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RiverCrossingDS v0.30 (NDS Game)

RiverCrossingDS is a game by MangledLftThumb where you have to cross a river. It’s a puzzle game and had it’s last update yesterday.

[March 17, 2007] – v0.26
Fixed issue w/ puzzle #22.
Removed call to PA_SpriteTouched (which was having problems on the DblSized sprites) and created my own function (as per Mollusk’s suggestion).

[March 17, 2007] – v0.30
A few more puzzles.
Fixed minor issues w/ new Touched() function

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Phidias (17-03-2007) (NDS Application)

Phidias is a drawing program for Nintendo DS with DLDI supported. It saves images at Windows Bitmap file.

New stuff in this version:
-Support different resolutions
-Loading and editing saved images (can not load images with too big resolution)
-Zooming with A/B-buttons
-scrolling with D-Pad
-Reset view with START
-Eyedropper tool
-Paint Bucket/Flood Fill tool
-Tools size is now on X/Y-buttons because D-Pad is used for scrolling
-Clear renamed to “New” and it now fills the image with white instead of selected color
-Undo is now also in SELECT-button
-Tools work much faster now but they might seem slower when using the biggest resolution

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Comic Book DS v2.1 (NDS Application)

Comic Book DS is a program making it possible to read your Comic Books on your Nintendo DS. It can be also used as a photo or image based documents viewer.

2.1 (16/03/2007):
BugFix PC: Image size settings are now correctly used and saved.
BugFix PC: Sometimes, the image was not correctly resized.
BugFix PC: Better error handling, using popups to display error messages.
BugFix PC: Detect when a .zip (.cbz) file is not a .rar (.cbr) file.
New PC: Drag N’ Drop support for file and folder addition.
New PC: ‘Open output folder’ item added in menu.
New PC: When the ComicBook name is changed, the output filename is changed accordingly.
BugFix DS: The images are now fully displayed. (there are no missing right and bottom parts of some images anymore).
BugFix DS: Memory regression problems solved, causing even small images to be partially displayed (the ‘image too big’ message display)
BugFix DS: Stylus Jumping effect is highly reduced.
BugFix DS: Program shouldn’t freeze anymore when quickly switching from one book to another.
BugFix DS: More than 300 pages per Book can be browsed. (however, the display will be quite slow)
New DS: Thumbnails of the Library screen are loaded in background and they remain visible when switching between Library and Thumbnails modes.
New DS: A popup is displayed when an error is found on the filesystem. (causing some .cbds files not to be found)

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Marshmallow Duel DS v2 (NDS Game)

Marshmallow Duel DS is a complete rewrite and evolution of the original Marshmallow Duel, designed for the Nintendo DS console. It is a 2 player deathmatch game of luck and skill where each player tries to knock their opponent into the deadly marshmallow pit or destroy them with one of the 18 weapons that randomly spawn in the map.

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Nitro Hax v0.6 (NDS Application)

Nitro Hax is a homebrew Action Replay DS clone.

Release note from chishm:
New version 0.6 is available. Uses AR XML files instead of plain text codes now. Also features a GUI. Read the readme for more information.

His homepage is located here:

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Fall Down DS v1.1 (NDS Game)

This game is based on the classic TI-Calculator game, Fall Down. It is able to work on Max Media Dock and DSEmuME.

Gameplay: Move the ball with the stylus. Try to fall through the openings in the bars of blocks.

Note from the author:
UPDATE: I’ve fixed the bug with restarting. All you need to do is hit start when you lose. Also with version 1.1 I have changed the top screen so that it looks a little nicer.,3891.0.html

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DSOrganize v2.6 (NDS Application)

DSOrganize is meant as a homebrew organizer application for the Nintendo DS that should have come built in in the first place. It is by no means comparible to a full-fledged organizer such as a palm, and it is not planned to become an operating system, video player, or anything similar.

DSOrganize 2.6 Out!

Hello everyone! A new DSOrganize is out and is available at Important features in this release include support for flac, sid, nsf, and spc audio formats, fixes for the html renderer to render pages much larger in size, an updated wifi library for DSLite compatibility, and customizable colors throughout DSOrganize! That’s right, all that clamoring for a customizable interface has been answered….sort of. Read up about details on the DSOrganize homepage listed above.

Just another reminder that noone has found the easter egg yet. The clue last release was that it had something to do with the sound.dat file. Another clue is that it has nothing to do with the Sound Screen itself, and visiting said screen will reset the easter egg for that boot session. Happy searching, and if you find it, let me know!

I’d like to take this space to call out MaxConsole, which missed the 2.5 release of DSOrganize completely, but hasn’t failed to regurgitate their DS-X review on a monthly basis. Way to go, second release that you missed! How about releasing some actual news once in awhile instead of links to photoshopped pictures of spoofs. To the rest of the crowd, enjoy this release, and if you find bugs, let me know ASAP as I want to put out a maintenence release at the beginning of next week if anything comes up, before starting the next round of feature implementations.

~Toodles :3

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Fall Down DS v1.01 (NDS Game)

This game is based on the classic TI-Calculator game, Fall Down. It is able to work on Max Media Dock and DSEmuME.

Gameplay: Move the ball with the stylus. Try to fall through the openings in the bars of blocks.,3891.0.html

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DSLearnJ v0.5 (NDS misc)

DSLearnJ is a homebrew application for the Nintendo DS that helps you to learn Japanese Kanji easier.

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DSPad v0.2 (NDS Application)

This program aims to act like a wireless gamepad and has been coded by Cedric.

Version 0.2
Settings Gui, no need to edit xml file
Animated menus, just for fun (gartoon icons)
Automatic backlight shutdown after à choosen time
Touch screen work as an analog stick with one or more DSes at the same time
Turbo keys!
ds2key 0.6 compatibility mode (keys + touch screen)
Open Source!
[Server] : xml config too.

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