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Open2x Dr4 (WIP) (GP2x misc)

Open2x is an umbrella project to bring open source, community friendly, solutions to the GP2X Linux handheld system. The project consists of a number of complementing sub-projects that work together to deliver things such as the Open2x toolchains, kernel and firmware.

Release notes:

All my enthusiasm has been sapped at the moment due to various changes in the scene, so I am going to throw this out there in the hope that I will get interested again. I’m not sure that many people on here now have even seen a GP2X/GP32 though.

F100 only for now, if (and only if) I see enough interest will I compile the kernel for F200 (I have tested it on an F200, but only messing around with quick kernel builds and much faffing).

Known issues (there are probably more, but I can’t think of any off the top of my head right now):
– Built in music player stutters on MP3s (recommend: install your own on SD).
– Built in video player menu gets a bit messed up after quitting a video (not actually seen this myself but enough people have said so that I believe it).
– Compatibility is pretty damn good, but not everything works. – Try compat, failing that, sorry. I have worked around many, many application specific problems and to be frank, it is boring. If you can nail down the problem precisely, tell me and I will see what can be done about it however. Also, have a look here.
– Very occasionally the sound patches mess up and get locked with no sound. Try pressing X on GMenu2x and watch the icon in the bottom right change.

– Built in GMenu2x
– Faster boot time
– Can have forced sound scaling/muting.
– Safe to install
– Can be installed from all firmwares
– Can revert to GPH firmware with no ill effects
– No need to reflash the bootloader
– Dynamic linking now possible
– Up to date libraries
– kexec syscall in the kernel
– Many, many more! If you discover something I forgot, let me know.

If anybody wishes to help, please come in our IRC channel, #open2x on FreeNode. We don’t just need help from kernel people. Libraries, built in apps, user/developer guides, any extra odds and ends you feel might be useful to somebody all need to be worked on!

Thanks to Orkie himself for the news!

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Gianas Return WIP (26-11-2008) (GP2x Game)

According to the Giana’s Return Team the first public version will be thrown out for GP2x.

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Sexy Battle WIP (GP2x Game)

Kiwiz released a preview of his work in progress adult game Sexy Battle.

This is a two player only game where the left player has to push the left trigger as often as possible and the right player the right trigger. This is a perfect game to hurt your fingers and damage your GP2x. Good luck!

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PocketSNES v6.4.5 (SNES emu for GP2x)

headoverheels has updated PocketSNES for GP2x.


– Fixed: background graphics bugs in Dragon Ball Z Super Butoden 2
– Fixed: bad sound in Actraiser.
– Fixed: error loading default rom directory.
– Fixed: bug in compressed savestate loading.
– Fixed: Sound issues in firmwares < 4.0. - Optimizations in c4 emulation code.

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Makiwari v1.00 (GP2x Game)

Alpha Secret Base has released a brandnew game which works on Windows and GP2x.

You are a lumberjack and goal is to chop limbs. The graphics don’t look too entertaining, but the game is good enough to spend a while with it.

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Fleshchasmer I – The Eve v1.32c (GP2x Game)

Quasist updated his neat 3D adventure game FleshChasmer I.


+ Enchanced dynamic camera
+ Minor grammar grammarization,0,0,0,32,2708

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Albion (Beta 3) (GP2x Game)

M-HT released an update to his Albion remake for GP2x. Datafiles from the original Albion game (v1.38) are still required and do not come with the download package.


– bug fixes, bug fixes and more bug fixes
– minor optimizations
– internal changes

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PocketSNES v6.4.4 (SNES emu for GP2x)

headoverheels and Reesy have updated PocketSNES for GP2x.


Changes by Reesy
– Zipped save states
– Rom Browser code tidied, you can now set the default directory from inside the rom browser. The rom browser now also tells you the current directory.

Changes by headoverheels
– Fixed some bugs in layer priority (super ghouls’n ghosts level 4 for example)
– Optimizations in tile rendering code, ppu emulation, …
– Changes in volume control to be more usable with headphones in firmware 4.0.0 and louder with firmware 4.1.1
– Fixed: some games do not work if you don’t restart the emulator
– Menu now sets cpu clock to 66 mhz to save battery,0,0,0,71,2043

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MAME4ALL GP2x v1.5 (Arcade emu for GP2x)

Franxis and team updated their MAME port for GP2x. MAME is a “multiple arcade machine emulator”.


Changes by Franxis:
– Several optimizations in the FM cores and the sound mixer.
– Jarek YM2151 core replaced by Tatsuyuki’s one (less accurate but faster).
– Maximum frameskip in auto mode set to 7 (to be able to play correctly the heaviest games).
– Fixed crashes using Sync Off option (manual frameskip without speed limiter).

Changes by Slaanesh:
– New Deniam games added (MAME 0.37b6):
Logic Pro (logicpro)
Logic Pro 2 (Japan) (logicpr2)
Karian Cross (karianx)

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Timeless (GP2x Demo Port)

Marq has picked up the demo Timeless by Tran ( ) and ported it over to PSP, GP2x and Dreamcast.

This release is about two months old but has been spotted right now to make its way to the main page, where it should get it’s deserved attention.

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