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Touch InCall Screen Tweak v1.1.2 (PPC Application)

The purpose of the application is to switch on your screen during a call if you don’t have it against your ear. This is useful if you need to enter digits for voicemail or telephone banking, etc. The screen will be switched off if the phone is against your ear (since v1.0.10 this will include as you a making a call, as well as during the call). From v1.0.11 if you put the phone face down, it will switch off the screen, and turn on the Speakerphone (from v1.0.19 this is now an option).


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Flix (28-06-2009) (PPC Application)

Flix is a movie listings application inspired by Cinemo. It might be useful for you if you are in UK, France or Germany.


-Now supports France and Germany
-Google Maps loading should work if it’s installed in non-std locations
-Where Am I function now uses online Geocoding to work in the new countries
-Some improvements to parsing behind the scenes


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GooSMS (27-06-2009) (Beta) (PPC Application)

This application provides a friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI) on top of the well known Google SMS. With it, you will never have to remember any of the keywords to communicate with Google. Also, this application is mostly customizable so that you can customize it to your own personality. It is still in Beta stage, so there are still lots of room for suggestions and improvements.


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Where is v0.9.0 (PPC Application)

“Where is…” is a new GPS program for Windows Mobile 5/6 completely writed in .NET. It gives you distance and direction from your destination without any internet connection or other expensive navigation programs.


Correct some bugs
Now the GPS Connection is more stable
Add Baud Rate in settings (Default 4800)
Add Screen shutdown option in settings to use windows settings shut down screen to drain less energy
Added touch functions to show ever your actual position in various string type by tapping on center screen

Discussion: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=524294


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Auto Lock (CSDEVCTRL) v6.15 (PPC Application)

Auto Lock (CSDEVCTRL) is another auto locking program which utilizes the Windows Locking for partial locking (phone related keys are active) or complete locking (no keys are active).


27/06 – v.6.15 – Added option to lock only if specific programs are running


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Phone Creeper v0.4 (PPC Application)

Phone Creeper is a phone espionage suite.

Currently it has the following features:

To receive call history, send the following text to phone with this installed on it:
chetstriker getloc
To get gps location and google maps link:
chetstriker deleteaccts
Deletes Contacts, Appointments, Task:
chetstriker help
Displays command list:
chetstriker getcalls
To receive incoming SMS mesages:
chetstriker getrecsms
To receive sent SMS messages:
chetstriker getsentsms
To delete all SMS messages:
chetstriker delallsms
To delete received SMS messages:
chetstriker delrecsms
To delete sent SMS messages:
chetstriker delsentsms
To wipe your storage card:
chetstriker wipeflash
To send a fart:
chetstriker fart
To send a pop-up message:
chetstriker message “insert msg here, without quotes”
To create a silent callback through remote speakerphone:
chetstriker callback
To bounce sms off phone to someone else:
chetstriker bounce sms “phone number to send to” “message to send”
To send your eaves droping call to someone else:
chetstriker bounce call “phone number to send to” “message to send”
To change password:
chetstriker change “newpassword”


* Not case sensitive anymore
* getrecsms now gets a hidden local copy of received sms messages, so even deleted message show.
* Fixed all SMS and Call histories to sort by date in descending order.
* getloc command now returns gps location and a google maps link to display them on a map.
* deleteaccts option wipes all Contacts, Appointments and Tasks on PDA not SIM.
* New silent installer option and Creeper Removal tool.
* Added help command to receive command list.


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RemoteTracker v0.4.0-15 (PPC Application)

RemoteTracker is an antitheft software which you can use to track your device when it was lost or stolen. It works catching a formated SMS sent from any phone and then send useful informations back.


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iContact Avian Edition v7.0.6 (PPC Application)

iContact Avian Edition is a branch of iContact, specifically branched from iContact Burt Edition, after Burt ceased development. In case you haven’t heard of it before, iContact is a replacement contacts manager with many finger friendly features.

iContact is designed to be an all-inclusive finger-friendly contact manager for Windows Mobile PocketPC phones.

Release notes:

