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Snake2x v1.1 (GP2x Game)

schan has updated his Snake game for the GP2x. The sources are available too.

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Phamicom GP2X v0.1 (NES emu for GP2x)

Phamicom has been released by Madelman, it is a Nintendo NES emulator for the GP2x.

Release notes:

The speed is not perfect yet, but this is only the inital port, so I am pretty confident full speed can be achieved easily in future versions.

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Cygne GP2X v0.1 (WS/C emu for GP2x)

Madelman has released a port of Cygne, a Bandai Wonderswan emulator, for the GP2x. Thanks to GP32Spain for the news.

Release notes:

  • Really slow
  • Sound doesn’t work
  • Second stick not implemented yet

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    Manticore GP2x v0.02 (GP2x Game)

    Manticore is a simple logic-based puzzle game; slide the bricks around, where matching bricks contact each other are removed from play. Clear the level to move to the next level.,0,0,0,25,1125

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    Openglad2X v1.0 (GP2x Game Port)

    Nickspoon released a port of Openglad for the GP2x.

    Openglad2X is a port of Openglad (, an SDL remake of gladiator. It plays fullspeed with sound. All controls are detailed in the README file, as is help with installation.,0,0,0,26,1124

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    Xump2x Beta 2 (GP2x Game)

    Psilocybindev released a second beta of their puzzle game Xump for the GP2x.


  • improved joystick handling
  • xump is full playable
  • no music

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    GP2xmess v0.4 pre alpha (MESS emu for GP2x)

    Telengard has released a pre alpha version of his MESS port (Multi Emulator Super System). It is based on xmess 0.102.

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    Selector v0.6b (GP2x Application)

    Selector is a general frontend to pass files to an executable with parameteres.


  • Changed control system. L and R are used now to navigate faster, and command line selection has been moved to B and X. Rest of controls remain unchanged.
  • Skin drawing code changed to use minimal lib 0.B, so now they look better.
  • CPU speed reduced to the limit (60Mhz).
  • New optional configuration parameter for a different layout that allows using skin backgrounds similar to those of NK’s emulators
  • More examples, a little better documented, new skins, and skin templates.

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    Legacy IBM PC Emulator (Preview) (IBM Legacy emu for GP2x)

    Legacy is an open source emulator of the 8086-based IBM PC architecture, developed in C++. It is designed to recreate the experience of playing early 80’s IBM PC “bootable” games.

    This is a preview version of Legacy and subject to the following constraints:

  • No sound
  • Inaccurate running speed
  • Graphical glitches, game freezes and other emulation problems

    This edition of Legacy supports the following bootable games:

  • Attack on Altair
  • Digger
  • Moon Bugs
  • Rollo&the Brush Bros.
  • Styx
  • The Exterminator

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    Tetwins (06-01-2006) (GP2x Game)

    PotA has released a two player Tetris game for the GP2x.,0,0,0,25,1120

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