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They Do Not Die 2 v0.4 (PS3 Game)

They Do Not Die 2 by ThatOtherDev is a successor of “They Do Not Die”. A top-down Zombie shooter with simple graphics.


* Your health and energy are now displayed with progress bars instead of text.
* There is a title/menu screen that comes up when you press the start button. You are also sent to this menu when the game first starts and when you die. From this menu you can resume your game, start a new game, create a game save or load a game save.
* A shotgun has been added.
* Running uses more energy.
* Game saves are slightly smaller (although it is still fairly slow to create and load them).–-ps3/

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Cascade Beneath v1.0 (PS3 Game)

Cascade Beneath is a simple fall down clone. You just move from side to side and try to let the platforms push you off the top of the screen as they slide up.

Release notes:

This puts me at two (admittedly small) updates in only one day! Huzzah! Basically everything I said about the recent update to Dont Get Crushed applies to this new version of Cascade Beneath.

It has been remade with PSL1GHT, now works on CFW, has a new font, speeds up over time, pauses when the XMB is brought up, there have been some slight changes to the random placement of the gaps in the floors and there are several other nearly unnoticeable differences.–-ps3/

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Dont Get Crushed v1.1 (PS3 Game)

Don’t Get Crushed is a PS3 port/remake of ThatOtherDev’s previously released Wii game of the same name.

Use the left analog stick to move the grey ball left or right and avoid the other balls as they bounce across the screen. If you get crushed under one of the bouncing balls then its game over and your score is reset to zero. Your high score is automatically saved to your hard drive.

Dont Get Crushed

Release notes:

Here is an update to something I made for PS3 ages ago. It was originally made with the official SDK but it has now been remade with PSL1GHT and will work perfectly fine on CFW (is it still not possible to run the old stuff from the days of Jailbreak devices unmodified on CFW without getting an 80010009 error?).

There have been a handful of changes. Everything speeds up slightly as your score increases. The game pauses when the XMB is brought up. The text is larger and has a different font. There are a lot of other alterations but it is all minor stuff.

The one very noticeable change is that it has returned to being played with the analog sticks (you can use either one) instead of being sixaxis motion controlled. I wasn’t able to get the motion controls working (I have been having bad luck with controls lately lol). I would greatly appreciate it if anyone want’s to point me in the direction of an example showing the use of the sixaxis with PSL1GHT. It isn’t really a problem though. Motion controls are fun but it still plays well with the analog sticks.–-ps3/

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Sketch Fight v0.1 (PS3 Game)

Sketch Fight is a simple two player fighting game with crudely done hand drawn graphics that are intended to look like something a person would doodle when trying to cope with the mind numbing repetition and tedium that is school.–-ps3/

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They Do Not Die 2 v0.3 (PS3 Game)

They Do Not Die 2 by ThatOtherDev is a successor of “They Do Not Die”. A top-down Zombie shooter with simple graphics.


* You can save the game at any time and obviously also load that save.
* The on screen text now scales so it no longer fills an overly large portion of the screen at low resolution.
* In addition to your gun you now have a rocket launcher.
* Rockets explode when they are shot, hit a person or hit a wall.
* Explosions destroy walls, push people back and hurt people.
* You can now run which consumes energy.
* Shooting momentarily prevents energy from regenerating.
* If you try to consume energy when you have none left then you will instead lose health.
* The speed that your health regenerates at directly correlates to how much energy you have.
* The screen (specifically the edges of it) turn red when you are low on health.
* The world is more densely populated.–-ps3/

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Slime Roll v0.1 (PS3 misc)

In Slime Roll by ThatOtherDev you control some green stuff that falls down and you can rotate the world to make it fall in a different direction and in doing so you can get the green stuff to navigate the world. There is a built in level editor.–-ps3/

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They Do Not Die 2 v0.2 (PS3 Game)

They Do Not Die 2 is a successor of “They Do Not Die”. A top-down Zombie shooter with rather simple graphics by ThatOtherDev.


The walls are solid.
The world is darker.
The zombies can hurt you and the other survivors.
When survivors die they turn into zombies.
On screen text shows how much health you have and how many zombies you have killed.
When you are hurt the camera zooms in.
When you die the game restarts (complete with a reset kill count and a newly generated city).
If you shoot a zombie it will then always consider you its target regardless of any other survivors that may be closer to it.
There are more zombies.
Everyone moves faster.
Buildings are now occasionally subdivided into multiple rooms.
The game pauses when the XMB is up.–-ps3/

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We Are Nowhere v0.1 (PS3 misc)

ThatOtherDev releases “We Are Nowhere”.


We Are Nowhere is a brief nonsense conversation with the deranged and disembodied and this is a PS3 port of it.

Its short, simple and not really a game. I don’t really expect many people to like it. But I’m still very interested to hear what people think of it.

If anyone is interested in translating it or writing their own conversations or choose your own adventure stories then let me know and I will fix it up a bit more and externalize all of the text.

PS3 controls:
Directional pad = change your selection
X button = select what you want to say–-ps3/

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The Unmapped Forest v0.2 (PS3 Game)

ThatOtherDev updated his homebrew PS3 game “The Unmapped Forest”. It is an action RPG game but in early development stages.

The Unmapped Forest v0.2 by ThatOtherDev - PS3 Homebrew


I’ve fixed the problem that caused it to freeze at a black screen when running at certain resolutions.
You have health and can be hurt.
You can now kill monsters.
You gain experience for killing monsters and you can level up infinitely (there is no level cap).
When you level up your maximum health is increased and you are fully healed.
When a monster (or its corpse) and its spawn point are both out of view then the monster is given full health and returned to its spawn point to wait for you to approach.
There are now five types of monsters.
The world has been expanded upon. For anybody that wants to further edit the game world you can easily do so by modifying the file “/dev_hdd0/game/UNMAPPEDF/USRDIR/world.dat” with any text editor.
The camera is zoomed out further.
You can now use the right analog stick to move the camera around.
Movement speed has been slightly increased.
I have improved the way that sprites are layered (there is still a problem with things occasionally being incorrectly drawn in front of trees that they are standing behind but this will be fixed soon).
Improved collisions.

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They Do Not Die 2 v0.1 (PS3 Game)

They Do Not Die 2 is a successor of “They Do Not Die”. A top-down Zombie shooter with rather simple graphics by ThatOtherDev.

Release notes:

So I’m making a sequel to my top down zombie shooter They Do Not Die. it is being made primarily for PS3 but there will also be a PC version and there may potentially be a Wii port of it later.

This is just a very early build of it but so far the game already features a truly massive procedurally generated city that is populated by human survivors and zombies that you can shoot.

One thing that I have working already that I’m really happy with is the fact that you (the player) are not treated special by the zombie AI. They will gladly ignore you if there is another human that is closer to them. There is something really cool about walking down a street and seeing people being herded by zombies.

There is collision detection that makes you bump into other people and prevents you from walking on water but there isn’t any yet for the building walls.

You are the orange circle, human survivors are pink and zombies are green. I know that not everybody likes them but the arrow circles will always be the default appearance for people in the game. But I will quickly put together some kind of a re skinned version if there are any color blind or partially color blind players that are finding it difficult to differentiate between them and there might eventually be built in support for alternate skins.

I’ll be alternating between working on this and The Unmapped Forest.

PS3 controls:
* Left analog stick = Move
* Right analog stick = Aim
* R1 = Shoot–-ps3/

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