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RHDE – Furniture Fight

RHDE: Furniture Fight is a game by Damian Yerrick. Rampart and the SIMS combine in this 2 player battle for the ultimate home. Steal furniture, destroy walls, and perfect your Feng Shui for max points

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Pong 198X

Dr Dementia promises us that Pong 198X is a Pong game like never seen before. This goal should be reached with appearances of familiar characters

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In Function by Dinine you need to program the green block to eliminate the blue blocks. This game is sure to have your brain working overtime

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Love Story

Love Story is a platformer for NES/Famicom by Tom Livak. It is the winner entry of the Annual NES Coding Competition

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“Who Wants To Be A Millionaire!” is a pretty famous TV show and there are also game adoptions for it. Certainly homebrewers such as Denine want to avoid paying license fees for big names so the name of MilioNESy has to do it. The great thing is, answer NES related questions!

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Haku no Tsuri

Haku no Tsuri is a fishing game for NES/Famicom

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Tiger Jenny

Tiger Jenny by Ludosity is a NES game set in the same universe as “Ittle Dew” it takes place a thousand years before the events of that game. Battle your way through the forests to seek vengeance on the Turnip Witch who dwells in her castle

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Crazy Driver

Crazy Driver is a simple homebrew driving game by M-374 LX for Sega Genesis written mostly in

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Glass Breaker MD

Glass Breaker MD is a game by TµEE co.(TM). Objective of this game is to break all the windows of a house. It is not the easiest task because the inhabitants wont let you do so

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2048 is a logic game which has seen plenty of platforms as of now, also the Sega Genesis/Megadrive. Written entirely by Oerg866 including graphics and music

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