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POV-Ray2x v3.6 (GP2x Application)

Grz released POV-Ray2x, it’s a port of POV-Ray (Persistence of Vision Raytracer) for GP2x.


– All POV-Ray features except TIFF images support.
– Custom real-time rendering (by lines or mosaic) preview for GP2X, built with minimal library from rlyeh.
– Rendering stats.,0,0,0,4,2706

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Nelumbo Source Code (GP2x Game)

sol_hsa released the source code of his racing game Nelumbo.


Since this project has officially stalled, I’m posting the source code (as is), so if someone wants to pick it up and poke at it, they got no objection from me. I might continue this project at some point, but no promises.

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Race (09-11-2008) (NGPC emu for GP2x)

Hooka has updated RACE!, it’s a Neo Geo Pocket (NGP) and Neo Geo Pocket Color (NGPC) emulator for multiple platforms such as the GP2x.

Release notes:

Just thought I’d let this go into the wild. I released a new version of RACE! here! Haven’t quite gotten save states working yet, but cart saves should be saved more frequently now Also added usb joystick support, although it is very crude and just hardmaps the buttons atm :S Work still needs to be done to get save states working then add a menu, but atleast I’ve been making progress. It comes with selector, but I’d recommend ditching it and using gmenu2x and it’s built-in selector with the race binary (no extension) as this allows tv-out to work properly

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Gianas Return WIP (02-11-2008) (GP2x misc)

The Giana’s Return team is back with another bunch of work in progress news. Basically the RELEASE DATE has been settled for 29th or 30th December 2008, but the team is unsure if there should be a first release of the GP2x or the PSP version. This is of course now a question of demand! Head over and tell the guys what you want to see first, it’s in your hand!


Okay, here we go again for another status update.

Our main musician Alexander Oldemeier (op3rator) moved over to the UK and is limited in time now, also he does not have any internet at home yet, which makes communication quite difficult. As result of his lack of time he now has support from David Wuttke (am-fm). Both will be finalizing the music the next days. Don’t worry about style differences, there are almost none 🙂 op3rator and am-fm both create excellent chipmusic tracks.

The graphics are comming along, we managed to put Adam Karol (Wizard) back in charge, who already drew the marvellous boss graphics – which everyone of you can enjoy once you manage to reach the end of each of the seven worlds.

While the final graphics are in progress, the level design is put on hold, but this is just a minor part which is done in one or two weekends.

Our coder, who will still stay unnamed for now, is a bit busy at his regular job, but he is motivated to keep on working while having deadline stress.

The coding of the first two bosses are 100% done and approved by our beta tester Mulle. The next three ones are close of beeing completed and will await our beta tester then.

As you can see everything is going smooth… so we look forward to have a release at 29th or 30th December 2008 .

Currently we are negotiating if we should release for GP2x or PSP first, but that will probably depend on the demand.

After the v0.99 version has been released, we will rely on YOU, the user, to send us bug reports. Once the game is considered as beeing fine and bugfree, we start to port over to other systems such as Dreamcast, Pandora, Wiz and whatever other platforms we can get our hands on.

At the end of November we will send another test version for verification to the guy we all love and who holds the copyright on the trademark name “The Great Giana Sisters” for pre approval. After all he should see everything before anyone else.

Well lets start the big flamewar now… GP2x or PSP?

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PocketSNES (31-10-2008) (SNES emu for GP2x)

headoverheels released a beta version of pocketsnes with some fixes and optimizations.


Lately I’ve been making some changes to the code pocketsnes. I have incorporated some corrections of the newer snes9x (the super g’n’g is now fully playable) and some optimizations in the code of painted tiles, PPU, and so on. The fact is that I have tried some games and everything seems to work well and earn some frames

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MiPDF v1.0 (RC 2) (GP2x Application)

PDF viewer based on MuPDF library, way faster than PDFView.


– Reduced batteries consumption when being idle, because the application no longer does busy waiting for events.
– Slightly faster zooming, since I removed a redundant page reload that was only needed when changing pages.
– Zooming now recalls the position on text it was displaying, so it doesn’t return to the upper left corner of the page after each zoom change.,0,0,0,4,2593

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Cosmo2x v0.1 (GP2x Game)

Radzh released a demo of his puzzle game Cosmo2x.

Release notes:

Space adventure puzzle for the brilliant GP2X handheld. Well, it’s techno-demo actually. Survival mode only, no weapons, two different kinds of monsters, one kind of mines only. Unlimited undo, stylus or joystick input. Kill ’em all before ’em kill you. Save the Earth kinda.,0,0,0,25,2701

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Reader2x (Beta) (GP2x Application)

!reader2x is a program to read ebooks in TXT, RTF, HTM, PDB (palmdoc) and PDF documents.

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Basilisk II (27-10-2008) (68k Mac emu for GP2x)

Basilisk II is an Open Source 68k Macintosh emulator. That is, it allows you to run 68k MacOS software.

Release notes:

Hi recompiled BasiliskII for open 2x. Here’s one for f200 using Senorquack’s updated static libs. Touchscreen works if you install homebrew enabler. Feedback and suggestions would be very much appreciated.

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Epic Rocks v1.01 (GP2x Game)

Epic Rocks is a classic arcade game where you have to survive in an asteroid field for as long as possible. The game is only about getting the highest score and is designed for quick, fast gameplay. There are six different levels with various hazards to avoid, four different ships to command and a bunch of special weapons to utilize, including the devestating Beam Saber and the experimental Gravity Mine. Also included are a lot of flashy special effects and pumping music.

Download and discussion:

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