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Skinable Analog Clock v1.3c (PPC Application)

Skinable Analog Clock for PointUI Home2.


fixed a little bug in the update checker


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Vibra (03-03-2009) (PPC Application)

This tool will vibrate for a given time that can be passed through a command line parameter.


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iContact v0.92 (PPC Application)

iContact is designed to be an all-inclusive finger-friendly contact manager for Windows Mobile PocketPC phones.


Added support for True VGA skins
Made true VGA versions of default and iphone skins
Removed iphone skin from default install .cab file
Moved skin colors to skin.png file; eliminated .skn files
Sped up graphics in Settings
Cleaned up unused code in Settings
Fixed display bug with 320×320 screens
Added touch and wheel sensor scrolling for diamond (thanks l3v5y!)
Now stores settings in registry, removed settings.ini
Restored d-pad right arrow to send SMS for selected number
Reduced iContact.cab file size by 20%
Added “Favorites” category to language file
Improved “download more skins…” and “download more languages…” web pages


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System Internals v2 (PPC Application)

This applet shows: Battery status, radio status, wifi status, used memory and used storage.


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Remote Touch Gamma v1.1 (PPC Application)

The quickest remote control application to control your computer using your Windows Mobile phone. Really easy to use, powerful and free. Designed with touch screen in mind.


+ Color scroll mode.
+ Multiple Server Profiles.
+ Start up loading screen.
+ View layers (like Windows Sidebar in vista).
+ Bug Fixes


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SignalMonitor (Alpha 2) (PPC Application)

SignalMonitor is a simple application that keeps monitoring if you lost or get signal from your operator and also monitor if some connecting starts or ends (gprs,edge,3g,wifi,etc)…


– Includes mp3 support
– Bug-fix for the reported issues


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GPS Info (03-03-2009) (PPC Application)

GPS Info is a customizable Basic GPS info program.


While working on my Golf GPS program, I ran into some users not being able to use it due to the fact that they couldn’t get the Windows Intermediate Driver to work. A long time ago, I wrote my own GPS library to work directly with the GPS reciever via COM ports. I tried to fiddle with that old code, but came across OpenNETCF’s GPS library, and it is much nicer than what I had wrote. This program uses both, the Windows Driver, and OpenNETCF’s library, so if you have a GPS device, and a Windows Mobile Device, this should work. I wanted a simple program to test it out on, instead of releaseing the golf program with it which could introduce bugs. If you can’t get the Golf program to work, try this piece and see if it works. If so, you are in luck as the next release of GolfGPS will include the new GPS interface.

This is still a pretty fun little program with ton’s of settings and customizations. Have fun with it, and please let me know if you have any issues with it.


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Scilors Driving Licence Trainer v0.5 (Beta) (PPC Application)

Every wanted to have an easy way to learn the for your driving licence? Here is a possibility, at least for our german visitors. The German Licence Trainer File for 2009 is included and working, everyone can now create such file for every country.


-Added: GermanQuestionPack2009ClassB
-Removed: OldQuestionPack


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Outlook Email Scheduler v0.70 (Beta) (PPC Application)

Email Scheduler is just that, an email scheduler.

Release notes:

New version, which now has IMAP IDLE support. This is truely a beta release and I need testers so I can support as many server types as possible.


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1Liner v0.6.1 (Beta) (PPC misc)

1Liner is an application that will serve the user one liners, yo mama jokes, jokes by famous people and Chuck Norris jokes.


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