Playstation Portable News
Quake (05-01-2006) (PSP Game Port)

Another port of Quake for the PSP has been released by Peter Mackay.

Thanks to psp-news for the news.

Release notes:

This is a port of id Software’s Quake to the PSP. There’s already an excellent port out there by PacManFan, but I wanted to code something for the PSP and it was a good project. I also wanted to port from the original id source, instead of the PocketQuake source.

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Primed Magazine Issue #3 (PSP misc)

Another PSP Magazine has hit the public – Primed Magazine Issue #3.

In this Issue:

  • Interview with 50 Cent and Whitey from GamerGraffix
  • Review of Socom U.S Navy Seals: Fire Team Bravo
  • Review of: Tokobot
  • Primed E-Mag Unique Wallpapers Included
  • E3 Booth Babe Special

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    Doom PSP v0.04 S.S Beta 6 Fix (PSP Game Port)

    StereoMike has released a bugfix version to his previous Doom PSP release.

    Release notes:

    I’ve found the bug with the screen alignment and the music volume so i’m releasing a fixed version. h ttp://

    Changes in Doom-PSP v0.04 S.S b6 fix:

  • Fixed problem with screen alignment – Was a problem with the memory aligment of the texture.
  • Increased the music volume to a normal level

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    SuperTux v0.1.3 (PSP Game Port)

    Another port of “SuperTux” for the PSP has been released by Jomar Johansen. SuperTux is a classic 2D jump’n run sidescroller game in a style similar to the original SuperMario games.

    Release notes:

  • psp button input
  • images resized
  • 16:9 screen support
  • separated run and fire button
  • added some gore
  • other minor changes

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    PSP News Coding Competition Reminder (PSP misc)

    PSP News are still running their coding competition for the PSP. It ends in one week, on the 10th January. Enough time to prepare something little. More details can be found at it’s official page.

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    PSP Media Player Mod v1.00 (PSP Application)

    PMP Mod is a media player for PSP by Jonny. The”Mod”suffix indicate that this is a modified version, based on the original version from JiniCho. Many thanks goes to JiniCho for porting FFMPEG and FFPLAY to PSP. Without his work, this modified version would never be possible.

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    Doom PSP (Beta 6) (PSP Game Port)

    StereoMike has been hacking away at the source of Doom PSP and added a lot of new features.


    Music now works fineUses samples from the opensource Needs these placed in the inst directory. This is included in the package. The library libtimidity that is used is included with full src for others to add midi music. Just take a look i_sound.c in the doom src for an example of using it. -Added Selection of PWAD to load in addition to the main (I)WAD. PWADS should be put in a directory below the WAD directory for example PSP/GAME/DoomPSP PSP/GAME/DoomPSP/WADS –put the main wads here PSP/GAME/DoomPSP/WADS/PWADS –put the PWADS here Select with triangle. Can also view txt-files, scroll with Square button.

  • Can now load IWADs that are not named correctly. Just assumes that it’s a Doom 2 wad. This makes for example DUKENUKEM.WAD load and run without having to rename it to DOOM2.WAD
  • Compiled against latest PSPSDK
  • Changed key usage to cross for selection in wad list and circle to go back.
  • Changed exit screen to say”press x to exit”instead of”press y to exit”
  • Fixed going back one directory by using circle button.
  • Rearranged a bit in the code.

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    The Unofficial PSP Magazine Issue #3 (PSP misc)

    New free reading material for your PSP – The Unofficial PSP Magazine Issue #3 is out. Reviewed: NFS Most Wanted, SOCOM, New Wallpapers and more!

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    Peldet v0.8a (PSP Application)

    Peldet is an IRC and Telnet client for your PSP.

    Changes in this release:

    Fixed the irc bug I added in 0.8 (One whole line, the _only_ line that changed in the irc code between 0.7 and 0.8 lol)

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    Abombniball PSP (PSP Game Port)

    Abombniball PSP is a PSP port. The original game has been created by Martin Donlon (Akawaka). The game is released under the license of GPL.


    The objective of Abombniball is to defuse all the explosives on each level. As a ball, this would normally be a simple task, however each level is filled with traps and devious puzzles placed there by…oh…lets say”Dr. Y-Front”, your arch-nemesis (he’s very evil). These traps take the form of special tiles which disappear or do other nasty things.

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