Taco v2018.05.08 (WIP) (SNES Game)

Taco for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System / Super Famicom has more progress to show. A world map is now available.

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Bootee (Announcement 2) (NES Game)

Bootee is a brandnew Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) / Famicom game by The Mojon Twins! Watch the date: 15th May 2018! Three ingame shots were made public, here is one of them. If you want to see the other two, follow and check the link.

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Video: NES Programming #26 – We scrollin’, I’m loadin’ (NES misc)

Michael Chiaramonte shows us once again how to do some NES Programming.

NES Programming #26 - We scrollin', I'm loadin'


In this episode, I was working on getting tiles loaded from the metatiles into the nametable as we scrolled. We got that work mostly the way I wanted (only on a single metatile column, though) and ran into a strange problem where the status bar flickers every time we load another row. I tried to figure out the issue, but I had to leave it for now. I’ll research and pick it up on Thursday.

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Brilliant Pebbles (Commercial) (NES Game)

Brilliant Pebbles is a commercial NES / Famicom game by Retro Wonder Workers from 2017. Guide a ship through outer space while destroying flying rocks. Get hit by a rock and your ship blows apart! Challenge yourself or friends to earn the highest score! This game is inspired partly by the arcade game Asteroids. The game costs 34.99 USD.

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Tower Defense 1990 (Commercial) (NES Game)

Tower Defense 1990 is a new commercial NES / Famicom game by Retro Wonder Workers. It’s a castle defense game. Defend the peasants in your castle from hoards of approaching enemies. Build towers which shoot projectiles. Collect coins and gems, and upgrade the towers for even more firepower. Lose all your peasants and it’s game over!

Although the game seems still in development, a person on Twitter claimed to recieved his professional copy of the game. So it can’t take too much time to be ready available for everyone.

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The Retro League Podcast – Episode 435 – Winning Steaks (misc)

The Retro League Podcast features discussion about the latest retro gaming news, re-releases, community developments and reviews of our favorite games.

This week:

This week on The Retro League we tackle the hard questions like – does the world work like a Pac-Man maze or are some people just trolling for profit? Is Tomb Raider an all-time great game or overrated? Is this rumored Neo Geo Mini a good idea? And does a game designed for 6 year-olds hold up today? Listen to find out the answers to these questions and more.

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Intrepid Izzy v2018.05 (Commerical) (WIP) (Kickstarter) (DC Game)

Intrepid Izzy by Senile Team combines platforming, beat ’em up and adventure elements to create a unique experience with depth, character and above all, fun. Here comes the May 2018 development update:


Hello darlings!

It’s time for more good news!


First of all, we have received some preproduction samples of the Izzy figure, and they look great! Here’s a photo of the one that now adorns my desk. The figure is about 8 cm (3 inches) high including the base. The colours on this sample are accurate, but for the fiished product the glossy paints will be replaced with matte ones. But wait, there’s more! The figure comes in a lovely, custom-designed, windowed box.

Enemies and projectiles

I have recently made improvements to the enemy characters and all the nasty things they shoot, fling an spit at Izzy. About a dozen enemies have been completed now, each with their own unique behaviour. For exampe, this fungal foe can now go sub-terranian and dig his way to another random location.

The projectiles fired from his mouth are very straightforward, but thanks to the recent changes, projectiles can now be configured in many ways.

Yes, I know I’ve shown you the eye-tossing mummy before, but he has been improved since then. Also, here’s some previously unseen footage of him taking a beating.

Warmest regards,,

Roel van Mastbergen / Senile Team

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Achipato v1.03 (Android Game)

Achipato is a strategy game for Android by Yiotro. This game is adfree and has no ingame purchases! Build bases and train units. The follow up game is called Achikaps.

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Bleentoro v1.01a (Android Game)

Bleentoro is a puzzle game for Android by Yiotro. This game is adfree and has no ingame purchases!

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Achikaps v1.18m (Android Game)

Achikaps is an Android strategy game by Yiotro. This game is adfree!

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