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JoyTest (31-12-2005) (GP2x misc)

This small application lets you test different joystic configurations suggested by DaveC. Use Start to exit.,0,0,0,8,1094

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Stella v2.0.1 (A2600 emu for GP2x)

The GP2x now has a nice Atari 2600 emulator. It’s an port of Stella by Alex Zaballa. Release notes:

Rough GP2X Implementation of the popular Stella emulator. Sound is not working but you can enjoy save state capability and smooth gameplay. I plan to fix the sound and the loader as soon as possible. But to give you an idea of what I’ve been doing here is my first release of Stella for the GP2X. Enjoy.,0,0,0,5,1090

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MAME GP2x v1.2 (Arcade emu for GP2x)

Franix has done it again! The GP2x MAME port has been improved and supports more games now. The official page is down, please get the release from in the meantime!,0,0,0,5,1058

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Unify (GP2x Application)

Unify is a Filemanager for the GP2x written by SirDzstic.,0,0,0,7,1091

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Exult (Beta 3) (GP2x misc)

Exult is an interpretor for Ultima 7 running on the GP2x. Keen on Ultima 7? Go and get it! 🙂,0,0,0,20,1044

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Mandelbrot v0.2 (GP2x Techdemo)

Here is a classic one – a mandelbrot fractal. This one is created by jix.,0,0,0,8,1088

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