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Driar is a platform-game for the Nintendo Entertainment System/Famicom written by Stefan Adolfsson and David Eriksson. Rickard Nilsson helped out in early development. The game is designed for PAL (50Hz) systems, but works well on NTSC (60Hz) systems as well. The game and music will however play a bit faster on a NTSC system. Take control of Driar and collect [&hellip

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Puzzle 48

Puzzle 48 by Aguilera_87 is a sliding puzzle game for Nintendo DS in Spanish language

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Really Bad Eggs

Really Bad Eggs by ant512 is a remake/re-imagining of Super Foul Egg, a freeware Commodore Amiga version of Puyo Puyo

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FACE4² by Aguilera_87 is a sliding puzzle game for Nintendo DS. It’s rather outstanding featuring 20 characters to “fix”

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Crazy Golf DS

“Crazy Golf DS” is a minigolf game for Nintendo DS by ismaro3. It currently has 10 levels and two modes

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Dizzy Melanchony Of Existance (Chapter 0)

“Dizzy Melanchony Of Existance (Chapter 0)” (Dizzy:MOE) is platform-adventure game for NES and was created to resemble gameplay of Dizzy games made by Codemasters. Your aim in game is to find exit. While you can find five “Memory items” as bonus they won’t help you much because Kolo (the main character) can’t read them

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VG-Fighter is a simple space shooter by French developer vingazole. It’s one of the entries for the “SMS Power 2011 Coding Competition&#

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N-Warp Daisakusen

N-Warp Daisakusen is a deathmatch minigame for eight human players. Connect two Multitaps and eight joypads to your SNES, invite some friends and compete for the first place by beating and kicking the shit out of the other players

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Super Bat Puncher

Super Bat Puncher for NES by German developer “Morphcat Games” is probably one of the greated NES homebrew projects seen daylight in a whole bunch of months. Although it’s only considered a demo for now, it could compete with many previous commercialy available games. Explore the deep, dark caverns of a mysterious planet and find out about the plague that [&hellip

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Digger was released on PC in 1982 by Windmill Software. Andrew Jenner loved it so much that he created an open source version called Digger Remastered. This is a port of that version to the Sony PSP. The object of the game is to get as many points as possible by eating all the emeralds and bags of gold. The [&hellip

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