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Bg123 (GP2x-F200 Game)

Eolppu released BG123, a game where you have to touch the numbers on the screen in order.

Thanks to who discovered this release.

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Pool Panic (07-09-2008) (GP2x Game)

Unfathomable Depths finished his Blast Billiards clone, Pool Panic.

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Alexkidd2x v0.6 Unofficial (Master System emu for GP2x)

Alexkidd2x by Puck2099’s is a Master System and Game Gear emulator for GP2x. This is an unofficial version.


This is an unofficial version of the emulator AlexKidd2X v.0.6 of Puck2099, modified with a hex editor for Nintiendo1 to this Spanish-Spain with an auto and also added a Nintiendo1.

If there has been no error in translation, must be equal to the original version of Puck2099 except for language.

To use it, extract the file. Zip and execution. Exe files on your PC and do what makes.

In this new version I have improved translation and the auto he added. If no errors, no longer get more customized versions of v.0.6.

Thanks to for the news.

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FBA2x v7.3 (Arcade emu for GP2x)

FBA2x is a port of Finalburn Alpha for the GP2X console. It is an arcade emulator for MC68000/Z80 based arcade games. It plays CPS-1, CPS-2, Cave, Toaplan, NeoGeo, and other arcade games.


o Replaced MAME’s Z80 core with CZ80 core. Games like Mazinger Z and Metamoqester are faster.
o Little optimizations in the generic tiles renderer
o Disabled kernel read ahead cache
o New supported games:
. * Cave:
– – – Power Instinct 2 (pwrinst2, pwrins2j) (cache required)
– – – Power Instinct Legends (plegends, plegendj) (cache required)
. * Tumble Pop hardware:
– – – Tumble Pop bootleg (tumbleb (bad sound), tumbleb2)
– – – Jump Kids (jumpkids)
– – – Metal Saver (metlsavr)
– – – Pang Pang (pangpang)
– – – Super Trio (suprtrio)
– – – Hatch Catch (htchctch)
– – – Cookie & Bibi (cookbib)
– – – Choky! Choky! (chokchok)
– – – Wonder League Star (wlstar)
– – – Wonder League ’96 (wondl96)
– – – Fancy World – Earth of Crisis (fncywld)
– – – SD Fighters (sdfight)
– – – B.C. Story (bcstry, bcstrya)
– – – SemiCom Baseball (semibase)
– – – Date Quiz Go Go (dquizgo)
– – – Jumping Pop (jumppop)
. * Ninja Gaiden hardware:
– – – Shadow Warriors (shadoww, shadowwa, gaiden, ryukendn, ryukenda)
– – – Tecmo Knight (wildfang, tknight)
– – – Raiga – Strato Fighter (stratof, raiga)
– – – Dragon Bowl (drgnbowl)
. * Unico:
– – – Burglar X (burglarx)
. * ESD16:
– – – Multi Champ (multchmp, multchmk)
– – – Multi Champ Deluxe (mchampdx, mchampda)
– – – Head Panic (hedpanic, hedpanif)
– – – Tang Tang (tangtang)
– – – SWAT Police (swatpolc)
o Fixed games:
– – Guwange (guwange)
– – Hyper Street Fighter 2: The Anniversary Edition (hsf2, hsf2j) (cache required)
– – Aero Fighters (aerofgt, aerofgtb)
– – Turbo Force (turbofrc)
– – Karate Blazers (karatblz)
– – Spinal Breakers (spinlbrk, spinlbru, spinlbrj)

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MAME4ALL GP2x v1.4 (Arcade emu for GP2x)

Franxis and team updated their MAME port for GP2x. MAME is a “multiple arcade machine emulator”.


Changes by Headoverheels:
– Fixed graphic priority in Xain’d Sleena.
– Added 7 new romset from MAME 0.37b7:
+ Batsugun Special Ver. (batugnsp)
+ Exerizer (Japan) (bootleg) (exerizrb)
+ Mahou Daisakusen (Japan) (mahoudai)
+ Pipi & Bibis / Whoopee (Japan) [bootleg ?] (pipibibi)
+ Shippu Mahou Daisakusen (Japan) (shippumd)
+ Sky Fox (skyfox)
+ Truxton II / Tatsujin II / Tatsujin Oh (Japan) (tatsujn2)

Changes by Slaanesh:
Use Cyclone for M68010 as well as M68000 CPUs.
This gives a good speed up for games such as Gauntlet, Marble Madness and other Atari games.

Changes by Franxis:
Raiden CPU frequency fixed (reduced from 20 to 10 MHz). Still very slow.

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Monaco GP2x v1.0.3 (GP2x Game)

“Monaco GP2X” is a classic 2D retro by design top down racer inspired by many retro racing games on the Commodore 64 and Arcade formats.


Full fix on AI running off road when motorway driving. Fix migrated from Xbox 360 version… L Trigger/F Key toggles debug output…

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Abuse GP2x v1.00 (GP2x Game Port)

Abuse has been ported to GP2x by Senor Quack (Dan Silsby).

Abuse is a famous side-scrolling run and gun game originally released for DOS and Linux in 1996. It features beautiful pixel art, lighting effects, many weapons, and is a real challenge even on normal difficulty.,0,0,0,35,2677

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Fleshchasmer I – The Eve v1.25 (GP2x Game)

Quasist updated his neat 3D adventure game FleshChasmer I.


-NPC Shadows
-Water Splashes
-Burning floor damage sprite
-Dynamic Interlace Setting

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JTAG NAND Blanker v1.0 (GP2x Application)

Load and execute this binary at 0x00080000 in RAM. It will force a complete blank of the NAND (even the bad block markers).

Other notes:

There is no way of telling if it has worked or even loaded sadly, so you just have to check PC and see where it has ended up. Leave about 10-20 seconds for it to work before halting and checking the register values.,0,0,0,42,2674

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GP2x-Write v1.1.0 (GP2x Application)

Here a new version of GP2x-Write the text editor for GP2x.


– Add word wrap mode !
– New built in fonts with various size (8×10, 8×14, 8×16 and 16×22)
– New option to specify wrap settings
– New hotkey to display help menu
– New hotkey to rewrap a paragraph
– A new menu for all settings
– Minor bug fix

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