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Paladin (25-03-2007) (A2600 Game)

This is a Telengard style game. The working title is Paladin (as the only class available is a warrior/monk hybrid).

What’s new:
– A few simple sounds.
– There are now 10 levels.
– Lightning bolt spell.
– The 1st doorway. Eventually certain levels will have a doorway at a strategic point. You can only pass if you have the corresponding key (same color as the level). You don’t have to do anything to open the door. Having the key is all that is required.
– The monsters now sometimes drop things when you kill them. At the moment, there is 1 key which will give you passage through the door on level 3. There are also scrolls of wisdom. These will restore spell points. You don’t have to do anything, you will automatically pick up anything useful. It is displayed briefly so you can see what it was. There will be at least 1 interactive object in the future.

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Stellar Fortress v0.05 (A2600 Game)

A new version of Stellar Fortress is up!


New Features:
Added Interceptor-Class Battlecruiser (player ship) with 8 rotation sprites.

To Do:
Update kernel so player ship can be displayed at any scanline.
Add joystick control.…

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Dancing Baby (A2600 Techdemo)

Text taken from [Newsdate 16th Jan 2003]

Andrew Davie has put together an impressive tech demo of a Dancing Baby. This demo should give you an idea of the type of animation Andrew is shooting for as he continues to develop Fu Kung!

You can download the Demo from Atari Age.

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Space Instigators (A2600 Game)

Christopher Tumber released a binary of his Space Invaders clone called “Space Instigators”. You can get the binary from!

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Jammed (A2600 Game)

News taken from

Atari 2600 programmer Thomas Jentzsch has released the full version of his puzzle game Jammed for people to download and enjoy. Your objective in Jammed is to steal the car of your dreams from a crowded parking lot, but you must first move all the cars that stand in your way! The full version of Jammed contains 600 unique puzzles, versus the previously available demo that only allowed you to play 30 puzzles.

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Euchre (A2600 Game)

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Erik Eid has released a Release Candidate version of his upcoming Atari 2600 card game Euchre. Changes in this version include bug fixes in the evaluation of the computer players’ hands, PAL color changes, and improvements in the computer’s gameplay. This release will become the final version unless more bugs are found before Friday, October 4th. You can download Euchre, read the documentation and browse the source code at Erik’s Euchre Development Page. You can also leave feedback for Erik at the Atari Age’s Atari 2600 Forum

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Robot City v0.21 (A2600 Game)

[Description taken from] Robot City is an 8K unreleased prototype on the Odyssey 2, and Thomas has thus far managed to squeeze it into 2K on the 2600. The premise of the game is very simple: You’re a helicopter in a maze filled with tanks trying to kill you. Of course, you must kill them first with your gun. But the tanks have a shield and can only be disabled when hit in the rear where they are unprotected. Development is continuing rapidly, and this latest version (0.21) has several new features over the earlier version we posted. Improvements and changes include:

Built-in maze generator
Wall density can be changed with left difficulty
Improved fuel display
Hitting tanks from the back is more tolerant
Larger tank missiles
Some minor bugfixes

Thomas is looking for feedback so he can improve the game as he continues to develop it, so please visit Atari Age’s Atari 2600 Forum where you can leave your comments.

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