GBA Game Review: TetXis Advance by Sergej Kravcenko (GBA misc)

Another Steveola review for Pocket-Emu. This time”Tet*is Advance”.

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Sokoban v1.0 (GP32 Game)

In the silence of the night “clem” updated his page with version 1.0 of his sokoban game. This version has a few bugfixes. Thanks to clem himself for the news.

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GBA Game Review: Bust A Move GBA by Russ Prince (GBA misc)

Another Steveola review for Pocket-Emu. This time”Bust A Move GBA by Russ Prince”.

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GBA Game Review: Thurst by Matthew R. Partridge (GBA misc)

Steveola reviewed the homebrewn GBA game”Thurst”by Matthew R. Partridge for Pocketman of Pocket-Emu (the page has similar content than PDroms). You can read the review at:

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2 Bits Ball Wall (GBA game)

News taken from

You may kinda recognise 2BitsBallWall as its predecessor 1BitsBallWall was entered originally in last years 4K GBA compo by JustBurn. This version released today was made in July 2002 but he forgot to release it 🙂 It now features 60 levels, password support and 4 colors per tile instead of 2 colors 🙂

You can get the download from GBAemu.

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Something personal (misc)

Kia’ ora!

As some of you might already know, i’m in New Zealand since 2 weeks as an exchange student for half a year, so i think i won’t have much time for improving Jep, just wanted to tell ya this 🙂

And now something for the people living in NZ:
If you wanna get in touch with an Austrian student, just write me an email (pancid at pdroms dot de). I’m living next to Auckland and i really enjoy meeting new people!

Ok i think that’s it so far…
See ya!

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SID Machine v0.5 (GP32 Application)

Sasq released another SID player for the GP32. Thanks to GP32NEWS & GP32EMU for the news.

Small playsid-player using libpogo (no offical libs). Handles long filenames. Also handles gzipped files.Looks for sid.pak (in root) at startup. A pak-file is an archive of files, used to avoid the overhead of having many small file on a fat filsystem (the hvsid-collection takes about half as much space in a pak file). In this way, the entire hvsids collection takes only 60MB

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Jomo v1.01 (GBA Game)

Saikou released a good puzzle game with 100(!) levels. Details and download from his page.

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Ball Of Death (GBA Game)

Ball of Death is a new game release by C. Brandon Patterson. Details and download from

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InfoNES GP32 (Release 2) (NES emu for GP32)

Anders Granlund released an updated version of his InfoNES port. This version has improved sound quality and a few minor speed improvements.

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