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Outlook Email Scheduler v0.65 (Beta) (PPC Application)

Email Scheduler is just that, an email scheduler.

Release notes:

New version, which now has IMAP IDLE support. This is truely a beta release and I need testers so I can support as many server types as possible.


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ThrottleLock v0.51 (PPC Application)

ThrottleLock is a pattern based lock application, fully skinable and with multilanguage support.


– Now you can repeat dots!!!.
– Faster (implemented with the new ThrottleLauncher png rendering engine based on libpng and zlib).
– Slide 2 answer feature. On 0.5.1 this is optional and can be disabled in the configuration tool .
– 0.5.1 Includes some bug fixes to make it work faster and don’t affect the default notification dialogs.


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WMLongLife v0.2 (PPC Application)

Using 3G is nice, but the radiation may prove harmful. Besides, less radiation === less power === less battery usage. So you can save some battery as well. Why use 3G when 2G suffices? And that is exactly what WMLongLife does, use 3G when you need it, and 2G when you don’t.


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G-Alarm v1.4.6 (PPC Application)

G-Alarm is an alarm clock with a special mechanism to wake you up. Before the alarm clock stops you need to guide a ball through a labyrinth or solve a mathematical task.


[ADDED] Option: Force playback over speaker
[ADDED] Back button to cancel confirmation with mazes/calculation tasks
[FIXED] *Hopefully* Playback starts again immediately after snooze
[ADDED] Language: romanian
[UPDATED] Languages: portuguese, english, german, korean, spanish, greek

Discussion: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=465879


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1Liner v0.4.9 (Beta) (PPC misc)

1Liner is an application that will serve the user one liners, yo mama jokes, jokes by famous people and Chuck Norris jokes.


– Proper VGA support!
– Fixed typos in txt files
– Compressed images


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DeviceUpdate v2.0.7.8 (PPC Application)

Device Update is an ‘appstore’ type application to automatically download and install from a list of selected applications.


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MiniFlow v1.0 (PPC Application)

MiniFlow is a utility to minimize windows application temporary, and serve as a minimized-application station, and manage them in certain way so they can be relaunch at the future. This can be very helpful when working between a lot of diffrent applications at one time.


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City Advisor (07-02-2009) (PPC Application)

City Advisor is a Public Transport Navitation Platform for Windows Mobile. Provide generic path searching services for cities. This preview version contains the main program and a map of Paris Metro.


* Support Connecting Station with different station name
* Re-designed Favorites Form toolbar, it looks better now
* Add 2 maps to cab file (Rome by bbonzz, and Barcelona by pacopa)
* 2 bugs in Paris Map


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G-Profile v0.3.1 (PPC Application)

G-Profile is an appointment-based profile switcher in early stages.


Define unlimited profiles
Different profile types: manual, time based or appointment based (more will come soon)
Define volume profiles
Set wifi, bluetooth and phone status
Execute a program


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FacebookIM v1.01 (Beta) (PPC Application)

FacebookIM is a simple Facebook chat client for WM6.


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