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iPhoneToday v0.8.1 (PPC Application)

iPhoneToday aims to be an iPhone Today style interface for Pocket PC’s.

Aimed features:

– Multiples screens (With animates transactions)
– Notification on icons for calls, sms, etc
– Is a Today (No problems when we push the home button, no problems with incoming calls, …)
– Compatibility with others todays (By example: Date Today and iPhoneToday after), today height configurable
– QVGA, VGA, WVGA… (The user define the icon size and height screen)
– Icons configuration in xml (you can to do copy & paste to other device)
– Write on C++
– For now, only 62Kb + Icons in memory


– Fixed pink names (I need feeback please)


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Where is v0.5.2 (PPC Application)

“Where is…” is a new GPS program for Windows Mobile 5/6 completely writed in .NET. It gives you distance and direction from your destination without any internet connection or other expensive navigation programs.


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Install Express v1.5.3 (PPC Application)

Install Express 1.5.3, Automation program installation CAB files.


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cleanRAM v1.5 (PPC Application)

This is an amazing utility which helps you to clean up the wasted RAM memory without having to restart the device and eventually saves a lot of time.


Version 1.5.0 – Added & Fixed: launch startup programs feature added + force close all applications feature added + schedule first time started error issue fixed + two new language strings added to settings menu


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Battery Guard v0.0.1.2 (PPC Application)

Battery Guard is an finger-friendly application that manage powering for each subdevices on PocketPC machine. This application should be usefull for anyone who want to track what eating battery and make it under control.


– expand Power Status window with battery life and charge/draining indicator
– change windows hierarchy, Power Status is now main window
– add Battery Info page in Settings window
– add ask about changes on exit from Power Template window
– fix scroll painting after add/remove elements (GUI)
– fix saving for new items in power template editor
– fix handle of fullscreen setting (GUI)
– fix background image for power switch (QVGA skin)


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iShell v0.32 (PPC Application)

iShell is a fairly basic launcher application, built on the foundation of “iProphet” ROMs, in the style of the iPhone. It also has “widgets” (currently one, the clock) which aim to replace other applications and so integrate as much functionality as possible.


0.32 – Lots of changes. More efficient routines for most things, uses l3v5yExtendedFunctions to reduce code size, faster loading


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myPlayer v0.94b (PPC Application)

A stand-alone, light-weight application that accesses the BBC iPlayer Mobile content. Specifically designed for QVGA devices running Windows Mobile 6.0 or higher.


Fixed rendering bug related to WVGA displays
ITV Player now shows the correct banner image on QVGA devices
Various other minor bug fixes


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Contact Cleaner v0.96 (PPC Application)

Contact Cleaner is a program for your Windows Mobile 5.0+ phone that helps you remove duplicate and redundant contacts.

Ever get a new phone, sync it to your existing Exchange account, and end up with hundreds of duplicate contacts? Accidentally create a duplicate contact but with different information, and then need to figure out which one to keep and which one to delete? This program is for you!


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Auto Lock (CSDEVCTRL) v6.12 (PPC Application)

Auto Lock (CSDEVCTRL) is another auto locking program which utilizes the Windows Locking for partial locking (phone related keys are active) or complete locking (no keys are active).


07/06 – v.6.12 – Fixes, Option to run a program with sliding.


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Speeed Reader v0.71 (PPC Application)

Speeed Reader is a Google Reader Client for Windows Mobile Professional devices. It allows native access and interaction to your Google Reader subscriptions. Google Reader is a great RSS feed aggregator that can organize all your RSS feeds in an intuitive manner. Using Speeed Reader, you can now view them on your Windows Mobile device, natively.


Added auto-login capabilities, this option can be toggled at the login screen and in the settings
Added the option to load the reading list at startup
Renamed ‘Close’ to ‘Back’ (in the browser form)
Resolved a crash involving empty subscription list, program will end gracefully
Code tightening and optimization


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