The Making of Troll Burner (NES misc)

NESmaker allows users to create cartridge based, hardware playable NES games in an intuitive, faux object oriented environment without ever having to write a single line of code. The video shows how Troll Burner has been created.

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yioFiller v1.01 (Android Game)

yioFiller by Yiotro is a simple strategy game. The goal is to capture more territory than your opponent. This game has simple rules but it has some tactical tricks.

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The Retro Hour EP109 – Retro Gaming Youtubers Panel (misc)

The Retro Hour is your weekly dose of retro gaming and technology news, views and interviews from the UK.


We’re joined by Ashens, Kim Justice, Nostalgia Nerd and Slope’s Game Room for our huge retro gaming Youtubers panel at PLAY Expo Blackpool!

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Alien Attack v2018.02.15 (A2600 Game)

Alien Attack is a homebrew Atari VCS game by easmith. It’s a 4k tiny shooter game, fully written in Assembler.

Release notes:

Ok, I got a little feedback on the “prototype” so I went ahead and made some changes. I think now it can truly be considered a finished game.

1. Made 16 unique enemy designs/ 16 waves.
2. Enemy speed is now controlled with fractional pixel movement , for more variations in speed and less abrupt change from slow to really fast, thanks to help from SpiceWare for this.
3. Figured out how to enlarge Enemy missile without flicker.
4. Fixed bug where death sound would play indefinitely
5. Reduces delay before button reset kicks in.
6. Added win screen after wave 16.

Again, the idea is to take out the 16 waves before the enemies take out your laser cannon or power supply , or outlast your power supply. Now I think it is good enough to be considered a pretty solid first effort, at least technically , for just 4 weeks of work. ROM is actually 3K.

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Nebs & Debs v2018.02.16 (WIP) (NES Game)

Chris Cacciatore is still working on his NES platform game Nebs & Debs.


Boulders are working. Up next…..disappearing/reappearing blocks and some forest levels! #nesdev #gamedev

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Yan’s World (WIP) v2018.02.15 (VB Game)

Yan’s World is a fresh upcoming Virtual Boy platform game! Graphic artist Neweegee has uncovered a tiny video footage.

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SPACEMAN SPLORF – Planet of Doom (PICO-8 Game)

SPACEMAN SPLORF: Planet of Doom is a game by Pond Software, which has now seen daylight on PICO-8.

You are Splorf, Space Corp Sanitation Engineer 5th class, Lavatorial Division. a small yet vital cog in the corporate machine. Another 20 years spent fixing toilets in the lower levels of Methane Station, and you could possibly have made 4th class engineer.

That all changed today, when you were volunteered for a mission to repair the disintegration fence above Planet Doom!

Working quickly to fix the damaged shield generator before evil space pirates steal the precious gas resources from the planet below, you suddenly see your company issued spanner drifting off towards the planet.

Misplacing company property would result in your pay being docked, or being sent to work in the Splort mines! not a tempting prospect.

Using your jetpack you desperately follow the spanner into a particularly pungent gasteroid field – just as the now fully operational disintegration fence above you turns itself back on…

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REV’n’GE Issue #83 (misc)

Bored? Need something to read? Maybe even free? What about the latest REV’n’GE? Issue #83 is out!

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Making NES games with NESmaker – Part 7 (misc)

NESmaker allows users to create cartridge based, hardware playable NES games in an intuitive, faux object oriented environment without ever having to write a single line of code.

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Visual Controller Test v1.00 (Wii misc)

Visual Controller Test by Mr. Reaper is a button pressing application for Wii.

Release notes:

* Added visual feedback for Wiimote and Nunchuk accelerometer readings.
* Added automatic 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio adjustment (who even uses 4:3 anymore?), so the onscreen graphics no longer look way too fat. You can also toggle the aspect ratio manually.

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