added totals per expense type, intended source and payment method to the info and totals screen.
Improved editing of currencies (including exchange rates), expense types, intended sources and payment methods in options dialog.
Added possibility to hide columns.
Added new column with amount converted to primary currency (hidden by default).
Showing of converted currencies at various places in the program, including the info and totals screen.
Added ‘Custom’ to expense type choices. This will give a blank edit box which can be filled in manually.

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Auto Lock (CSDEVCTRL) v6.5 (PPC Application)

Auto Lock (CSDEVCTRL) is another auto locking program which utilizes the Windows Locking for partial locking (phone related keys are active) or complete locking (no keys are active).


29/11 – v.6.5 – Added power off after disconnect, support for 6.5 win (beta)

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SetVolume v0.7.1 (PPC Application)

SetVolume is a finger friendly volume changer.


* hopefully fixed in call volume

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cleanRAM v1.9.1 (PPC Application)

This is an amazing utility which helps you to clean up the wasted RAM memory without having to restart the device and eventually saves a lot of time.

Release notes:

No changelog yet

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sneakText v1.0 (PPC Application)

sneakText uses a custom built alphanumeric text cipher to secure just about any text-related operations you can think of. Enter a message in the interface, followed by a codeword, select ‘sneak’ or ‘unsneak’, and hit ‘do it’. The app will then either securely encrypt the message, or decrypt it.

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FacebookIM (FIM) v2.3.5.4 (PPC Application)

FacebookIM or short FIM is a facebook chat client for Windows Mobile.


* No changelog yet

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fixOperaFlash v1.5.4.0 (PPC Application)

This tool will automatically install and configure everything you need to run your Opera with Flash support. With other words: No need to install Flash Lite… Yes, just Plug&Flash!

Tested and working with:

Opera 9.5 builds:
1522, 1938, 1957, 2392, 15233, 15529, 15613, 15746, 15750, 16070, 16277, 16643, 16702, 16844, 16983, 17518, 17658, 17775, 17963, 18152
Opera 9.7 builds:
35166, 35267, 35393, 35432, 35443, 35461, 35523, 35541


Flash Library version
First Opera10 support attempt
fixed First Browser Launch check box

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JMLToday v5.5 (PPC Application)

The JMLToday Titanium plugin provides you with,


– Clock, Date
– Weather forecast current, today and the follwing 4 day + city + conditions
– Tear-off calendar
– Notifications: Battery, Wifi, Bluetooth, next appointment, next alarm.
– Supports S2U2 weather (option: UserWeather)
– Context menu (on page 1)
– Special Internet Setting for light use (Page 2)
– Interface to implement AddOns by using simple MortScript (Micha will explain it)


– 4 Pages : Clock/Notification, Weather, Appointments, SMS
– New skins management
– Use -> TICS <- for installation (from @MichelDiamond) - Use -> MichasRefresh <- for Titanium refresh (from @MichelDiamond) - fix minors bugs - new program JMLComm.exe to Activate/Desactivate BT/Wifi - new program JMLSms.exe to store SMS to registers keys - new program JMLCalendar.exe to store Appointments to registers keys - new program JMLMenu.exe to manage all context menus (JMLAction.exe deleted) - #GOTO command supported (same as JMLPanex) - %JMLTODAY% and %JMLPANEX% variables for path-file supported - add Phone-status notification : GPRS, EDGE, 3G... OFF - add Data-connexion and ActiveSync notifications - "Update" menu item : only update registry keys (no update weather -> no connexion)
– “Weather” menu item : update weather
– JMLPanex preconfigured for all pages during installation

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SpoonTorch v1.16 (PPC Application)

Does your phone or PDA not have an external light on it? Do you want to use your phone’s screen as a light? This app lets you quickly create a white screen to use as a torch.


v1.16 19/11/09 – Automatically starts in fullscreen

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VcardMailRetriever v1.0 (PPC Application)

VcardMailRetriever will read mails from selected accounts and try to extract some informations about the sender and allow you to add the sender to your contacts.

It uses regular expressions that you can edit by yourself to fit the best with the mails you’re used to receive.

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