– You can now disable iContact’s ability to dial using the hardware phone dial key (the “green” button) and quit/minimize when pressing the hardware hangup (the “red” button). If, like me, you remap all your hardware buttons, including phone buttons, this will be most welcome. It is enabled by default since most people expect default behavior from those buttons. See below for information about the setting.
– New setting: EnablePhoneKeyHook = Enables hardware phone key support above (enabled by default) <-- Anybody who can add this to the help for other language files (non-english), please PM me the new .clng file. - Added USSD support for dialing star (*) numbers on phone systems that support it. THIS IS ENABLED BY DEFAULT since it is supported on most networks. Contributed by Constantin Lushnikov. - New setting: EnableUSSDStarDialing = Enables USSD support (above) <-- Anybody who can add this to the help for other language files (non-english), please PM me the new .clng file. - Added better birthday / anniversary support. Contributed by Constantin Lushnikov. - Added the ability to set the ringtone from within iContact AE. Note: Press and hold to clear a custom ringtone. Contributed by Constantin Lushnikov. - New language file entry (.lng file): selectringtone - Text displayed when selecting a custom ringtone <-- Anybody who can add this to the help for other language files (non-english), please PM me the new .lng file. - New language file entry (.lng file): ringtonesavefailed - Text displayed when a ringtone cannot be set <-- Anybody who can add this to the help for other language files (non-english), please PM me the new .lng file. - New language file entry (.lng file): noringtone - Text displayed when the default system ringtone is being used for a contact (no custom ringtone) <-- Anybody who can add this to the help for other language files (non-english), please PM me the new .lng file. - There are new skin icons associated with the custom ring tone, anniversary, and birthday. All built-in skins have been updated. These are "small icons." Look at the bottom of the default.skn file for skinning info on these icons. - New skin contribution: OSX Colored. - If you add a number to a new or existing contact after receiving/making calls from that number, the entry in the call history will now be updated with the correct name in the main list (it always did link to the correct item in the details). This overrides the entry that is actually in the call log. If there is demand, I'll make an option to toggle this, but I can't see why anybody would want out of date information in the call log. 🙂 - Call history now updates its entire call log cache after you make changes to contacts. Previously, you had to toggle through call log modes or restart iContact to get certain details in the call history updated, such as pictures. - Call history now correctly labels all unknown numbers as UNKNOWN in the detail view. There were cases previously where the number would appear in the title. - Using a new method to detect the SpeedThresh. The previous method used a timer and there was a variable performance depending on when you let go of your finger versus where the timer was in its ticks. The new method uses tick counts during the finger movement events. It seems to be a much more consistent user experience. - Fixed a bug where when you looked at contact details from the call log view, frequently the details bottom menu buttons would be unresponsive. - New setting: CallLogDetailsBackToCallLog = When enabled, when you press the back button on contact details from the call history view, it will return to the call history view (as opposed to jumping to the contacts list) <-- Anybody who can add this to the help for other language files (non-english), please PM me the new .clng file. - In some cases, the SIP would still show if a stubborn 3rd party process made it appear after iContact received activation, but before the user gets a chance to interact with iContact. So, a timer now waits a second after receiving input focus and makes sure the SIP is hidden. - The installer will no longer ask if you want to use the existing settings.ini on upgrade. If your existing settings.ini is corrupt, then uninstall and reinstall in TWO STEPS where you will be given a chance to use the default settings.ini. - The installer now sets the registry setting needed by idialer so idialer knows how to find iContact AE when you select iContacts from within iDialer. (This is untested as I don't use iDialer! Please let me know if it works!) - Added BMP as a valid file type for assigning a picture to a contact. - Call log database update notifications are now buffered, so that if four or five updates fire in succession, only a single reload operation will occur. This should improve call log responsiveness in certain circumstances when reloading would unnecessarily occur several times in a row. - Long-tapping bottom menu items now uses the same delay in the settings. It was previously hardwired to 700ms. The main reason for this change is that long-tapping bottom menu items will increasingly do alternate functions in later versions of iContact AE. Currently, most of the time a long-tap is nearly always the same response as a short-tap. - Fixed a bug where iContact (and possibly the entire phone) would freeze if an empty category is opened. Contributed by Constantin Lushnikov. - Workaround contributed by [kab] on xda to fix Samsung call history problem. - New setting: SamsungHistoryWorkaround = (disabled by default) Changes the way the call database is read to workaround a call history bug on certain Samsung models. <-- Anybody who can add this to the help for other language files (non-english), please PM me the new .clng file. - New setting: OpenSettingsOnLongTap = (enabled by default) Open the icontact config application by long-tapping the contacts button on the main window <-- Anybody who can add this to the help for other language files (non-english), please PM me the new .clng file. - New setting: MinimizeOnAction = (disabled by default) Causes iContact to go to the back of the window z-order after performing an action. Normally, iContact hides (goes right behind the dialer or whatever). Minimizing will put iContact to the back of the z-order, so it is not the first window to appear after completing an action. This is an alternative to exiting after action if you want iContact to go away, but not close. <-- Anybody who can add this to the help for other language files (non-english), please PM me the new .clng file. - New setting: UseClearTypeFonts = (enabled by default) Specify whether you want iContact to render fonts using ClearType smoothing. The default is enabled, which is the same as previous versions. Contributed by Constantin Lushnikov. <-- Anybody who can add this to the help for other language files (non-english), please PM me the new .clng file. - New setting: ShowRingToneInDetails = (enabled by default) When enabled, the ringtone of each contact is displayed in the details view. Clicking on the ringtone allows you to change it. Contributed by Constantin Lushnikov. <-- Anybody who can add this to the help for other language files (non-english), please PM me the new .clng file. - New setting: T9EnglishAsPrimary = When enabled (disabled by default), T9 search will always use English as the primary keyboard (user language becomes the secondary keyboard). Please note in older versions English was ALWAYS primary. Contributed by Constantin Lushnikov. <-- Anybody who can add this to the help for other language files (non-english), please PM me the new .clng file. - New language: Swedish. App translation only (no config translation). Contributed by Lilleolov. - New language: Greek. App and setting translation (no help translation). Contributed by acrocosm.


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Outlook Email Scheduler v1.0.2 (Beta) (PPC Application)

Email Scheduler is an email scheduler.

Release notes:

Lots of fixes


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WiFi Monster v1.0.42.127 (PPC Application)

WiFi discovery tool (like Hitchhiker or WiFi companion).


Ability to export collected network profiles to WZC upon exit
Finally got rid of OpennetCF library. So installers are now only half in size
Network list does not force scolling selected item into view
Minor UI improvements


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