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Trucha Signer v0.21 (Wii Application misc)

Trucha Signer is a tool that let us extract and replace files withing a disc and after that insert a “Trucha Signature” to be autenticathed by the Wii.


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Wiiuse v0.11 (Wii misc)

Wiiuse is a library written in C that connects with several Nintendo Wii remotes. Supports motion sensing, IR tracking, nunchuk, classic controller, and the Guitar Hero 3 controller. Single threaded and nonblocking makes a light weight and clean API.


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GC-Linux (Wii Application)

The GC-Linux team managed to run Linux in Wii mode – a proof of concept has been released.

Instead of writing dozens of lines, just head to the original source and enjoy.


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Wii Mode MP3 Player (Wii Application)


Wii Mode MP3 Player by emu_kidid.

Built using libogc cvs for wii mode via the zelda tp exploit.

These are instrutions on how to setup your SD card to have both this .elf and
mp3’s on the same SD card.

1. Format your SD card.
2. Extract and copy the file called padding to your SD card
3. Use dd or writeelf (for windows) to copy MP3PLAY.elf to (physical)sector 2048
4. On the SD card, create a DIR called MP3 in root and place all your .mp3’s in here
(4096 is the limit of files allowed) and no subdirs allowed.
5. Run the exploit on zelda and enjoy.

Using MP3PLAY:
Press Left and right to find mp3’s, once you’ve found the mp3 you want, press A to
play it, once playing, there’s instructions on how to go back/next song. Also press
Y whilst browsing mp3’s to return to the exploit. (You may also swap sd cards at
the menu of the mp3 player but only before going to the exploit)

(c) emu_kidid ’08

credits to Team Twiizers (tmbinc, segher, bushing) without whom this would’ve
never been possible!

Thanks to http://www.wiibrew.org for the news.


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EasyIOS v0.1.2 (Wii Application)

This app is for browsing the device tree, and trying out quick IOS commands w/out doing builds.


+Fixed bug causing crash related to overrunning the log
+Added easy to use Byte (binary mode) adding interface
+Fixed debug messages going to log. (More useful/detailed)
+Speed improvements related to allocating memory
+Fixed padding of bytes so output is easier to read
+Added build flags so EasyIOS can build under cygwin, linux or osx
+Added new devices based on changes on the IOS wiki


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Twilight Hack v0.1 (Alpha 2) (Wii Application)

Team Twiizers released an update to their Wii homebrew loader/exploit.

How to install:

Extract the zip archive into any folder.

Backup your old Zelda save if you want to, by copying data.bin out of *SD Card*/private/wii/title/RZDP or *SD Card*/private/wii/title/RZDE and into another folder.
If you have a PAL Zelda game (identified by the code “RVL-RZDP-0A-0 JPN” around the inside on the shiny side of the disc), copy the file rzdp.bin (from the zip archive you extracted) into *SD Card*/private/wii/title/RZDP/data.bin.

If you have an NTSC later revision Zelda game (identified by the code “RVL-RZDE-0A-2 USA” around the inside on the shiny side of the disc), copy the file rzde2.bin (from the zip archive you extracted) into *SD Card*/private/wii/title/RZDE/data.bin.

If you have any other NTSC revision Zelda game (usually identified by any other code involving the letters “RZDE” around the inside on the shiny side of the disc), copy the file rzde.bin (from the zip archive you extracted) into *SD Card*/private/wii/title/RZDE/data.bin.

Now, put the SD card and Zelda into your Wii and turn it on. Go into Wii Options –> Data Management –> Save Data –> Wii. Find your Zelda save, click on it, and click “Erase”, and click Yes. Now, go into SD card, and select the “Twilight Hack” save (the icon says “Wiibrew Loader”). Click copy, and yes. Now, go back out of that menu and start the game. Select the first save file (called Twilight Hack), complete the brightness setting, and talk to the man in front of you. What will later be the ELF loader will load.

If you are a PAL user and are experiencing a line of text lost off the bottom, try changing your TV type under Wii options –> Wii settings –> screen to 576i (50hz). Please could PAL users add a post to the right section to say whether they had this problem or not with non-576i settings, as I would like to know if everyone has this problem or if it’s just my TV.


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Tetris (Wii Game)

Christian Auby aka Desktopman released a homebrew Tetris game for Nintendo’s Wii console. For the download check out the linked page below, if you are more likly interested in a video then you might be right here: http://www.auby.no/files/wii/tetris.wmv

Thanks to brakken for the news and the screenshot! – http://www.tehskeen.com


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Twilight Hack v0.1 (Alpha 1) (Wii Application)

Seems Bushing, Tmbinc and Segher did it! The Wii is finally exploited.

As I (Kojote) know tmbinc from various demoparties in the past and he is really a talented guy, there is no doubt about it now… The Wii has been exploited!

Check the video: http://youtube.com/watch?v=zaRhyEUOk44


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Wii-GC Raw Image Dumper v0.05 (Wii misc)

A new version of the first Dual Layer ISO image dumper that has been verified to work for the Nintendo Wii has been released ( http://nekokabu.s7.xrea.com/blog/2008/02/post_34.html ). Using Wii/GC Raw Image Dumper Ver.0.05 you can dump the “second” layer of dual layer Nintendo Wii discs and with a little work join them with the first layer to produce a working backup.

Thanks to brakken / http://www.tehskeen.com for the news.


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Its all about money – Wiili.org (Wii misc)

Here is another brandnew article from brakken:

Wiili.org is generally known for its attempt to gain the public’s interest in getting Linux up and running on the Nintendo Wii. They have been featured on many mainstream news site and social media sites including Digg.com. What isn’t known and should be is the fact that they site administrator is copying its content from Wiibrew.org and there is turmoil going down surrounding the situation. To sum it up – Wiili.org is feeding off of others people work for profit.

[Read the rest at it’s release page]

Not only the Wii scene is affected by such people, but I suppose generating lots of profit with others free work is a common thing in the homebrew scene. Sadly.


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