Dingoo Linux (Dingux) News
PSX4ALL DX v1.0b (PSX emu for Dingoo Linux)

Polish developer StreaK has modified PSX4ALL-Dingoo and comes up with his own version. It features slight improvements in the User-Interface.


– Slightly redesigned UI
– Few small UI adjustments
– Adjusted default settings


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Open Syobon Action v1.0 (Beta) (Dingoo Linux Game)

Open Syobon Action is an open source version of Syobon Action. Syobon Action (also known as Cat Mario) is a 2D Japanese freeware video game notoriously known on the Internet for its extremely difficult levels.

Ported to Dingux by Poligrafowicz.


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Riot Tag-Team Coding Competition 2011 (misc)

The Riot Tag-Team Coding Competition has start and might be of interest for you if you own a Caanoo, Wiz, Pandora and/or Dingoo running Dingux. There is no limit to genre, but it has to be a game, new and original, so no ports or emulators. You have to submit by the end of 25th June 2011. For more information, visit the official page.


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Brickomania (07-02-2011) (Dingoo Linux Game)

Brickomania is Poligrafowicz‘s attempt to redo BrickShooter for Dingux.


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UAE4ALL (RC 3) (A500 emu for Dingoo Linux)

chui, mainly known from the Dreamcast-Scene, got a Dingoo handheld a while ago. As this is not enough he also gets active for the Dingoo and released another update of UAE4ALL. UAE4ALL is a very highly compatible Amiga 500 emulator and runs plenty of games almost flawless.


Frameskip between 0-1 without sound and 1-2 with sound.
Fast FAME Motorola 68000 core by Fox68k.
Savestates support.
Autoframeskip for real speed.
Dreamcast SD-Card support.
Mouse & Keyboard Dreamcast supported.
Virtual Keyboard with triggers L-R.
Joystick is emulated with digital pad + A,X buttons.
Mouse is emulated with analog pad + Y,B buttons.
Fast sound with 8 buffers synchronized.
Filemanager with subdirectories access.
Complete menu with ‘start’ button: load, throttle, frameskip, reset…
2 joysticks emulated.
Under PAL dreamcasts ask 60-50Hz selection.
Save disks changes to VMU.
Superthrottle mode for speed up intros and loading time.
SH4 exceptions catched for stability.
ADZ support (ADF floppy image gzip compressed)
2 floopy drives emulated.


– 30% speed increased: Sound and Video render improved.
– Savestates support: The length of a savestate file is 200-300KB, so SD-Card is needed.
– Dreamcast SD-Card support.
– New option menu for screen position.
– Uses latest FAME Motorola 68000 core: More stable, fast and accurate

Thanks to http://boards.dingoonity.org/dingoonity-news/uae4all-rc-3-3296/ for the news.


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The Clue (27-02-2011) (Dingoo Linux Game Port)

German developer “SiENcE” has ported “Der Clue” (in English: “The Clue”) to Dingux. The original game was developed by neo Software. Later on the game has been redone using SDL (see here: http://cosp.sourceforge.net/ ).

All you need to know about the game, can be found out at Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Clue!

German and English version are available.


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Anagramarama v0.1 (Dingoo Linux Game Port)

Anagramarama – a FREE word game for Linux, Windows and BeOS.

The aim is to find as many words as possible in the time available. Get the longest word and you’ll advance to the next level.

You must use SiENcE’s virtual mouse driver to select letters!


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Jump N Blob (04-01-2011) (Dingoo Linxu Game)

The island of Malis is in grave danger! The infamous Beast King and his army of monsters try to invade the peaceful homeland of the blobs, in order to reign the whole island. Those small, kind creatures are to be enslaved and most of them are unable to oppose their tormentors. However if YOU take the role of Blob, one will rise to defend their freedom.


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RockBot v0.1 (RC 1) (Dingoo Linux Game)

RockBot is supposed to become a multi-platform action game and borrows elements from Capcom’s Megaman.


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uZX v0.1 (Spectrum emu for Dingoo Linux)

uZX for Dingux is a Spectrum 48, 128, +2, +3 emulator. This emulator is based and or inspired on: fZX32, ASpectrum, GP2Xpectrum, FUSE + libspectrum.


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