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Fenix (Beta 1) (GP2x misc)

Fenix has been ported to the GP2x by puck2099. Thanks to GP32Spain/GP32x for the news.

Release notes:

The runtime and a few examples included.Now you can code games using Fenix!,0,0,0,14,1119

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GP2X-F100 Firmware v1.2.0 (GP2x Firmware)

Gamepark Holdings have updated the GP2x Firmware to v1.2.0.

Changes according to Gaijin:

  • Improved photo viewer (comic-view mode included)
  • smi subtitle file bug fixed (Font color and Font Face)
  • 4way menu navigation
  • After bottom-most file, it automatically roll-up the upper-most one.
  • Switch the position of SD and NAND menu
  • Improved TV Out. Support both NTSC and PAL. All movie and emulator can use TV out function. (You need to compile your program WITH OFFICIAL SDL from GPH or screen may corrupt)

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    GP2Xengine v1.2 Beta (PCE emu for GP2x)

    Hermes released another update to his PC Engine emulator for the GP2x.

    There is no english changelog yet so here is the spanish one:

  • Soporte de roms, isos y tocs (fichero de texto descriptivo, con pistas de audio e iso)
  • Soporte de formato WAV para audio a 8 o 16 bits, 44100 o 22050 Hz y sonido STEREO
  • Copia de resguardo automatico de WRAM en caso de que alg?ego haga uso de ella
  • Soporte para salvar el estado (.sav) completo de un juego, incluidas ISOS . Utiliza compresion BZIP2 para reduccion de datos.
  • Posibilidad de cargar un juego desde su save state
  • Posibilidad de configurar los botones A,B,X,Y,L,R como I o II con o sin Autofire. Tambien se puede asignar un boton para hacer fotos.
  • Modo foto que permite hacer capturas en cualquier instante del juego en formato BMP de 8 bits
  • Escalado por hardware y posiblilidad de invertir la pantalla (el control direccional se invierte automaticamente)
  • A??da Pantalla de configuraci??ue permite hacer algunos de los ajustes mencionados arriba, as?omo seleccionar frecuencia del procesador (desde 150 a 266 ) o ajustar niveles de ‘brillo’ (trucando la paleta de colores)
  • Si se sale a la pantalla de seleccion de roms, se puede volver al juego pulsando el boton B

    Here is an unpolished plain bablefish translation:

  • Support of roms, isos and tocs (descriptive text file, with tracks of audio and iso)
  • Support of format WAV for audio to 8 or 16 bits, 44100 or 22050 Hertz and sound STEREO
  • automatico Copy of defense of WRAM in case that some game makes use of her
  • Support to save the state (sav) complete of a game, including ISOS. It uses compression BZIP2 for reduccion of data.
  • Possibility of loading a game from his save state
  • Possibility of forming the bellboys To, b, x, and, l, r like I or II with or without Autofire. Also a button can be assigned tomake photos.
  • Way photo that allows to make captures at any moment of the game in format BMP of 8 bits – Scaled by hardware and posiblilidad to invest the screen (the directional control is reversed automaticamente)
  • Added Screen of configuration that allows to above do some of the mentioned adjustments, as well as to select frequency of the processor (from 150 to 266) or to fit levels of ‘ it shone (pocketing a ball the trowel of colors) – If one leaves to the selection screen roms, it is possible to be returned to the game pressing button B

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    ThreeTs v0.1 (GP2x Game)

    Stefan Lange-Hegermann has released the first Tic Tac Toe game for the GP2x.

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    fGrabber (GP2x Application)

    fGrabber is a frontend for the screenshot capture program “fGrab”.,0,0,0,8,1115

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    Snake2x v1.0 (GP2x Game)

    schan presents us the first Snake game for the GP2x.,0,0,0,27,1111

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    Vectoroids2x (GP2x Game Port)

    This is an Astoroid like game for the GP2x ported by IceOnly.,0,0,0,30,1110

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    Selector v0.5b (GP2x Application)

    Selector is a general frontend to pass files to an executable with parameteres.,0,0,0,7,1038

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    Noiz2sa v1 (GP2x Game Port)

    The abstract shooter Noiz2sa has been ported to the GP2x. The codebase is based upon Chui’s Dreamcast port.,0,0,0,30,1106

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    Exult (Beta 4) (GP2x misc)

    Exult is a port of an engine which allows you to play Ultima 7 on your GP2x.


  • Fixed graphic problem that caused screen corruptions (thanks to Willem Jan Palenstijn member of the Exult Team), now it looks perfect 🙂
  • Fixed bug that didn’t permit start Serpent Isle (you have to turn off introductions in main menu to play it).
  • Added sound support for Sound Effects.
  • Added the possibility to write some characters using X and Y buttons in save game dialog (now you can save the progress in different slots instead to use quicksave).
  • Remplaced absolute paths by relative paths in configuration file (now you can copy Exult folder in ANY place of your SD, not only in the root).
  • Added L+Joystick shortcut to move mouse cursor much slower (useful to use very small objects like keys, rings…).
  • Added L+A shortcut to try all the keys availables in a closed door or chest(in this way you don’t need to look for and try all the keys one by one).
  • If you push CLICK Joystick’s button you will get a dialog showing all button shortcuts.

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