Playstation Portable News
Tuyo Kiss v2.7 (PSP misc)

Tuyo Kiss is an interactive story for the PSP by PSPRK. It has been updated to version 2.7 and can be downloaded from its homepage as usual.

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Crazy Paint v0.2 (PSP Application)

elevationsnow has released a painting application tool for the PSP. This one is a standalone application and doesn’t require Lua-Player.

Thanks to PSP-Updates for the news.

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PSP Paint Tool v0.1 (PSP Lua Application)

Raptrex has released a application written using Lua. It’s a simple paint program and PNG viewer.

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CeeLo PSP v0.1 (PSP Lua Game)

CeeLo is a a simple multiplayer PSP version of the popular dice game. Instructions on how to play are included for anyone who has never played Ceelo before.

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PSP Kick v2.0 (PSP Application)

PSP Kick is a sequencer for the PSP. This release comes with one bugfixed a a few new features.

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