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Running Smile (10-07-2009) (A2600 Game)

In this game, You play as a person trying to catch a smily, and avoiding the evil face. It’s a little rough, but it’s playable, and mildly addicting.

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The Watchtower v1.03 (A2600 Game)

“You’re on guard duty!”, your commanding officer barks at you. Since your chopper was shot down weeks ago, your squad’s been trapped in these woods. You’ve been able to fashion a hut and a small watchtower in case the enemy becomes aware of your whereabouts. As you climb to the top of the watchtower, you hear what sounds like a large helicopter taking off in the distance. You signal for your squadmates to start a fire. Hoping for the best, but expecting the worst, the fire is started. The pilot sees the smoke and hovers down towards you. As it draws near, you notice the symbol emblazoned on the helicopter. It’s the enemy! You draw your rifle as a paratrooper leaps out of the massive aircraft above…

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Ghost Maze (27-06-2009) (A2600 Game)

Ghost Maze: The aim of the game is to collect the four magical items hidden throughout the maze and return to the entrance,

along the way you may also find a sword and a sheild that will help you against the radioactive ghosts that guard the maze.

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Flip Out (02-06-2009) (A2600 Game)

You’re the zookeeper, a crazed bear has jumped into the penguin tank and is totally flipping out. You’re chasing him down with a tranquilizer gun. When we say flipping out, the bear is flipping chunks of ice and making large holes to fall into. You’ve got to get the bear while dodging the holes in the ice.. To make matters worse, the tranquilzer doesn’t work quickly even once you’ve scored a hit, it takes a while for the tranquilzer to kick in, then it’s up to you just to keep from getting killed.

If that’s not enough, a monkey, an apparent friend of Mr. Bear, has decided to fling poo your way, in the higher levels.

Good Luck!

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Tetris 2 Player (Build 11) (A2600 Game)

atari2600land has also a two player variant of his Tetris game! Here we go…

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Tetris (Build 16) (A2600 Game)

atari2600land picked up the work on his bBasic Tetris game for A2600.

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Endless Road (30-06-2009) (A2600 Game)

Endless Road is a 2k game for Atari 2600. The name is program 🙂

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SKAI the Dragon (05-07-2009) (A2600 Game)

You play as a wizzard in an epic battle with Skai the dragon (from DragonLance). The game takes place in a castle. There is a magic ball that roams around the castle as the dragon circles around the castle. You must get the magic ball and use (shoot it) it on the dragon. Every time you shoot it a new one will come and you will have to get it. you must also avoid running into the walls of the castle or you will lose. The dragon will also fight back by shooting fire at you. if you touch the dragon or its fire then you will lose.

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Catch A Coin (Update 4) (A2600 Game)

Clouds are moving up in the sky, moving the coin bad high in the sky. You are the pot, trying to catch the bag. You move wherever the bag moves. Watch out for the snake in the middle, he’ll make you lose all your points.

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Aquarium (Build 3) (A2600 Game)

atari2600land is working on another new game. Aquarium is going to be a Tamagotchi style game, but you’ve to take care of your fish.

Release notes:

Added FEED option. Another idea for an option is GAME, and I use the term “game” loosely. If you select this, a cursor on the screen appears and as you move it, Fred will follow it. This hasn’t been programmed in yet.

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