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Allegro v0.3 (GP2x misc)

Allegro is mainly a game developing library, which can be very useful for coders as it will save lots of work. It is now available in version 0.3 and can be downloaded from the GP2x File Archive.,0,0,0,19,1108

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The GP2x finaly has made it on slashdot. It’s just a very tiny article but you can jump in and read the dozens of comments.

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BastardShell v0.01 (GP2x Application)

noskill has released a shell/file launer for the GP2x.

Release notes:

A minimalistic game launcher. It searches, you launch. Easy as that. As said in the readme: code: horrible fixes: tomorrow

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GNGNeo2x v0.6.6 (NeoGeo emu for GP2x)

GNGNeo is a port of GNGeo, a NeoGeo emulator. Peopone has ported this piece of work. It runs very well but does not support larger roms nor sound yet.,0,0,0,5,1098

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Nebulus GP2x (01-01-2006) (GP2x Game Port)

Gouky has released a port of Nebulus to the GP2x. This version is based on the sources of Foxy’s GBA remake. The port is still in development and does not have sound or music yet. This is planed in one of the next releases.

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FlashPlay v0.2 Beta (GP2x Application)

FlashPlay is an application for the GP2x allowing you to play flash files on your GP2x. Author of this program is nickspoon.,0,0,0,8,1083

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TTD2x v0.50 (GP2x Game Port)

ZodTTD has updated his”Open Transport Tycoon Deluxe”port.,0,0,0,29,1097

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Memory2x v1.0 (GP2x Game)

Guyfawkes finaly released his Memory2x after a short beta testing phase. The aim of this game is classic and easy as well. There are a bunch of covered pairs and you have to catch 2 identical ones.,0,0,0,25,1096

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Unify v0.6.0 (GP2x Application)

Unify is a file manager for the GP2x. This version has slightly different key commands.,0,0,0,7,1091

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Stella v2.0.1 (03-01-2006) (A2600 emu for GP2x)

Alex Zaballa has updated his port of Stella, an Atari 2600 emulator for the GP2x.,0,0,0,5,1090

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