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FingerMenu v1.07 (Beta) (PPC Application)

FingerMenu replaces the standard menu of windows mobile devices with a more finger-friendly one.


– changed the way the program works (no more standard menu)
– support for SIP menu
– more similar to Opal SIP Menu
– support for WQVGA (like Omnia)


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iContact v0.9 (PPC Application)

iContact is designed to be an all-inclusive finger-friendly contact manager for Windows Mobile PocketPC phones.


Reworked and greatly sped up list reload time
Added contact categories!
Better touch feedback (area touched is highlighted in blue)
Updated skin titlebar to match iDialer
Removed TitlebarBackground, TitlebarSignal, TitlebarText from .skn file, they’re now calculated from the .png
Better integration with iDialer (now able to change iDialer service from iContact)
Fixed bug with incorrect call log details sometimes being displayed
Optimized graphics routines for faster, smoother scrolling
Fixed bug with Exit on Minimize sometimes not exiting
Fixed bug with settings icon in control panel
Fixed bug with scrolling: click once to stop scrolling, click again to open contact
Added “-add” command line option
Fixed called party name display when not used with iDialer
Added better iDialer detection if iContact and iDialer not installed on the same memory (thanks l3v5y)


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SecilWeather v0.7 (PPC Application)

SecilWeather is a finger friendly weather application.


1. QVGA support(for now)
3. Cached weather feeds for each location
4. Skinnable themes – background images, colors, weather icons
5. Multiple locations (supports up to six-for now- locations)
6. Uses http://weather.msn.com/ RSS feed
7. Full screen


shadow effect(optional)
seperated configuration files(skin&cities)
overlay background skin
transparent weather images
fixed some minor bugs


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G-Alarm v1.2.4 (PPC Application)

G-Alarm is an alarm clock with a special mechanism to wake you up. Before the alarm clock stops you need to guide a ball through a labyrinth or solve a mathematical task.


[ADDED] Better support for TouchLockPro
[ADDED] Advanced option: Turn backlight off during an alarm
[ADDED] Alarm option: Pause between the files
[ADDED] “Vibration off” to the context menu of the snooze button
[FIXED] Closing of some locking tools at midnight
[FIXED] No playback after 1st snooze
[UPDATED] Languages: english, german, spanish, italian

Discussion: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=465879


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Task Facade v4.0 (Alpha 1) (PPC Application)

Task Facade, previously known as Dynamo 3, is a cool, animated task manager for your PocketPC 2003/05/06 device. Say goodbye to boring text lists of running programs and instead manage your programs by sliding in images of all your running applications onto your screen. For each program on your device an image is saved and when you click the hotkey they all zoom onto your screen. Simply click the one you want and it will increase to fill the screen. Quickly seeing all the running programs is far more efficient than having to read through a text-based task list so Task Facade can make task switching a much faster, and cooler, experience.

Task Facade also allows you to quit programs from inside the image view meaning that it does everything your old text-based program manager could do.

As well as just looking generally cooler, Task Facade offers far more customization than before and allows the whole application to be controlled using either your PDAs hardware keys or the stylus.


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Pocket Forecast v1.2.2 (PPC Application)

Pocket Forecast which is formerly known as Pocket Weather has been udpated.

This weather forecast application has the following features:

1. Multiple locations
2. Cached weather feeds
3. Skinnable themes
4. Uses Yahoo/Weather.com RSS feed – see http://www.yahoo.com/weather to look up location codes (also uses U.S. zip codes)
5. Open source (code posted on Basic4ppc.com forums)
6. Configurable interval for updating weather feed
7. Integrates with S2U
8. QVGA and VGA support
9. Multi-language support
10. Integrates with AppToDate
11. Pocket PC and PC versions
12. Integrates with Levenum’s Today Screen plug-in


– fix for year roll-over


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G-Alarm v1.2.3 (PPC Application)

G-Alarm is an alarm clock with a special mechanism to wake you up. Before the alarm clock stops you need to guide a ball through a labyrinth or solve a mathematical task.


[ADDED] Better support for S2U2
[REMOVED] Option: Add to S2U2’s exception list > no more need for that
[ADDED] Better support for SensorLock
[ADDED] Better support for ThrottleLock
[ADDED] Better support for Pocketshield
[UPDATED] Split the alarm screen and the main program into to .exe
[UPDATED] Maths: You have to wait for 1.5 seconds if you have chosen the wrong result
[UPDATED] Snooze-time is now set in minutes (minimum: 1, maximum: 999 minutes)
[UPDATED] Tilt sensor shake sensitivity
[FIXED] Wrong tilt sensor calibration
[FIXED] Skin issues on non-standard resolutions
[FIXED] Some other bugs
[UPDATED] Languages: arabic, slovak, chinese traditional, japanese, swedish, greek

Discussion: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=465879


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Web Video Downloader (WVD) v0.0.16.0 (PPC Application)

Web Video Downloader can download .flv or .mp4 videos from various web sites.


Optimize the loading
Fix all random crashes with Compact Framework 3.5
Change the user interface
Add a “invisible scroll bar” like TouchFLO
Now check update in background


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FusionGPSFix v1.0.0.2 (PPC Application)

This app runs after install, and after soft-reset, and immediately starts up the GPS hardware through the WM5+ GPS API. It waits 5 minutes for a GPS lock, or it quits. The GPS polling is limited to every 3 seconds to try to conserve some CPU cycles.

Currently does not use AGPS, but you can turn it on/off at your registry leisure.

This attempts to reduce the Time-To-First-Fix (TTFF) during which the GPS ephemeris almanac is slowly built up. This can take up to 12.5 minutes for a non-QuickGPS/AGPS accelerated device from a cold-start. By kick-starting immediately after soft-reset, subsequent GPS locks for the next ~6 days should be much quicker.

Takes 21K of disk, and ~1K of ram.


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TimeSyncTZ v0.04 (PPC Application)

TimeSyncTZ is a Time Zone aware NTP client that also copes with Daylight Saving Time (DST).


-Changed UI layout (See screen shot) and workflow (Seperate Query and Sync buttons).
-Improved accuracy.
-Fixed Threading problems (hopefully) and a SilentDelay bug.
-New Debug registry option (Change to 1 to enable – Log will be created on the Device Root).


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